Friday, September 10, 2010

Stashbusting September Project #5: Skully Plates and Stuff

We interrupt the start of this post to say: Woo Hoo...this is my 100th blog post! So it's confirmed, just like in real life, I "talk" A LOT.  In other news, I'm really gobsmacked that I'm also approaching 300 followers! This has been such a fun adventure, getting into the blogging world and I really am  shocked but above all honored that this many people have found something worth following on this blog. THANK YOU.  To whet your appetite for how I'll celebrate once I reach 300, let's just say there will be a giveaway!

We now return you to episode 5 of our regularly scheduled program "As The Stash Busts". Once more into the closet of mystery out of which this time came some clear glass plates that my sis-in-law long ago picked up for me @ Goodwill. When I printed off  the skull graphic from The Graphics Fairy that I used on my candelsticks, I also printed off a different one. Waste not, want not and I try to fit as many images on a full sheet as possible. There was another really cool skull I wanted to play with. Cue "Bones" theme song here.

Cut 2 circles of scrapbook paper, Mod Podged on back of clear glass plates

Applied Metal Leaf adhesive, I used "Mona Lisa" brand. Let dry until clear.
If you've never worked with metal leafing,'s messy but no messier than glitter. If you use the two together, abandon all hope of neatness. A trick I learned at an art show was to crumble the sheets up so you don't end up with really straight edges when you apply. I didn't want complete coverage so I broke up pieces, scattered on randomly, and then you need a really good stiff brush ( I use a small stenciling brush) to "smoosh" the leafing on. There are some tutorials on leafing / gilding here.

Once that was done, I painted over the whole back of the plates with black acrylic paint and when dry, sealed w/ Mod Podge. Flipped them over and got out my skull graphics (trimmed really close) and adhered them to the front and:
Skully Plates

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stashbusting September Project #4: BOO

I keep seeing all these great ideas for Halloween around blogland and it's getting me in the mood to decorate. Since my husband would look at me even funnier than he usually does if I asked him to get the Halloween bins down this early ( I'm short, he's tall, it's the way it is) what's a crafter to do? Make something of course!

I've actually been pretty good the past several years not buying a lot of new decorations. We don't really get any trick or treaters and especially since our teenager has been able to drive (away from us!), we really don't have much Halloween activity at our house so it seemed wasteful to buy or make more stuff. BUT...I keep swooning especially over vintage or more sophisticated Halloween stuff . Especially since I see more done in classic black and white!!! Ooohh la la.

So since I can't buy anything this month , I went to the mystery closet and pulled out these:
Bundle O Wood Plaques from Michaels $4.99 Before Coupon
Unfinished Wood Candlesticks Goodwill $1
and picked out some shapes from the Bundle O Plaques. Painted everything black:
I've been collecting Halloween images from The Graphics Fairy and chose a very cool skull image. Might be too creepy for some, but I'm twisted that way and don't have little ones who might get scared. The big ones can just deal.  Printed two skulls and some text on clear Avery label paper.

On the round and oval plaques, did the "white glue crackle" technique from Stashbusting project #1 and then over that with cream paint. Dried it with my hair dryer because I'm impatient and one of you wonderful people confirmed it enhances the crackling. Trimmed the skulls ( I feel like Temperance Brennan from "Bones"), put them on the oval plaques, hot glued silver pipe cleaners around, glued them to the candlesticks. Then glued the round plaques to the top of the candlesticks ( it will make sense when you see if until then, don't judge), and plopped on some clear self adhesive rhinestones around the edges:
I like the effect of the vellumy label paper over the crackle paint. It's kind of ghosty.  Dug out a couple of glass votive-bowl thingies which I'll put black pebbles and candles in later) and trimmed and adhered the text I printed out on the label paper.

Here's a closeup of the skull plaque. You were warned....eeek....scary:
Thank You Meg!
A Little Knick Knack

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stashbusting September Project #3: Getting Scrappy With It

I have a slight problem with paper. Not quite ready for the Hoarders people to come visit ( Mr. Chocolate might disagree) but what can I say, I love paper! I also hate throwing the scraps away. So I've done everything from keeping zip-loc bags of scraps by color to my current bin for anything smaller than 12" in length and one for 12" long scraps. It made sense at the time.
Bin O Scraps
I needed to make some cards and since I'm doing the Stashbusting September challenge, decided I shouldn't cut up brand new paper (except for the card itself). To the scrap bin Batman! Picked out some complementary colors for each card:
Went to one of my ( hangs head in shame) sticker binders ( plural) and pulled out some "Magenta Peel Offs" ( ghosts of stamp shows past) and put them on scrap pieces to become the focal of the cards:
Trimmed, mounted with coordinating scraps, and then used other scraps to make the background for the card. Dug around in my embellishment bin and found some vellum tags, self adhesive rhinestones, and here are the two cards:
Eleventy-bajillion scraps left to go.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Day Tripping and Chocolate!

Welcome to those stopping in from:
Tuesday Tag-Along
Sunday was a beautiful Northwest day and we decided to take a day trip around our lovely Puget Sound. Like Dorothy learned the hard way in "The Wizard of Oz", sometimes what you're looking for is right in your own backyard. So we headed over to Whidbey Island , about 30 miles north of Seattle. We crossed Deception Pass with its breathtaking view:
and then headed south to the town of Coupeville for lunch at a really lovely place called The Front Street Grill. Coupeville is the second oldest town in Washington. The waterfront is home to wonderful shops featuring talented local artisans. After lunch and ice cream at Kapaws Iscreme ( Coffee Almond Fudge yum!) we headed south to Langley, another very artsy town.

I resisted temptation to break my "Stashbusting September" commitment when we stopped at Greenbank Farms and Winery, a sustainable marketplace featuring local artisans, one of whom was there dropping off her newly dyed yarns while we watched another spinning raw wool into yarn.

 Throughout the property are art pieces by local artisans like these:

Finally, we made our way to Langley, another seaside town filled with incredible art galleries and shops and this should come as a surprise to exactly no one that my favorite shop of the day was this one:
The Chocolate Flower Farm itself is a nursery  just outside of Langley where they specialize  in "chocolate" (dark colored) plants and rare perennials. They've been featured on HGTV and have a store in the town of Langley called The Garden Shed. You don't have to live here to visit the store because they have a virtual tour here.

 They sell all kinds of wonderful goodies but their special specialty is there line of CHOCOLATE CANDLES and Chocolate infused bath and body products. The store of course smells divine. And I don't think I broke my Stashbusting September commitment by buying these:
Chocolate Candle and Chocolate Mint Tea

It was a perfect way to spend the day. Happy Labor Day everyone.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stashbusting September Project #2

Last month I saw this over at Elizabeth's Twelve Crafts Till Christmas and knew that I wanted to make something similar to it.
 Initially I thought I'd use some of my scrapbook papers and do this on a canvas, but as I was going through the magical mystery closet, another idea occurred to me, that I could do this on a pillow. So I got out some fabric:
and cut the oatmeal colored felt into two "12x12" squares ( ok 13x13 for seam allowance)
then cut circles from brown and oatmeal felt and black and brown organza.

I burned the edges of the organza circles using my embossing gun, layered the flowers,made rosettes for the center from strips of brown organza and assembled. Sewed the flowers to one of the pillow panels, assembled the pillow, stuffed, closed, and :
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Stashbusting September Project #1

It's three days in and I haven't set foot in a craft store! Yeah me! That may also be because I haven't left the house but.....pesky details. I went to the closet of magical mystery and pulled out some stuff that I picked up to be used "someday".
I decided on a project using a cabinet door I picked up at a salvage place. Everyone keeps cabinet doors on hand for no reason right?
I had some vinyl left over from my "Wish Upon A Tray" project and the lightbulb went on. So I painted it black. The cabinet door. Not the lightbulb.
added a second coat and then tried the white glue crackle technique. "Make The Best of Things"  has a great tutorial on this. I will NEVER buy crackle medium again! Love this. Best part was that during school supply shopping, I bought a half dozen or so bottles of white glue at Staples for maybe $2 total. Less than the cost of a small thing of crackle medium.
After it gets tacky but not dry, add another color of acrylic paint and wait for it to dry. Or not...I was not patient so used my craft dryer ( aka an old blow dryer) to speed things up and I can't be sure, but I think the heat made it crackle more:
I just did the edges so it would look like a frame if that makes sense. I added a couple of strips of scrapbook paper on the raised panel in the middle; used my "dream" vinyl leftover from my earlier project; added an embossed metal strip from the magical mystery closet (which means it was something I picked up on sale somewhere that I knew I'd use someday) along with some dimensional flowers (Jolee's Boutique I think) from another project which I dry brused w/ gold paint and silver Rub n Buff; and a butterfly from a bag of ephemera I'd bought at a stamp show. And: 

You can check out the other projects in the T Shirt Diaries "Stashbusting September" challenge here

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