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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Embossed Metal Flower Bottle Tops


I finally had a chance to play! It's been a minute with a lot going on the past month and a half or so. I popped in Dollar Tree last week and found these cute bottles. Sea glass looking with the twine and the bee. Had to get! For whatever reason, they remind me of Saguaros which are blooming like crazy right now so that was my inspiration for these. 


  • Sea Glass Bottles (Dollar Tree)
  • Embossable Metal (Amazon)
  • Die Cutting Machine (Analog...used my Cricut Cuttlebug)
  • Floral Die (Tim Holtz)
  • Glue Dots 

This is the Tim Holtz cutting die I used. I've had it forever and still get tons of use from it. On the left is the roll of aluminum embossable metal I've had in my stash. 

My can't justify getting a newer one Cricut Cuttlebug because it's a workhorse. Lots of brands make similar and as much as I enjoy my crafting tech, sometimes analog is the way to go! 

These bottles are so cute!

I cut the embossing metal to size to fit the die, then ran it through the Cuttlebug. Originally, I planned for this to cut the metal as you would paper but this proved a bit too thick. It embossed the metal nicely so I just finished by cutting around each flower layer with scissors.

Then I attached each of the layers using Glue Dots.

To finish, I put two more Glue Dots directly onto the top of the bottle and then attached the flowers. If I decide to use the bottles / flowers differently, they come off easily.

I remembered how much fun metal embossing is so I'm off to work on another project I'll share when it's done! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Home Decor: Layered Bunny and Egg


Mr. Chocolate now gets why I stop at different Dollar Tree locations. (And yes, I saw where they're closing stores!). We were out and about the other day and there was one next to a place we were going so of course I had to stop and I found some things I hadn't seen at other stores like these thicker "wood" eggs and Buffalo check bunnies! This idea instantly popped into my head. 

  • Dollar Tree Wood Egg
  • Dollar Tree Buffalo Check Bunny Garland
  • Dollar Tree Mini Wood Blocks
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Acrylic Craft Paint
  • Coordinating Ribbon

The bunny garland would be cute as a garland but I already had this idea in my head. I painted the top of the eggs and left the sides bare. 

It only took one coat but I let it dry overnight. I took two of the bunnies off of the twine and replaced it with coordinated ribbon. 

I pulled the ribbon through the holes from the back, tied a square knot, then trimmed the ends as shown. I had some mini-wood blocks in my stash that I used to create depth to glue the bunnies to the eggs.

After I glued the block to the back of the bunny, I used more hot glue to attach the bunnies to the eggs.

Easy Peasy Dollar Treesy! But what to do with the remaining bunny garland? I decided that the remaining four would make two cute 3-D bunnies. 

I had these mini pom poms in my stash and went with the light turquoise ones to cover the holes from the twine. Then I glued two more of the wood blocks to the back and attached another bunny to the blocks. 

Be careful to make sure the bottoms are even so they'll stand up. 

They go with some eggs I did years ago!

And of course, now, I wish I'd bought another garland! 

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Valentine's Decor: Dollar Tree LOVE Frames


This is the easiest project ever! I'm almost embarrassed to share it. 

  • Dollar Store Silver Frames
  • Themed Scrapbook Paper (This is by American Crafts)
  • LOVE Wood Stickers
  • Foam Squares

I found these wood LOVE stickers at Dollar Tree, and picked up two of these 4x4 frames. The paper, I already had in my stash. I cut the paper to fit the frame size (so really 5x5) and then used the mat that came with the frames.

Once I reassembled the frame with the paper and the mat, then I added one of the LOVE stickers to the top of the glass using a foam square.

That's it!

I kept my entry table simple with two of these and some black velvet ribbon I got a JoAnn after Christmas for 70% off.

I had some wood heart stickers in my stash and stuck them to the candles that stay on this table. I'm actually surprised they've stayed stuck to the wax but they have and they're easily removed. 

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Monday, January 29, 2024

Valentine's Decor: Tiered Tray Vignette


I was so excited about the tiered tray I found in time for Christmas Decor, and I knew it would become part my seasonal decor year round. A stroll through Dollar Tree and a few on hand things came together just perfectly for Valentine's Day. 

  • Tiered Tray (Thrifted Find)
  • Chalkboard Sign (Dollar Tree)
  • Battery Heart Lights (Dollar Tree)
  • Red Package Filler (Dollar Tree)
  • XOXO Muslin Bags (Dollar Tree)
  • Valentine's Stickers (Dollar Tree)
  • Glittered Hearts (Michaels)

I should have picked up a new chalkboard pen when I was at Dollar Tree because as I found out, the one I thought I was going to use was all dried up. No worries! I'd picked up a couple packs of stickers so...

I left the chalkboard sign unfinished and used a piece of chalk to rough up the background. Then I chose some of the stickers and placed as shown. 

The XOXO Muslin Bags come three to a package. I used two and stuffed them with wadded up paper to give them depth. 

I sprinkled the paper crinkles on the tray then put the heart lights on the bottom with one of the stuffed bags and a couple of glitter hearts. On the top, I placed the chalkboard sign, more glitter hearts and the other bag. Simple and festive! 

Easy Peasy! 

Monday, December 4, 2023

Winter Decor: Dollar Tree Duster Wreath


This is another project I saw last year and pinned to make this year. Who'd a thunk a few dusters from Dollar Tree would make such a pretty fluffy wreath?


  • Wreath Form/ I used a wire one but you can use the styrofoam ones they sell at DT.
  • For Duster Mops
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Bottlebrush Trees
  • Wired Ribbon
  • Ornaments
  • Pom Pom 

I was only able to find four of these Mop Pads across a few stores and would rather have had at least five but made it work! Your best bet is to order a box of them online. 

Cut each pad in half. You will get some fluff that falls off but you're going to be gluing these down so it doesn't matter. 

If you're using a wire wreath form, turn it over and work from the back side. If you're using the styrofoam form, doesn't matter. Cut each pad in half then glue each side to your wreath form with hot glue. Keep adding your halves until you've covered your form.

Once you've covered your form, you could stop there but what fun would that be?!

I hit JoAnn when they had a buy one get three free sale on ribbon and found this pretty snowflake ribbon. I already had some silver bottle brushes on hand that went perfectly with the ribbon.

I made a bow and glued down on the wreath. 

I wanted to put the bow on before I added the trees to make sure things were centered. 

To finish, I added two pinecone ornaments and a white pom pom I already had on hand. Once you're done with adding things fluff and hang!

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