The Chocoholic Behind The Blog

Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I'm Carol, the blogger behind "The Answer Is Chocolate". I'm a long time crafter, cardmaker, scrapbooker, sometimes DIYer, jewelry maker and play around with mixed media . I'm also a  lifelong chocoholic, so I decided to combine all those passions in one place.

By day, I work full time in a career that's been great to me for almost 29 years. Nights and weekends. I can usually be found in my craft room, up to something. If I'm not there, then my husband knows I'm at Michaels or JoAnn's or Dollar Tree. I stalked several blogs for a while almost three years ago and then one day just decided I'd try blogging myself. My son was wrapping  up his Junior year  in HS and needed me less ( sniff sniff)  and it was time to start thinking about the next chapter of my life. He's now in his second year of Grad School and blogging has been a great way to meet wonderful new people and helps me miss him less!

The Cast of Characters Here At TAIC:

Me: I refer to myself as the "Head Chocolatier" even though I have no training as a chocolate maker. I do however have LOTS of training as chocolate eater and will forego any dessert unless it's chocolate

Mr. Chocolate: This is my husband, to whom I've been married for almost 26 years. He encourages me in my creative pursuits and has been known to give his $.02 on different projects. He was both terrified and thrilled when I started blogging. Terrified that I'd post pictures of him; thrilled that he didn't have to pretend to be excited that there are multiple kinds of Mod Podge, or fill in whatever other craft supply here because I probably own it. I'd have other people to talk to who get just as excited as I do when a new glitter, glue, paint, etc. came out.

PhD Boy: This is our son. As mentioned above, he's in his 2nd year of Grad School and we appear to have done our job right because he's struck a great balance between independence and still acknowledging us in public when he comes home from school.

The Mumster: This is my mom. She's an adorable little ( like teeny tiny little) woman who along with Mr. Chocolate is my biggest source of encouragement even when she has no clue what the heck it is  I'm excited about.

Hopefully you'll find something to inspire you here whether my own creations or ones that I feature made by other bloggers. My passion for chocolate is only rivaled by my addiction to paper. And beads. And scrapbooking embellishments. And washi tape. See the pattern?

Thank you for choosing to visit The Answer Is Chocolate. I hope you find something you like here and if you do that you'll follow along via GFC on my sidebar, RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest.