Thursday, June 17, 2010

Card Tute

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Here's a card that doesn't require either stamps or any cutting or die cut machines. It's especially easy if, like me, you're one of those people who picks stuff up when you see $.97 and $1.97 stickers on things so you have them on hand when an idea strikes. I use a lot of neutrals in home projects so when it comes to cards, I get to play with color a lot more and since I'm a bit of a paper addict ( a bit?) well let's just say I have pretty much every color in the rainbow and then some. Anyway, start with a basic card. My go to size is  5x7 because I buy A-7 envelopes in bulk when they're on sale. You can cut your own or buy a package of blank cards. I used to buy cardstock in every conceivable color but lately, I just use white or cream as my base card and let the colors come from the scrapbooking paper and accents. This is cheaper since you can almost always find white or cream cardstock on sale.
So there's my 5x7 ( which if you're cutting your own is 10x7 scored at 5 inches) and a package of scrapbooking borders I picked up for $1.97 at JoAnn's. When my husband is looking for me he doesn't call my cell, he just has them page me. Just kidding. Mostly.

I found a piece of scrapbook paper that coordinated and cut out a panel (6.75x4.75) with a smaller white panel (5.75x3.75).  I had some rub ons that I picked up guess where, and put corners on the white panel.

Top pic: Rub-ons and panels. Bottom pic: Two of the borders from the package cut to 6.75 and layered
For my focal, I used two paper flowers from packs I picked up at a stamp show, used one of the flowers from the border for the center and put an adhesive rhinestone in the middle.

Last thing I did, and these are something I always have on hand, took some clear alphabet stickers and spelled out "BIRTHDAY" on a scrap piece of paper, tore it to fit where I wanted and:

OK last last thing....some of the borders were left over so I put those on as accents in the top right and bottom left corners.  It's for a teenager,  young woman, and I was going for not too old, not too young, but fun. And if her mom is reading this, don't show her! It's going in the mail right now!


Anonymous said...

That is a cute card...nice color scheme...
Will it be mailed with some chocolate???

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

There may have been chocolate, which may or may not have been eaten. By someone. Who shall remain nameless.

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

Very cute! I love that you pulled together matching embellishments from your stash. I'm a huge paper addict, too. I've learned to just stay away! lol!

Michelle L. said...

Ooh! what a gorgeous confection. I have a page of that exact polka-dot paper - but would never have thought of the way you layered it. So clarsy!

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Thanks Michelle and Michelle L. I keep going back and forth between trying to keep my paper scraps organized or all just in a big free for all bin. But I love digging through them!

Shanna said...

Wow! Amazing, that card is gorgeous!!!
I am a new follower! =]
Have a fabulous weekend!

Patricia said...

Stopping by from the Social Parade! Very creative, makes me want to pull out my scrap supplies!

Naturally Creative Mama said...

Cute card! I'm a new follower from the social parade. Stop by some time and say hi.


lindalou said...

Great card. I have to admit I'm a Joann's junkie as well.