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Monday, November 6, 2023

Fall Decor: Tissue Papered Dollar Tree Pumpkins


While last year was our first year in our new home, we also went away for Thanksgiving. So this year is our first Thanksgiving here and I decided I wanted to switch up some of my color palette. Since the leaves don't really change much where we are, I went with the colors we do have in abundance. Shades of greens and golds. The best part is, it will still work with the more traditional Fall colors. 

  • Dollar Tree Foam Pumpkins 
  • Tissue Paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Acrylic Paints

This is the color palette I'm working with. I'm in the process of decorating so will be sharing things as I go along. 

The first step is to cover your pumpkin with tissue paper. Any tissue paper will work. I love the "ugly" pumpkins. The knotted, gnarly, knobby, creased ones. I crumpled the tissue paper then tore it into pieces. This is not scientific or measured! Apply some Mod Podge to the pumpkin, lay the tissue paper on, spread some more Mod Podge and continue until covered, including the stem. 

The tissue paper soaks up the Mod Podge but I like to go over it anyway just to make sure it's really good and on there!

When you're done, yes, it will look like it's been covered in a cocoon! I wanted the teal paint to be just a little deeper so I added a few drops of black and didn't completely mix it so it would have some variegation. 

I was very happy with how the crinkles and paint came together but of course, I wasn't done! The final step was to go over the pumpkins with gold, which I dry brushed all over, and covered the stem.

Monday, October 16, 2023

Halloween: Easy Skull Candles


Can you ever have enough candles? Especially ones easy to "make" and that go with your Halloween decor? Clearly, my answer is: "Of course not!"

These are super easy to make and can be done in any style you like.


  • Plain Glass Candles (Dollar Tree)
  • Decorative Napkins (Walmart)
  • Mod Podge (Stash)
  • Cording and Beads (Stash)
I keep plain glass jar prayer candles from Dollar Tree in my stash, and picked up a $.98 package of napkins at Walmart. 

If you want a more opaque look, you can skip this part but I was going for a more translucent effect so I separated the patterned layer from the white backing. 

This also lets the Mod Podge seep through better. After I separated the layers, I tore the edges of the napkins both for appearance and because they were too tall for the candles. 

If you have any edges hanging over, no worries. Use lightweight sandpaper, a sanding block or an emery board to sand off once the candles are dry. 

Spread Mod Podge down the length of the candle and adhere one edge of the napkin. Normally, I coat the object and the paper I'm adhering but since the napkins were so absorbent, I just tacked one edge, and then applied the Mod Podge atop the napkin as I wrapped it around the candle. 

For this project, all of the crinkles and wrinkles just added to the look! I let these dry overnight. 

You can see here where I had some edges that were hanging over. I used a sanding block on them and they came right off. 

To finish, I grabbed some waxed cotton cording and crystal beads to wrap around the tops. 

When lit, you can see the glow come through the skulls! 

So now we have some spooky candles to accent our table! 

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Papercrafting: Mod Podge Keepsake Eggs


I had a couple of large plastic eggs in my stash so I decided to add to my Keepsake Egg collection that I didn't even know was a collection until I realized how many I've made! All you need are some plastic eggs, pretty paper, Mod Podge, and some embellishments. 

  • Large Plastic Eggs (Michaels)
  • Decorative Paper ( Paper Source)
  • Mod Podge (Michaels)
  • Ribbon and Charms (Stash)

Matte Mod Podge is my go to for almost everything although I have and love the other formulas. It works really well with handmade papers. They absorb it and dry really nicely. 

I just drew an oval bigger than the egg on the back side of the paper, cut, then cut around the edges to make it easier for the paper to lay down. 

Flipped the paper over, coated the back with Mod Podge, then wrapped the egg. I covered most of the eggs this way, then just tore pieces to cover the remaining exposed spots. 

With a heavily patterned paper like this I wasn't too worried about any crinkles most of which you can smooth with your finger but even those that remain just kind of blend in. If you're using a less patterned paper where wrinkles may show more, you can be more precise about applying the paper. 

Once the eggs were covered, I coated with more Mod Podge and let dry.  One reason I love Mod Podge is it stays wet enough to get your paper where you want it yet dries fast so a project doesn't take forever. 

After that, it's up to your imagination! I grabbed some gold satin ribbon and some tissue paper like yarn I had in my stash, along with some Fleur de Lis Charms that worked with the colors and style of the paper.  Cut a length of the satin ribbon large enough to fit around the egg and make a bow, anchor on the bottom of the egg with a dot of hot glue, then wrap and tie a bow. Cut a length of the ribbon yarn, slide under the bow, knot,  then cut some more strands and lay atop the knot and use the ends to tie on the charms. 

I like that these aren't explicitly Easter and can be left out for Spring since eggs are a symbol of renewal. 

I've heard people say they're intimidated by decoupage but don't be! Start with a project like this where it's not about precision. Once you make one thing, you'll be hooked! 

Monday, October 5, 2020

Halloween: Ghosts of Projects Past...Coffin Boxes

I was in Michaels recently and noticed that they again had plain wood box coffins which they've had in years past. I've had fun playing with them and thought I'd share some ideas of what you can do with them because the possibilities are endless!  

They come in some fun and different shapes from the traditional coffin shape I bought, but the concept is exactly the same. 

  • Plain Coffin Boxes ( Michaels)
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Misc Embellishments
We'll go in order from left to right in the above picture. 

Skully Boxes: (Original Post Here)

For all of these the process is the same. You can do any combination of painting and scrapbook paper, including all paint or all paper or combining the two. For these I painted the sides using a crackle effect and then Mod Podg'd (because that's a word in my vocabulary!) the scrapbook paper on top. 

Decide on your color scheme ( you could go bright and whimsical with this too). I painted my plain boxes black, let dry, then painted a layer of white school glue ( plain old white glue) over the black paint. Let almost dry and then went over that with white paint. Let air dry or help along with a blow dryer.  Oooohhhh crackle crackle.

For these, I topped with plastic skulls that you can pick up lots of places, Use an acrylic paint that adheres to multiple surfaces ( I used Martha Stewart on these) and then glue wherever you like on your coffin. 

Vampire Coffin Boxes: (Original Post Here)

I had some "True Blood" fans in my life so that year I made some of these as gifts  for them. I think you can see the reason for the color choice! 

Same process of paint and scrapbook paper and on these I used different washi tapes. 

Glitter paint glams these up! 

French Gothic Coffin Boxes: (Original Post Here)

The inspiration for these were these great French themed embellishments I found that year (guess where...Michaels) along with a package of complementary 3D stickers. 

These remain some of my favorites and the Skully Boxes and these remain part of my annual Halloween decor. I hope you've found some inspiration! Grab some paints, paper, and embellishments and have fun! 

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Halloween: Elegant and Inexpensive...Glam Up A Dollar Tree Skull


When life gives you lemons you make lemonade right? An early retirement plus a pandemic has meant I've had more time to focus on creating and I don't know about you, but for me, the more I create the more ideas I come up with. 

I've seen this trend in "Glam Skulls" or "Jeweled Skulls" for the past couple of Halloween seasons and decided that I could come up with a version for far less than the price of them. So here we go! 

  • Plastic Skulls (Dollar Tree)
  • White Tissue Paper (Dollar Tree)
  • Mod Podge  
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Glue Gun and Glue
  • Embellishments

Step 1: 

If you've been in a Dollar Tree around Halloween, you recognize these skulls. These I already had in my Halloween decorations and have used them as is before but this year I decided I wanted to glam them up. The easiest thing would have been spray paint but I have asthma and fumes are not my friend. Several years ago I tried this technique on Easter Eggs and it's been my go to ever since for projects where I don't need a smooth finish and which need something for the paint to grip. 

It's so simple and works so well! Use any white tissue paper, scrunch into a ball, crunch your ball and then tear your tissue into smaller pieces.

Step 2: 
Once you have your tissue paper pieces, start covering the skull with Mod Podge then start placing your tissue paper. Doesn't matter where you start, you just keep going until covered. I prefer to use a bristle vs foam brush for this. You can push into the eyes and small spaces to make sure you get good adhesion. As needed tear pieces smaller to fit where needed. It's a totally random process.

This is what your skull will look like once covered. It would work just like this for Halloween but let's keep going! 

Step 3:
After your Mod Podge is dry , it's time to paint! I chose the same color palette as the Upcycled Candleholders I shared earlier. I used a dark grey basecoat as my first coat: 

"But did she stop there?" Of course not. I went over the grey paint with Martha Stewart Metallic Titanium, and then wiped on and wiped off a black glaze of watered down black paint. 

I didn't wipe out the glaze from the eye sockets and only lightly wiped it out of the nose. Now it's time for the real fun! 

Step 4:
Now it's time to embellish! 

I pulled out miscellaneous embellishments from my stash. Sequins, flat back rhinestones, seed beads, and faceted crystal beads for the eyes. I went with embellishing only one eye per skull, starting by gluing a large crystal bead in the eye socket. From there, it's wherever your imagination takes you! I spread some hot glue in the eye socket, sprinkled on a seed bead mix and while the glue was still setting stuck in some mirror sequins. Then working up and down from the eye, laid down more hot glue, sprinkled more seed beads, added rhinestones and other beads randomly. 

I had some skull beads so I added those too. Skulls on skulls on skulls! 

I love that with a little paint and imagination, you can create high end looking and elegant Halloween decor for very little. Shown here: Glam Skull on top of Dollar Tree candleholder ; my Mackenzie Childs Inspired Pumpkin from Target's impulse buy section ; Goodwill Candleholder Makeover; Painted and Mod Podged Wood Coffin (bought the plain box at Michaels years ago but they still have variations of them). 

I hope you found some inspiration. Until next time,