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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Scrapbooking Supplies Ring

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Scrapbook Ring Front
What happens when you have ring forms, flattened bottle caps, scrapbooking paper and dimensional adhesive in your stash? You make a ring of course!
I bought some ring forms at a bead store but hadn’t done anything with them until now. When I made the medallion for my altered bottle, I got the idea that I could easily make a ring using the same idea. So I did!
DCWV La Creme
Started with a pad of Die Cuts With A View scrap paper “LA CRÈME” and picked a pattern I liked…this kinda quatrefoil:
Bottle Cap and DCWV Paper
and one of the flattened bottlecaps. Punched a circle from the paper and put a dab of Diamond Glaze dimensional adhesive in the bottlecap and pressed the punched circle on it to get it down really flat. Then I covered it with more Diamond Glaze making sure to get any air bubbles out w/ a pin. Let that dry overnight.
Scrapbook Supply Ring Blank
This is a ring form I picked up at a bead store. After the dimensional adhesive was set I glued the two pieces together with:
Liquid Fusion
I like this glue because it doesn’t smell and aggravate my asthma. And that was that!

Scrapbook Ring Top

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Altered Vintagey Bottle Tutorial

Altered Bottle (3)
Most of the time I like upcycling things to use for for something like storage. But sometimes the shape of an item just intrigues me and I want to play with  it like a blank canvas. Bottles for instance. Like this one:
Altered Bottle
I loved the shape which is kind of square and flat. The writing is painted / etched on so I covered the bottle with some of the contact paper I’ve been having fun with from Dollar Tree. I also had a pack of K&Co scrapbook borders called “Flora and Fauna” . These are vellum and somewhat transparent. I layered one of the borders over the contact paper and another on the bottle itself:
I didn’t feel like scraping the label from the neck of the bottle so I covered it with this cotton twine I got from Dollar Tree:
Dollar Tree Twine
I had a vinyl monogram that I picked up at JoAnn’s on clearance a while ago for like $.25 and that went on the front. The bottle also had a seal that was part of the glass that I wanted to cover up so I punched a piece of the contact paper and put it in a flattened bottle cap which I then covered in Diamond Glaze:
Bottle Cap Diamond GlazeDiamond Glaze
Finished the whole thing with a pendant thingy from the jewelry section ( also one of those poking around the clearance bin finds) to which I added some beads and tied to the neck with a scrap of torn muslin:
Altered Bottle Closeup (2)
Altered Bottle
Altered Bottle Closeup
While function is nice, sometimes so is just looking at something pretty. I hope this is that.
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Back to Christmas...More Ornaments

Fine Craft Guild
I'm bouncing back and forth between Thanksgiving and Christmas like I think a lot of us are. In my case it's partly because I'm doing a craft fair the weekend before Thanksgiving because I'm insane.

You know these? :
These are not the ball ornaments but the flat round ones? Like if you flattened the ball ornaments. I tend to stock up on stuff like this after Christmas when they're on sale so I had some on hand. I did buy some new K&Co  stickers. "Snowglobe" they're called and that's exactly what they look like...the snowglobes you shake and then snow comes down. So I had this idea. I squeezed some glue inside...whatever dries clear (I used Diamond Glaze on this one because it dries pretty fast and I wanted to see if this idea panned out, but since it's pricier and I'd end up using a lot for these, I switched to plain diluted white glue for some others. Takes longer to dry but cost effective! Then added silver glitter and just shook it kinda like a snow globe:
I didn't want it to coat the whole thing so it's just kind of wherever it went. After that was dry, I took one of the "Snowglobe" stickers and stuck it to the front:

I decided it needed something more, so I hot glued a silver pipe cleaner around the sticker. Put the cap back on and finished off with a bow, a button, and a rhinestone:
I also did some more with the paper mache ornaments. These are super simple and fast:

Plain paper mache ornament, covered with polka dot wrapping paper from stash ( this is from Paper Source and I think they carry it every year). Adhere paper to orny with Mod Podge. Add clear alphabet stickers. Add bow, buttons and I put rhinestones in the center of the buttons. I hot glued braided trim around the edges to finish.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Fourth" Project #1

For whatever reason,  I've never done a lot of decorating for the 4th. No conscious reason...maybe it's because we're not usually home but this year I was determined. So here's the first of we'll see how many projects! This started out as a table leg or banister part? Not sure which...I found it at my favorite salvage place for a dollar ( and of course bought more than 1):

I painted it red with appropriately named "Americana" acrylic paint, and then dry brushed it with white. I made a medallion for the center using crepe paper and a circle cut from a recycled cereal box covered with scrapbook paper. It needed something for the middle so I painted the center of a bottle cap with the red paint, put a gold "4" sticker from my sticker stash and then filled in the bottle cap with "Diamond Glaze" by JudiKins. This gave it a dimensional / enamely look:
I went around the raised areas of the leg/post thingy with a gold paint pen and then Mod Podged some scrap strips of the scrapbook paper. I originally thought I was going to put flags in the hole at the top of the leg/post thingy but that didn't work out so I Mod Podged a washer with more scrapbook paper and glued it to the top to make a base to support a votive candle holder and:

Not the best pic but here it is on my mantle ( next to my crystal candlestick I got for $4 to which I glued a piece of milk glass I got for $5 at the Salvation Army thrift store!)

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