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Friday, September 10, 2010

Stashbusting September Project #5: Skully Plates and Stuff

We interrupt the start of this post to say: Woo Hoo...this is my 100th blog post! So it's confirmed, just like in real life, I "talk" A LOT.  In other news, I'm really gobsmacked that I'm also approaching 300 followers! This has been such a fun adventure, getting into the blogging world and I really am  shocked but above all honored that this many people have found something worth following on this blog. THANK YOU.  To whet your appetite for how I'll celebrate once I reach 300, let's just say there will be a giveaway!

We now return you to episode 5 of our regularly scheduled program "As The Stash Busts". Once more into the closet of mystery out of which this time came some clear glass plates that my sis-in-law long ago picked up for me @ Goodwill. When I printed off  the skull graphic from The Graphics Fairy that I used on my candelsticks, I also printed off a different one. Waste not, want not and I try to fit as many images on a full sheet as possible. There was another really cool skull I wanted to play with. Cue "Bones" theme song here.

Cut 2 circles of scrapbook paper, Mod Podged on back of clear glass plates

Applied Metal Leaf adhesive, I used "Mona Lisa" brand. Let dry until clear.
If you've never worked with metal leafing,'s messy but no messier than glitter. If you use the two together, abandon all hope of neatness. A trick I learned at an art show was to crumble the sheets up so you don't end up with really straight edges when you apply. I didn't want complete coverage so I broke up pieces, scattered on randomly, and then you need a really good stiff brush ( I use a small stenciling brush) to "smoosh" the leafing on. There are some tutorials on leafing / gilding here.

Once that was done, I painted over the whole back of the plates with black acrylic paint and when dry, sealed w/ Mod Podge. Flipped them over and got out my skull graphics (trimmed really close) and adhered them to the front and:
Skully Plates

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