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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Workshop Wednesday Blog Hop: Mod Podgeable Ornaments


Jeweled Podgeables

Welcome  to another Workshop Wednesday blog hop. I hope you enjoyed visiting the blogs from last week and got some early holiday ideas from our group of busy elves.

It’s no secret that I’m mad for Mod Podge ( or some would just stop after mad). Last month I had so much fun playing with the new Podgeables from Plaid that I knew I wanted to use them in this workshop series. These can either be ornaments or package toppers so let’s see how to make them.

Podgeable Ornaments

You’ll start with your clear acrylic Podgeables that come in 6 fun shapes. I used the tag, dove, and heart. Not shown: key, crown, scallop circle.

Trace around your podgeable onto your choice of scrapbook paper, cut out.  Brush your preferred Mod Podge formula on your paper shape ( I used Antique Matte) and adhere to the underside of your Podgeable.

Podgeable Ornaments 2

I used a sheet from last year’s Recollections “Naughty or Nice” collection. Once these are dry, time to embellish! You may recall the crafting tape I used in last week’s project. It’s baaaaackkkkk.

Podgeable Taped Ornaments

I just put a strip of it wherever it seemed like a good idea. But wait, that’s not all. I also had some holiday themed rub-ons so I added those. But wait again, still not done:

Podgeable Ornament Collage

I got a thing for bling. I love love love self adhesive rhinestones and pearls and stick them on anything I possibly can.  So out they came and on they went. For the swirly ones that come pre-shaped, I cut with a craft knife wherever the design worked for my ornament.

Podgeable Ornament w Hanger

Some of the Podgeable shapes come with holes in them and others don’t. I debated about drilling holes in the two that didn’t have them ( something I clearly didn’t think about before I started) and didn’t want to wreck what I’d done so I looked around my craft room and my eyes landed on my jewelry making stuff and aha…half of a toggle clasp!

Podgeable Ornament Collage 2

I glued the toggle clasp to the back of the ornament ( I painted the backside of my ornament just cause I did. You don’t have to) and whew! Instant way to put an ornament hook or tie to a package.
Peace Dove

Thanks so much for stopping by and next stop on the hop is Michele at The Scrap Shoppe who no doubt has something wonderful in store! 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Epsom Salt and Glitter Crushed Peppermint Ornament

I love all the things you can do with clear ornaments but my favorite ones are the flat ones. I’m sure there’s a name for them but they’re the round ones that look like you took a ball an flattened it.
I needed something I could make multiples of without breaking the bank so thank you Michaels for having these 50% off. Picked up a few packs of these (4 for $2.50) along with some of these glittered snowflake ornaments  by Darice ( $1.99 for a package of 12).
Glued a snowflake on one side and cut out white vinyl snowflakes using my Cricut Expression (Damask D├ęcor cart) and stuck one on the other side.
Recolletions Glitter
Got out some tinsel glitter and Epsom salt, and spooned a little Epsom salt, silver, and red glitter into my ornament. Finished with a bow from red with silver polka dot ribbon.
Peppermint Snowflake Ornament (2)

I think it looks like crushed peppermint.

Snowflake Ornament

Snowflake Ornaments

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Vintage-y Music-y Snowflake-y Orny

These ended up on my railing garland , the pics of which turned out terrible so not going to post them, but will post the pics of the ornaments and the steps to make. Start with one of these:
Paper Mache Ornament
Cover with sheet music and edge in silver glitter:
 I found these very cool metallic snowflake stickers by Jolee's at Michaels in their clearance bin. They only had two packages so of course I bought both.
Stick one in the middle of your music covered ornament and they come with self adhesive rhinestones, so I plopped one in the center of the snowflake and: 
Vintage-y Music-y Snowflake-y Orny

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Back to Christmas...More Ornaments

Fine Craft Guild
I'm bouncing back and forth between Thanksgiving and Christmas like I think a lot of us are. In my case it's partly because I'm doing a craft fair the weekend before Thanksgiving because I'm insane.

You know these? :
These are not the ball ornaments but the flat round ones? Like if you flattened the ball ornaments. I tend to stock up on stuff like this after Christmas when they're on sale so I had some on hand. I did buy some new K&Co  stickers. "Snowglobe" they're called and that's exactly what they look like...the snowglobes you shake and then snow comes down. So I had this idea. I squeezed some glue inside...whatever dries clear (I used Diamond Glaze on this one because it dries pretty fast and I wanted to see if this idea panned out, but since it's pricier and I'd end up using a lot for these, I switched to plain diluted white glue for some others. Takes longer to dry but cost effective! Then added silver glitter and just shook it kinda like a snow globe:
I didn't want it to coat the whole thing so it's just kind of wherever it went. After that was dry, I took one of the "Snowglobe" stickers and stuck it to the front:

I decided it needed something more, so I hot glued a silver pipe cleaner around the sticker. Put the cap back on and finished off with a bow, a button, and a rhinestone:
I also did some more with the paper mache ornaments. These are super simple and fast:

Plain paper mache ornament, covered with polka dot wrapping paper from stash ( this is from Paper Source and I think they carry it every year). Adhere paper to orny with Mod Podge. Add clear alphabet stickers. Add bow, buttons and I put rhinestones in the center of the buttons. I hot glued braided trim around the edges to finish.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vintage-y Christmas Ornaments

So I was in Pottery Barn and they have all of their Christmas decorations up. I'm seeing lots of stuff with music themes and paper and I decided to be good and play with what I already had which includes a bunch of post-season bargain paper mache ornaments. You know, these:
I covered with some sheet music from a book I picked up. It's not Christmas music, but if someone's going to take the time to read the ornament they've got way too much time on their hands. 
Mod Podged the sheet music on, filed around the edges with an emery board, downloaded this great Santa from The Graphics Fairy, converted him to black and white, MP'd him on and trimmed it with adhesive rhinestones.
This is Father Christmas in his original form. I just went around the image with glitter glue. And what's Christmas without a star?

Now if you want to see a GREAT Pottery Barn knockoff? Go see what Vicki at Rusty Rooster Vintage did!
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