Thursday, June 24, 2021

BFF Open House

Happy Friday Eve Creative Peeps! Hope your week is going well. Mine got a huge boost on Tuesday when I got my blasted drain removed and confirmation that the abscess that resulted in it is fully gone. It got even better Wednesday when PhD Man arrived for a visit and to spoil me. It's such a wonderful feeling to have adult children who want to spend time with you. Thank you for your words of support and encouragement! 

Let's take a look at some of the ideas shared at last week's party. 

How cute are these bright and colorful earrings? Perfect for Summer. Made with Liquid Sculpey and shared by Beth from Creatively Beth

Mary Jo from Master Pieces of My Life shared her gorgeous Summer Tablescape! So many layered elements and my fave combo of rustic and elegant. 

I usually don't go thrifting with a specific item in mind but it's always helpful and inspiring to me to see what other people find to keep in the back of my mind when I go. This collection of goodies from Thrifting Wonderland is no exception! Such wonderful finds. 

"If you like Pina Coladas..." then you will love these Coconut Pineapple popsicles from Morsels of Life. I love the combination of coconut and pineapple so perfect for Summertime! 

Thanks as always to everyone who linked up and let's see what you've all been up to this week! 


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Monday, June 21, 2021

While I'm Recovering, Have I Mentioned How I Love Creative Fabrica?


As I've been sharing, I'm still recovering from my unexpected hospitalization and as such, can't spend any real time in my office which is also in disarray because we're in the process of moving. Because who doesn't want to deal with a hospitalization in the middle of a move?! 

One thing I can do is enjoy the daily email I get from Creative Fabrica with their awesome daily free gifts (you get one font, one graphics package, and one SVG file EVERY DAY!) and take advantage of the regular steal deals they offer like this bundle I bought today for $1. They are one of my go to resources when I'm looking for Fonts, Graphics, or SVGs and I do highly recommend them as a resource. They also periodically surprise you with free bundles, $1 subscription deals (for the first month) a weekly freebie, and other generous goodies. 

You get a full license and their SVG files are wholly compatible with Cricut Design Space or Silhouette Studio, fonts are easy to install and import into other programs and graphics files can be used in places like PicMonkey, Inkscape etc. They offer everything from the daily freebies to monthly subscriptions. And while I am an affiliate this isn't about selling you something because I'm not a person who's super comfy with that. I will say that if you're interested and click this link I won't be sad but no pressure because who likes that? Not me. 

I don't write about things I don't believe and use. But even better, let me show you a couple of the things I've made using things I've either bought or downloaded for free from Creative Fabrica. 

I shared this Bunny Mandala project that I made and framed for Easter. As much as I am working on learning to make my own layered cut files ( because I'm compulsive about "learn all the things" ) sometimes you see something and the work's already done for you and why reinvent the wheel?

Here it is framed along with the link to my original project. 

Last Christmas season, I had too much fun making Quatrefoil Tile Ornaments and used a great Pandemic Humor Bundle along with a fun Coffee Themed  Cut file to make small gifts for local businesses as well as friends. Made one for the local Roastery where my husband gets his beans and one for my favorite Starbucks location that keeps me in Iced Mochas! 

One of my other favorite projects is this re-purposed frame I used to glam up a motivational quote that was in my old office and will go in my new one! With this hospitalization, boy is this ever true! 

If you're new to playing with fonts, graphics and SVGs or you're a seasoned crafter who's looking for great digital creative resources you can find many more high quality premium graphics and crafts on the Creative Fabrica website.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

BFF Open House: Keeping It Real Edition


Happy Friday Eve Creative Peeps...this time from home vs this time last week in the hospital. Thank you for your kind words of support. Got sprung last Friday and on my journey of recovery. Normally I keep the intro to my party related to creative things or seasonal discussions but this one I'm going to "keep real" so if you want to skip straight to the party, scroll on down. 

What landed me in the ER last Monday was having dealt with of all things, constipation, for the two weeks prior. After my Mom's fall and her own hospitalization in March, recovery and follow up tests and appointments plus dealing with insurance stuff in April, making the decision in May to move closer to her, and then prepping to move, it wasn't that surprising since I had been doing a lot of on the go eating etc. 

Welp! That wasn't the culprit. But I'm glad I listened to my body and part of the reason I'm sharing this is to encourage everyone to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! After blood tests and a CT scan in the ER, turned out I had a Tubal Ovarian Abscess as well as Colitis. The question became a chicken and egg one of which came first. Especially since I'd had a hysterectomy at 35 and there was no logical pathway to the Fallopian Tube and/or Ovary. The conclusion by the time I was discharged was, "doesn't matter". The treatment would have been the same. I had a white blood count double the top of the normal range which was "no bueno". Really really bad. So days of IV fluids and antibiotics ensued, including being discharged on the maximum dose of antibiotics for two more weeks. I also came home with a friend called a Pigtail Drain which is a tube that had to be put in my abdomen by a specialist called an Interventional Radiologist. Are we having fun yet? Nope! We are not. 

Most ( not all ) of my readers are women so I'm directing this to you. We tend to put ourselves last. As mothers, daughters, wives, sisters...we're the caregivers. PLEASE friends...listen to your bodies. Know when not to ignore that something's off. Don't feel like you have to power through everything. I'm a good one to talk because that's what I've done my entire life. My dad, may he RIP, set the minimum expectation at 110%. That was baseline. And I internalized it my whole life and as such, have sometimes ignored things I shouldn't. Likewise, we're bombarded with messages to push ourselves and accept no limits. Appropriate when contextualized perhaps, but it can be equally dangerous. So I implore all of you, don't think you have to be Wonder Woman. I love her but ... she's a fictional character. 

A big shoutout to Mr. Chocolate who has been there for me 100% and the burden of this move has fallen on his strong shoulders but he too is only human as I keep reminding him. Thankful that PhD Man is coming to help us finish up. 

Alright let's take a look at some of the creative ideas shared at last week's party. It's going to be a minute before I get back to creating. Have some follow-up appointments next week and a surgery in my future to remove these lady parts that tried to kill me. Also...moving. Never let it be said that I do things halfway!

Howling Liz shared some adorable and fun Summer Necklaces. 

LOVE these bright and fun Owl and Bird Painted Rocks from Simple Joys! There was a trend a couple of years ago of leaving painted rocks in random places. How fun would it be to randomly find ones this cute? I still have one I found at our Community Garden. 

This rescued makeover from French Creek Farmhouse is not only a beautifully refinished piece, but Kristi gives you some FABULOUS tips of things to look for in rescued / thrifted pieces and how to rehab them. Beautiful piece! 

Finally,  you know things must have been serious with me because I haven't even thought about chocolate for a couple of weeks. Seriously. I can't believe it either. This Chocolate Poke Cake from The Lou Lou Girls is definitely being saved for when that time comes!

OK let's see what you've all been up to this week and I would be remiss in not giving a HUGE shoutout to NURSES! I know I do not nor did I ever have it in me to answer this vocational calling. I truly believe it is a calling and the Nurses who cared for me were my angels. 

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Thursday, June 10, 2021


 Happy Friday Eve everyone. I can guarantee that almost all of you are having a better week than I am. I’ve spent the week in the hospital which was an unexpected treat. Doing OK and will share more later but for now it’s just gonna be straight party no features since I’m trying to do this on my phone!

Opening early too so party away! 

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Thursday, June 3, 2021

BFF Open House


Happy June Creative Peeps although JUNE?! Yikes. Moving is underway and making is on pause. Is it just me or do others see things they're moving and decide "hey I need to make this over right after I'm settled". I bet it's not just me. June! Father's Day, PRIDE, lots of graduations, weddings etc. at least traditionally. Graduations seem to be split between May and June these days and with so many still being virtual it's hard to keep track. 

I had a wonderful surprise this week. You may remember that I made some cards and tags for an organization called Box of Balloons that works to ensure every child has a birthday memory. I got the nicest email from them yesterday that just made my heart soar.

"I've been putting a card and gift tag in each birthday box I've been creating and it adds such a personal touch to each box. Thank you so much for donating these as I'm sure they took a lot of time and energy to create. They're so beautiful and made so well and I'm just blown away and grateful :) "

I let the coordinator know that as soon as I'm settled I'll make some more. It's such a great feeling to know that you can bring a little more light into the world doing what you love. 

Let's take a look at some ideas from last week's party!

To my point about making over some things on hand, take a look at these gorgeous pots Howling Liz updated. These look so current and I love the glossy black she used. Gorgeous! 

Think this is an old wooden box  Artsy VaVa tranformed into gorgeousness? Nope. It's a brick mold! And being a Southwest dweller, I love the succulents which aren't painted but rub-ons. 

I've had a lifelong fascination with globes. I'd look at them to see where characters I was reading about lived, or of course for schoolwork, or to look at places people came from or I wanted to go. Jennifer from Studio 27 had another creative idea to use one to show where her blog traffic comes from! So many possibilities! 

Genius! If you've made Hot Cocoa Bombs, you've already got the molds you need to make these perfect for Summer Ice Cream Bombs! This genius idea comes from 3 Winks Design. What fun treats for the hotter months!

Thank you as always to everyone who linked up. I love seeing what everyone's up to. Now let's take a look at who's done what this week! 

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