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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bias Tape Rosette Ring

I’ve seen a couple of simply gorgeous fabric rosette rings recently. One style from the Queen of The Anthro knock-offs, Bev, over at Flamingo Toes:

Arent’t these gorgeous?! And I also love this one from Vanessa at V and Co :
These were on my mind when I was at JoAnn’s and found myself in the rick rack/ bias tape aisle. Light bulb! Bias tape is already in strip form and wouldn’t that work? Let’s see:
Bias Tape Rosette Ring
Started with dark khaki Wrights Bias Tape ( 1/2”):
Wright's Bias Tape
And a ring blank :
I didn’t cut a specific length of bias tape but worked right from the card planning to cut whenever my rosette was the size I wanted. Started with a knot at one end:
Rosette Knot
Put some hot glue in the middle and then start twisting gluing, twisting gluing:
Bias Tape Rolled Rosette
When I liked the size I trimmed it. I thought about leaving it plain which would work but I can’t leave well enough alone! So I got a bead cap and pearl out of my stash:
Rosette, Finding, Pearl
Hot glued the bead cap to the rosette, and then the pear inside the bead cap and glued the whole thing to the ring blank:
Bias Tape Rosette Ring (2)
And definitely go check out the tutorials that Bev and Vanessa have here and here!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Scrapbooking Supplies Ring

SO excited to be able to add this button!
Crafts & Sutch
Scrapbook Ring Front
What happens when you have ring forms, flattened bottle caps, scrapbooking paper and dimensional adhesive in your stash? You make a ring of course!
I bought some ring forms at a bead store but hadn’t done anything with them until now. When I made the medallion for my altered bottle, I got the idea that I could easily make a ring using the same idea. So I did!
DCWV La Creme
Started with a pad of Die Cuts With A View scrap paper “LA CRÈME” and picked a pattern I liked…this kinda quatrefoil:
Bottle Cap and DCWV Paper
and one of the flattened bottlecaps. Punched a circle from the paper and put a dab of Diamond Glaze dimensional adhesive in the bottlecap and pressed the punched circle on it to get it down really flat. Then I covered it with more Diamond Glaze making sure to get any air bubbles out w/ a pin. Let that dry overnight.
Scrapbook Supply Ring Blank
This is a ring form I picked up at a bead store. After the dimensional adhesive was set I glued the two pieces together with:
Liquid Fusion
I like this glue because it doesn’t smell and aggravate my asthma. And that was that!

Scrapbook Ring Top

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