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Monday, March 25, 2024

Papercrafting: Faux Chocolate Bunny Cards


My inspiration for this year's Easter cards came from a classic Easter staple, the foil-wrapped chocolate bunny. I used dark brown cardstock and glitter cardstock.

  • Dark Brown Cardstock
  • Pastel Glitter Paper (Recollections)
  • Foiled/Marbled Background Papers (Recollections)
  • White Cardstock (110lb)
  • SVG File (I downloaded a set from Creative Fabrica)
  • Cricut Cutting Machine
  • Cricut Design Space
  • Self-adhesive rhinestones
  • Foam Tape
  • Tape Runner

I used these papers by Recollections at Michaels for the background panels. I had these in my stash but was thrilled to find they still carried the Spring Marbles stack and picked up another one during their recent sale. 

I found a collection of bunnies at Creative Fabrica, downloaded, and selected the one I wanted to use. 

A moment of self-congratulatory pride...drumroll please! The middle of the top layer was empty and I found an egg design in Cricut Design Space and added it to the middle! Please clap!

This idea was inspired by foil-wrapped Chocolate Bunnies so I used dark brown cardstock for the bottom layer (used the offset tool in Design Space to create) and then cut the glitter layers. 

I attached the glitter layers to the "chocolate" layers using foam squares.

The thing I love about the Recollections papers is how well so many of the patterned papers work with solids. Being a paper hoarder, I have stacks from different years and they work together. I chose solids from the Spring Pastels stack to coordinate with the Spring Marbles papers and the Glitter Stack is also Spring. 

As always, my cards are 5x7 and the panels are 4.75x6.75 and 4.25x4.5. I attached the marbled papers to the solid using my ATG tape runner, then attached the layered panel to the card, then the "Chocolate Bunny" to the center using foam tape.

To finish, I grabbed my stash of self-adhesive rhinestones and added as shown. Now, family and friends have a calorie free Chocolate Bunny!

I did versions in pink:




When I make multiples, I use the same image even if I do different colors to make it easy to keep the settings in the software and machine the same and not confuse myself! 

Monday, March 4, 2024

Papercrafting: Layered Disney Inspired Train


Walt Disney said that he wanted Disneyland to be a place for everyone, young, old, and in between. And one of the things we love is riding the Disney Railroad around the park. Since Mr.Chocolate likes trains period, I made him something special for a recent birthday that captures both! 

  • 8x8 Shadowbox Frame (Michaels)
  • Disney Themed Background Paper
  • Red, Yellow, Black Cardstock
  • Train Cut File (Silhouette Online Store)
  • Foam Tape and Foam Squares
  • Digital Cutting Machine (Cricut Explore Air 2)

He's got quite the Disney collection and this idea was inspired by a Funko Pop I got him for Christmas. Walt conducting his Railroad which he did occasionally do around the park.

I used one of my go to frames from my stash and then cut the background paper to size. 

I imported the SVG file from the Silhouette Online Store into Cricut Design Space , sized, and then duplicated the original and removed some of the cut out portions using the Contour feature in the software. I assembled the layers using foam tape and foam squares. 

I tacked the background paper to the back of the frame with double-sided tape then attached the train to it and assembled the frame.  

I also made him a coordinating card! 

He was very surprised and happy! 

Monday, December 18, 2023

Paper Crafting: 2023 Christmas Cards


Now that I know my Christmas cards have been received and the Post Office hasn't sent me a cease and desist order, I can share the cards I made for friends and family this Christmas season. I previously shared the Hanukkah cards I made and said in that post that Mr.Chocolate thought I was nuts when I said I'd be quilling our cards this year. Here are the Christmas cards! I'm still old school and since cardmaking is my first crafting love, I love making them for those I love! 


  • 110lb Cardstock for Card Base (Recollections from Michaels)
  • Holiday Themed Papers (Michaels)
  • Coordinating glitter and Foil Papers (Recollections)
  • Coordinating Quilling Strips
  • Coordinating Sequins

I was on the lookout early for the Recollections holiday papers this year. Frosted Juniper and Glistening Snow are from this year. Black and White Winter is from last year. 

I'm consistent in my card construction:
  • Cut 110lb paper 7x10
  • Score
  • Cut chosen decorative papers in panels and layer
  • Attach focal 

I didn't take pictures of the quilling process ( I need to grow more arms and hands), I used a random approach and cut out the base tree shapes using my Cricut Explore and then just started making coils and swirls! 

I like to make a few different versions of cards versus making the same card for everyone. Part of that is because I can never limit myself to one set of papers and another part is because I try to match cards to their recipients. For this set, I cut modern looking trees from gold glitter paper and used silver and gold edged quilling strips from and finished with mirror sequins and rhinestones.

I used the Frosted Juniper papers for others, matching the colors with green glitter trees and coils in blues, greens and whites, and then embellished with rhinestones and sequins.

I loved the Black and White Winter stack I got last year (so much so I bought another after Christmas!) and have a few friends who are black and white fans like me. 

For these I cut trees from glitter silver and white papers, and then used coordinating quilling papers. 

I get these ideas before thinking about mailing them and then wait with bated breath! 

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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Fall Decor: Silver and Copper Geometric Pumpkins


I love it when a plan you didn't have comes together. I mentioned in my post about the Textured Copper Candles, that I'd show what I did with the vinyl that was left on the backing sheet so here we go! 

  • Foam Pumpkins (Dollar Tree)
  • Multi-Surface Craft Paint, Bright Silver (Michaels)
  • Geometric Textured Vinyl (Previous Project)
  • Kraft Butcher Paper
  • Strong Wire
  • Mod Podge

I'd picked up a couple of these foam pumpkins at Dollar Tree when their Halloween supplies came out and didn't end up using them but they still work great for Thanksgiving/Fall Decor. I painted themwith a couple o coats of multi-surface paint (Craftsmart from Michaels). I also removed the "stem" that came with them since I had another idea in my head. 

To make the stems, I tore some kraft butcher paper (guestimated the size) and some strong wire. I twisted the paper, leaving enough at on end to fan out a bit so I could attach to the pumpkin. I utwisted the wire, the using hot glue, tacked the wire in the middle, then re-twisted. 

I left a little tail of the wire at the bottom to push into the pumpkin to stabilize then fanned out the bottom and hot glued in place. If you don't have enough to fit, just tear some more small pieces of paper. 

Don't worry if the paper is sticking up. You can bend and twist your "stem" as you like, and trim if needed. 

To finish the stems, grab some Mod Podge and a brush and then go over the paper, soaking it pretty well. Once it dries, your stem will be secured to the pumpkin. 

Now it's time for the "leftover" vinyl from my candles! I cut the backing paper in rows, then applied transfer tape, then cut strips of each set of triangles and half circles and then applied them to the spines or whatever they're called, of the pumpkin.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Home Decor: Easy Wall Sign


Finally found a few minutes to make something, my first real project of 2022. I saw a sign with this sentiment in an office and knew immediately I needed to make something with the sentiment. It doesn't always feel like this is true, but if not "everything" I think almost everything is "figureoutable". 


  • Wood Art Board
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Vinyl, Transfer Paper
  • Digital Cutting Machine

I bought a bunch of these art boards sometime last year when they were on clearance at Target. Art Stores and Craft Stores sell similar. This is a simple project that requires only a little paint and some vinyl. I used Oracal silver, Black CraftSmart acrylic paint, and Cricut Transfer Tape. 

The first thing I did was paint my board, sides and front. 

I only did one coat because I didn't mind if some of the natural wood bled through but you can do more than one if you want. Just remember to let your paint dry thoroughly between coats. As I was waiting for my paint to dry, I created the sentiment in Cricut Design Space, then cut and weeded the vinyl. 

I used a Design Space font called "Annie Leu" and sized to fit my board. 

Weed the vinyl and then cut a piece of transfer tape to match the size.

When I first started working with vinyl ( and I am still FAR from a pro at it ) I was afraid to play with placement fearing it was going to stick and when I placed it it had to be perfect the first time. If your surface is truly dry ( eg paint ) you can lightly lay it on top and still be able to re-position it. I got it to where I was satisfied and then used my scraper tool to apply the needed pressure for the vinyl to stick. 

And done! On dark surfaces, I wipe with a dry cloth when done just to remove any smudges from applying the transfer tape. The wall I have it on doesn't allow for room to take a head on pic but I'm very happy with it! 

Easy Peasy! 

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