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Monday, January 11, 2016

Game Board: Necessity Is The Mother of Invention

It was great having our son home over the holidays and we spent a lot of time just hanging out, watching movies, playing games, even doing some crafty things.

We played Yahtzee one night and spent the first part of the game chasing the dice as they skidded off of our marble table. Then we tried using a Tupperware lid which worked but the whole time I kept thinking "I can make something better than this" so I did.


  • Wood surface with lip ( you can always count on me for the technical terms).  I found this at's technically called a Wood Plaque. OK. 
  • Paint ( I used Burnt Umber)
  • Glazing medium
  • Paint brush
  • Template 
  • Felt 

Pretty straightforward. Paint the wood with as many coats as you are happy with. I wanted a stained look more than a painted one so I thinned with glazing medium.  When dry, I sealed it with a coat of Mod Podge glossy. 

Measure the inside of your wood surface and cut a paper template to fit. I rounded the edges with a pair of edge rounding scissors. Use template to cut out felt. Glue felt to painted wood. I just used a spray adhesive. Pay closer attention to rounding the edges. My fancy scissors didn't cut through felt so I had to do this manually and oops'd.   

This is still better than the Tupperware lid! I had everything on hand except the wood piece so my total cost for this was $2.99 less 40% coupon! 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

These Turkeys Were Screaming For a Makeover

I was wandering through JoAnn’s ( I swear, the car just goes there by itself) and even though I’m a crafter and thus a season ahead, it wasn’t even Halloween yet and the Fall and Thanksgiving stuff was already 70% off. Who am I to argue? Had to peek!

I stumbled upon a pair of these poor turkeys who’d been left behind when all the other Thanksgiving stuff went home with people. They were sitting there,  kinda pitiful looking. Just staring at me.
Turkey Makeover Before
The were covered in some sort of foil but these poor birds were molting. I mean this stuff was coming off:
Turkey Makeover Peeling
I picked them up. I put them down. They kept staring at me. I walked away. I came back. OMG, they brought friends! Now there were two pairs of them. I figured I better just get them for a whopping $1.19 each before they multiplied. Again.

Once I got them home I started picking off the foil but that got tedious fast. So I figured what the heck. I’ll just paint over them. I gave them a coat of a satin finish acrylic paint, let that dry, then went over with a similar color glitter paint. They were better after the first coat, but here they are after two coats of glitter paint. What do you think?
The Answer Is Chocolate

Turkey Makeover

Turkey After

I’m thinking they’re much happier with their new look. And I’m happy with my $5 investment!  They’re either going on my dining table or mantle. Haven’t decided yet.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Having Fun With Rub-Ons!

Thanks Meg!
A Little Knick Knack
Have you ever used them? So. Easy. And, addictive. I haven't always loved them because when I first tried them they were, to quote Julia Roberts character in "Pretty Woman" when she's trying to eat escargot: "Slippery little buggers".  But I think they've gotten loads better and they don't come off the backing stuff as easily or shift around so much. Any that I've used in the past couple of years have behaved.

I was at Michaels this weekend searching for some that I'd seen used at Jessica's blog "Craftily Ever After"  where she did a great makeover of a key rack. She also has some awesome downloadable Halloween art which she's been sweet enough to share. Go visit and follow her! She'd mentioned she got the rub-ons she used at Michaels. I was so bummed when the Michaels I was in had dismantled their $1 section ( oh yeah..they're a DOLLAR) but all was not lost, I found a really cute pack of DCWV rubons. Still, it was nagging at me ,so when I had to go to Costco last night, which was right next to another Michaels, well you can probably guess the rest but just in case....THEY HAD THEM!!! Yippee!

First I did this:
Which started out as a plain wooden trinket box that I painted cream, dry brushed with tan, Mod Podged some scrap sheet music pieces, applied some of the DCWV ( Die Cuts With a View) rub-ons. You can't tell from the pic but these rub-ons have some glitter to them. Here's a link to the ones I used: Mariposa collection

I was liking the finish on the box . I picked up this scrap piece of wood at a salvage place so I painted it the same way and will use it for a key rack (have to go get the hardware for it) and got to use some of the $1 rub-ons from Michaels. I think I bought 12 packages. Oops.
They have keys, birdcages, eyeglasses, watch / get why I bought 12 packs. They were a DOLLAR and there are an average of 8 images per pack!

And with the rest of my Mariposa DCWV rub-ons, 'cause I was still liking this paint finish, I did a frame:
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Stashbusting September Project #1

It's three days in and I haven't set foot in a craft store! Yeah me! That may also be because I haven't left the house but.....pesky details. I went to the closet of magical mystery and pulled out some stuff that I picked up to be used "someday".
I decided on a project using a cabinet door I picked up at a salvage place. Everyone keeps cabinet doors on hand for no reason right?
I had some vinyl left over from my "Wish Upon A Tray" project and the lightbulb went on. So I painted it black. The cabinet door. Not the lightbulb.
added a second coat and then tried the white glue crackle technique. "Make The Best of Things"  has a great tutorial on this. I will NEVER buy crackle medium again! Love this. Best part was that during school supply shopping, I bought a half dozen or so bottles of white glue at Staples for maybe $2 total. Less than the cost of a small thing of crackle medium.
After it gets tacky but not dry, add another color of acrylic paint and wait for it to dry. Or not...I was not patient so used my craft dryer ( aka an old blow dryer) to speed things up and I can't be sure, but I think the heat made it crackle more:
I just did the edges so it would look like a frame if that makes sense. I added a couple of strips of scrapbook paper on the raised panel in the middle; used my "dream" vinyl leftover from my earlier project; added an embossed metal strip from the magical mystery closet (which means it was something I picked up on sale somewhere that I knew I'd use someday) along with some dimensional flowers (Jolee's Boutique I think) from another project which I dry brused w/ gold paint and silver Rub n Buff; and a butterfly from a bag of ephemera I'd bought at a stamp show. And: 

You can check out the other projects in the T Shirt Diaries "Stashbusting September" challenge here

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Fourth" Project #2

Welcome to those stopping in from

New Friend FridaysSmart and Trendy Moms

 I hope you'll look around and make yourself at home. Virtual chocolates are calorie free!

Told you I didn't buy only one of the table leg / post thingys I used in my first project. I like things in twos I guess...they don't have to match, but coordinate. So I started with another bare one and added a wood ball to the top of this one:
Painted this one cream and dry brushed with gold. I also went around the raised edges with a gold paint pen. I decided I wanted this one to hold an image so I Mod Podged a piece of cardboard that was an insert for a vinyl monogram (re-use, recycle!) with the blue star scrapbook paper and I had some gold paint left on my brush so I went around all four sides with it because....because I did.  I was feeling a vintage vibe and found a piece of clipart in my graphics program that I liked, printed it out, mounted it to a scrap piece of red paper and then to another scrap piece of black mat board:
Almost there...I MP'd another scrap of the star paper onto a wooden clothespin, hot glued that to the post ( I don't know what to call it) added some adhesive rhinestones to the drum and remembered I had some stars and stripes wired ribbon and:

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