Monday, November 7, 2022

Fall Decor: Textured Copper Wrapped Candles


Thanks all for understanding about my party oops on Thursday. I think Fall allergies are the culprit. There's no better medicine than creating though, right? Had fun making these Copper Wrapped Candles which were easy and make a statement! 

  • Dollar Tree Plain White Glass Candles
  • Cricut Textured Copper Vinyl (JoAnn)
  • Cricut Design Space Image #M9BB7EA
  • Digital Cutting Machine (I used my Cricut Explore 2)

I got my candles at Dollar Tree but they can be found wherever Saint candles are sold. You can remove the sticker or leave it. I left it and just made sure the vinyl seam was in the back. The Cricut vinyl is available wherever Cricut products are sold. I got mine at JoAnn when they had a 40% off sale. I have a Cricut Design Space subscription so I found an image I liked and then sized to fit the candle. 7.5 height x 8 inch width. Doing this again, I would cut 1/2 inch shorter in height I think. 

This is the image I used which, if you're not a Design Space subscriber is $.99 to purchase. 

Once the vinyl was cut, I weeded (peeling the top layer from the backing). Normally, this would bethe piece you discard, using what remained on the backing paper. I chose to use it to make a candle wrap! 

Clean your candle with glass cleaner or alcohol (especially if you used a product to remove the label) and then with the vinyl sticky side up, lay the candle on its side and carefully roll it until covered. 

That's it! 

Want to know what I did with the vinyl that remained on the backing paper? Come back tomorrow and I'll show you! 

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