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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Fall Decor: Silver and Copper Geometric Pumpkins


I love it when a plan you didn't have comes together. I mentioned in my post about the Textured Copper Candles, that I'd show what I did with the vinyl that was left on the backing sheet so here we go! 

  • Foam Pumpkins (Dollar Tree)
  • Multi-Surface Craft Paint, Bright Silver (Michaels)
  • Geometric Textured Vinyl (Previous Project)
  • Kraft Butcher Paper
  • Strong Wire
  • Mod Podge

I'd picked up a couple of these foam pumpkins at Dollar Tree when their Halloween supplies came out and didn't end up using them but they still work great for Thanksgiving/Fall Decor. I painted themwith a couple o coats of multi-surface paint (Craftsmart from Michaels). I also removed the "stem" that came with them since I had another idea in my head. 

To make the stems, I tore some kraft butcher paper (guestimated the size) and some strong wire. I twisted the paper, leaving enough at on end to fan out a bit so I could attach to the pumpkin. I utwisted the wire, the using hot glue, tacked the wire in the middle, then re-twisted. 

I left a little tail of the wire at the bottom to push into the pumpkin to stabilize then fanned out the bottom and hot glued in place. If you don't have enough to fit, just tear some more small pieces of paper. 

Don't worry if the paper is sticking up. You can bend and twist your "stem" as you like, and trim if needed. 

To finish the stems, grab some Mod Podge and a brush and then go over the paper, soaking it pretty well. Once it dries, your stem will be secured to the pumpkin. 

Now it's time for the "leftover" vinyl from my candles! I cut the backing paper in rows, then applied transfer tape, then cut strips of each set of triangles and half circles and then applied them to the spines or whatever they're called, of the pumpkin.

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Monday, November 7, 2022

Fall Decor: Textured Copper Wrapped Candles


Thanks all for understanding about my party oops on Thursday. I think Fall allergies are the culprit. There's no better medicine than creating though, right? Had fun making these Copper Wrapped Candles which were easy and make a statement! 

  • Dollar Tree Plain White Glass Candles
  • Cricut Textured Copper Vinyl (JoAnn)
  • Cricut Design Space Image #M9BB7EA
  • Digital Cutting Machine (I used my Cricut Explore 2)

I got my candles at Dollar Tree but they can be found wherever Saint candles are sold. You can remove the sticker or leave it. I left it and just made sure the vinyl seam was in the back. The Cricut vinyl is available wherever Cricut products are sold. I got mine at JoAnn when they had a 40% off sale. I have a Cricut Design Space subscription so I found an image I liked and then sized to fit the candle. 7.5 height x 8 inch width. Doing this again, I would cut 1/2 inch shorter in height I think. 

This is the image I used which, if you're not a Design Space subscriber is $.99 to purchase. 

Once the vinyl was cut, I weeded (peeling the top layer from the backing). Normally, this would bethe piece you discard, using what remained on the backing paper. I chose to use it to make a candle wrap! 

Clean your candle with glass cleaner or alcohol (especially if you used a product to remove the label) and then with the vinyl sticky side up, lay the candle on its side and carefully roll it until covered. 

That's it! 

Want to know what I did with the vinyl that remained on the backing paper? Come back tomorrow and I'll show you! 

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Monday, November 9, 2020

Fall Decor: Rustic Silk Leaves and Feathers Wreath


Happy Monday all! We in America move full speed ahead to our national day of thanks and gluttony and I've finished the last of the things I'll make ( I think ) for this short season between Halloween and Christmas. Anxious to get started on some Christmas goodies so be on the lookout! 

Also humbled and excited to have been again featured in the Hometalk weekly newsletter last week! They included my Plastic Egg Acorns and Pinecones and I couldn't be more tickled. If you aren't on Hometalk, you should check it out both as a place to share your creations and to find even more inspiring ideas! 

  • Square Wreath Form. I actually had some inserts from 12x12 shadow box frames that I used but you  could also use a square frame. 
  • Silk Leaves (Michaels 80% off)
  • Twig Vase Fillers (Dollar Tree)
  • Feathers ( Michaels)
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

From left to right: Shadow Box Frame Inserts, Silk Leaves, Dollar Tree Birch Stumps and Twigs

The frame inserts are not the sturdiest so I glued two of them together to stabilize them. The silk leaves I found for 80% off at Michaels. I used two packages of 30 with a few left over.

These came in two sizes, the larger having some gold veining and the smaller being plain. I alternated these around the wreath. Pretty straightforward. After I glued the leaves around the frame I placed a few of the birch "stumps" , offset, "because I did" which is a technical creative term!

I have a ton of these twigs left over so may save them for next year or throw them in a vase. 

I grouped three feathers (Michaels, Art Minds or Creatology) at the base of each "stump", then added some of the twigs. 

To finish, I had some of these Acrylic Gem Maple Leaves in my stash from a past project so glued a few of those on. Living in the West, this may be another thing I leave up year round. Haven't decided yet. We don't have specifically "Western" decor but I like some bits here and there. 

Et voila!

Monday, November 2, 2020

Fall Decor: Leather and Feather Hoop Wreath

Happy November everyone! Or as I like to call it , the eighth month of "Marchvember" because...2020. I hope you all had a safe Halloween, and now we Americans gear up Thanksgiving, our annual gluttonous feast which for many will be a little different this year. 

I think I tell this story every year, but when my son was little he got VERY frustrated that things went from Halloween to Christmas while Thanksgiving seemed to be treated as an afterthought. So trying to be a good mom, I made sure to decorate sufficiently for Thanksgiving month! When he left for college and wasn't going to be able to come home for Thanksgiving, he made sure that I kept the tradition which went without saying! During undergrad and grad school we've been lucky to get him for a few weeks at Christmas so ironically, he's never even here for Thanksgiving decorating makes me feel like he's here. 

I found these Mum bushes at JoAnn for 80% off which were the inspiration for this wreath. 

  • Silk Mums 
  • Embroidery Hoop (10 ")
  • Feathers
  • Leather Scraps
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

I had the feathers on hand from Michaels for a project I thought I was going to do last year. I decided to use the spotted ones. Pheasant, I think? 

The leather scraps were a happy accident. Before we moved from Seattle, my husband wanted to check out a store that made a lot of their own leather goods. I went with and they had these bags of scraps for sale. When he said "She makes things" they gave me one free! You can find bags of scraps at craft stores or check around if there are places that make leather goods. You never know! 

The first step was to cut the "mum head" from one of your bushes, and hot glue it to the bottom center of your wreath. I used the claspy thing at the top as a guideline. 

The next step is to add your feathers. I pulled ones from the pack that more or less went the same direction and laid them out on each side before gluing. Once I was good with the way they looked, I hot glued them to the hoop on either side of the center mum and then trimmed the stems. 

For the leaves, I just grabbed some similar sized scraps and freehand cut leaf shapes. Glued these atop the feathers, and then in the space between the leaves and the center mum, add the contrasting colored mums on either side. 

To finish, I made a "bow" of leather strips that were in my scraps. If you don't have these, you can cut your own from other straps, use leather cord, ribbon, yarn...

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Fall Decor: Striped and Quilled Dollar Tree Pumpkin Sign

Happy Saturday friends! This weeks BFF Open House link party continues here I'm continuing to work on some additions to my Fall decor for when I take Halloween down and excited to share this fun and I hope, elegant, sign with you today!

  • Wood Pumpkin Sign ( Dollar Tree)
  • Acrylic Paints (White Craftsmart and Light Gold Metallic Martha Stewart)
  • Cream Cardstock
  • Quilling Papers (White and White With Gold Edge)
  • Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue and White Glue (Elmer's)
  • White Satin Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue

When I was at Dollar Tree last month getting some goodies for Halloween, I picked up this plain wood sign. They have different ones seasonally ( I may or may not have picked up some Christmas ones since). As I talked about in a previous post, I started Quilling this year and decided to incorporate that into this project. 

I covered the sign with a couple coats of the white paint. Then, using the crackle technique I showed in my Witch Switch Girlfriend Gifts, covered with a layer of Elmer's glue and the light gold paint. 

Apply glue, then contrast color, crackles as it dries

After my crackle layer was dry, I taped off the stripes with painter's tape then used more of the white paint to make the stripes. 

While the stripes were drying, I made my leaves by first cutting them using my Cricut Explore Air 2 with cream lightweight cardstock and chose my Quilling papers: plain white and white with a gold edge. 

I went around the outline of the leaves with the white paper (you can see this process in my Quilled Sugar Skulls post  using the Aleene's Turbo Tacky glue and then used the gold edged Quilling strips ( to create swirls and coils. When complete, used hot glue to adhere them to the sign. 

To finish, I made a  bow from white satin ribbon. Et, voila!