Monday, June 14, 2010

Vintage "Diamond" Birthday Card

We celebrated a 75th birthday this weekend, and with diamonds being the traditional item associated with 75th anniversaries, I decided to go with that theme. I used sheet music from an old book of the same that I bought at a used book store, glued to numbers I cut out on my Cricut from a recycled cereal box.I also cut a circle out and covered it w/ sheet music to serve as a base.  I wrapped a silver pipecleaner from a package I bought on sale after Christmas last year ( I mean in preparation for Christmas THIS year because I'm just that organized...mkay, that works) around the circle and stuck the numbers on top w/ foam tape. I think it's a vintage-y looking card...maybe of a type from around the time the recipient was born?

 I had a package of tulle circles I picked up at the $1 Tree and folded those in quarters which I put behind the circle thingy and then embellished the number with adhesive "diamonds". NOTE: not a mailing friendly given in person.