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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Finally Said It On Something!

Last year ( why does that sound like SOOOO long ago? ) I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from Say It On The Wall over at Craftily Ever After.

Say It On The Wall is home to all kinds of awesome vinyl sayings and designs that you can use to adorn everything! I picked out what I wanted right away ( and it shipped super fast) but then I got busy with the holidays and only just got around to using one of the things I got. So what did I do?

I started by re-purposing a 12x12 tile from another project:
which I covered with a piece of scrapbook paper, Paper Adventures Beachy Shadow Wash:
I added a couple of coordinating scraps at the corners and then put my vinyl piece on:
Easy peasy. To finish, I added some paper flowers from Recollections at Michaels topped off with buttons:
I loved this message when I picked it and even more now that I have it on something!

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Knew I Bought That Orange Frame For A Reason

While he loves to tease me about my trips to Michaels, JoAnn's etc., Mr. Chocolate also knows that I know when and where the sales are. As I was heading out one day in the Summer, he asked if I would frame something for him which gave me the perfect excuse reason to go to Aaron Brothers Art & Frame who just happened to be having their semi-annual  $.01 sale. We all have to make sacrifices right, so I made an additional stop.

Got there, found a frame for him which was a brushed metallic red .  Perfect for what he needed. But I wasn't going to pass up the chance to buy another "of equal or lesser value" for a PENNY was I? You know the answer. The same frame I bought him in red also came in a cool orange. I am not normally an orange person but there was something about that orange and did I mention it would cost me a PENNY?

You would think I'd have used it in my Halloween decorating. Temporary amnesia. Cured of that, and getting ready for Thanksgiving decorating, it all came together when Jessica at Craftily Ever After read my mind and made up a Thanksgiving themed printable!!! (Which she's sharing on her nice and follow if you download it ). This is a horrible pic because I'm not ready to put it on my mantle yet and took it at a weird angle to avoid the glare :

I printed it on cream cardstock. I like the cream and brown with the white mat and the orange. And did I mention the metallic organza tulle ribbon I found at Joann's yesterday? No? There's an orange that matches the frame along with a copper, and a deep brown and yes, I got all the colors.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Having Fun With Rub-Ons!

Thanks Meg!
A Little Knick Knack
Have you ever used them? So. Easy. And, addictive. I haven't always loved them because when I first tried them they were, to quote Julia Roberts character in "Pretty Woman" when she's trying to eat escargot: "Slippery little buggers".  But I think they've gotten loads better and they don't come off the backing stuff as easily or shift around so much. Any that I've used in the past couple of years have behaved.

I was at Michaels this weekend searching for some that I'd seen used at Jessica's blog "Craftily Ever After"  where she did a great makeover of a key rack. She also has some awesome downloadable Halloween art which she's been sweet enough to share. Go visit and follow her! She'd mentioned she got the rub-ons she used at Michaels. I was so bummed when the Michaels I was in had dismantled their $1 section ( oh yeah..they're a DOLLAR) but all was not lost, I found a really cute pack of DCWV rubons. Still, it was nagging at me ,so when I had to go to Costco last night, which was right next to another Michaels, well you can probably guess the rest but just in case....THEY HAD THEM!!! Yippee!

First I did this:
Which started out as a plain wooden trinket box that I painted cream, dry brushed with tan, Mod Podged some scrap sheet music pieces, applied some of the DCWV ( Die Cuts With a View) rub-ons. You can't tell from the pic but these rub-ons have some glitter to them. Here's a link to the ones I used: Mariposa collection

I was liking the finish on the box . I picked up this scrap piece of wood at a salvage place so I painted it the same way and will use it for a key rack (have to go get the hardware for it) and got to use some of the $1 rub-ons from Michaels. I think I bought 12 packages. Oops.
They have keys, birdcages, eyeglasses, watch / get why I bought 12 packs. They were a DOLLAR and there are an average of 8 images per pack!

And with the rest of my Mariposa DCWV rub-ons, 'cause I was still liking this paint finish, I did a frame:
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