Thursday, June 25, 2015

BFF Open House #212

The Answer Is Chocolate

Happy Friday Eve everyone. How on earth did it get to be the last weekend of June already? Can I really scare you and say that Christmas is SIX MONTHS from today? Boo! 

Let's see some ideas from last week's party. 

Coffee comes in a close second ( OK maybe tied) to chocolate on my list of things I cannot live without. My "Sister From Another Mother" Doreen at Altered Artworks gets it and transformed a piece she's had on hand into this fabulous coffee station. Love! 

I've been thinking this year that I want to do more picnics. There's something about just taking time out and sitting on a blanket in the grass. I especially love this Date Night idea from Alayna's Creations. This would be great to put together for yourself or as a treat for friends? 

With Fourth of July almost here, even if you don't do a lot of decorating having a centerpiece is easy and fun. This is a great idea from the creative forces behind LouLouGirls

Back to chocolate because hello, whose blog are you on? YUM is right on this healthy  chocolate banana smoothie from Logan Can

Now on to this week's party! 


Thursday, June 18, 2015

BFF Open House Link Party #211

The Answer Is Chocolate

Welcome to another party here at The Answer Is Chocolate. Happy Father's Day weekend and I hope everyone celebrating has a wonderful weekend. 

Here are some features from last week's party I think you'll enjoy!

Check out this idea from Much More Creative...both the finished project and the technique are wonderful! The idea is perfect for Father's Day and the technique used to create it is limitless in possibilities. 

I do not have a green thumb ( Martha and I part ways in the garden) but succulents seem like something even I might not kill. This centerpiece from Upstate Ramblings is perfect for a Summer table. 

Mich in LA is a creative genius and upcycler. Not only does she use mystery findings in her gorgeous jewelry creations ( and then makes you guess what they are and they're NEVER what you think) but she's figure out a way to upcycle ..... into jewelry holders. Oh you thought I was going to tell you? 

Having just eaten my way through I mean visited Disneyland, I somehow missed dining at The Big Thunder Mountain Ranch Barbecue where they serve this take on S'Mores. Want. Now. Get the inside scoop from The Disney Chef.

OK now onto this week's party! 


Thursday, June 11, 2015

BFF Open House Link Party #210

The Answer Is Chocolate

Happy Friday Eve all! One weekend until Father's Day so this week's party will feature some ideas for any of you still trying to think of something for the special Dad / Hub / Brother / Son / Father Figure in your life. 

How about this wrench frame from Muchmore Creative? What a fun idea and you could easily pick up rusty wrenches at a garage sale or maybe even the dollar store. Just DO NOT raid the tool box for these! 

If you don't want to DIY, you could also check out this great roundup of ideas from Lamberts Lately.

When you make that wrench frame you could whip up one of these cards to  go with ( or maybe even put in the frame) . Crafty Lumberjacks has the how to. 

And how about a special dessert ( chocolate of course) for that special Dad ? Coca Cola Ice Cream Cake from Gator Mommy

Now on to this week's party! 


Thursday, June 4, 2015

BFF Open House Link Party #209

The Answer Is Chocolate

Yes it's a real live party! I know it's been a few weeks so hope everyone sees this and links up. Getting back on track so the party will continue on Thus and features will resume next week. Until then, what have you been up to ? 


Monday, June 1, 2015

Haven't Disappeared but I Did Miss My Own Blog-iversary

So instead of celebrating my 5 year blog anniversary with fanfare, big giveaways, parties etc, I think I'm accepting that missing the 5th anniversary of my blog last month is a sign that maybe it's time to step back and rethink some things.

When I started this blog 5 years ago, College Boy (who is now Graduate Boy)  was a Junior in HS and I was ( I thought) at a point in my career where things were fairly stable. Busy, as they have always been, but I'm a person who's best with a lot to do. But with a HS Junior gaining the kind of  independence they should, I had fewer school related engagements etc. and felt it was a perfect time to explore something that might continue into eventual retirement.

Problem was, someone forgot to tell life of this great strategic thinking. Best laid plans...HA! My day job went the opposite direction. Instead of "slowing down" it went on turbo overdrive along with other life events but still I managed to use my blog as an outlet and continued to grow. As I mentioned, I do better when I have more to do. This is something that's always been true and it's something I just kept telling myself. I could do everything. I could work 60 hours a week. I could be on top of all of the events and celebrations I've always made cards and gifts for. I could Martha my way through holidays. I could apply to and participate on design teams. I could do more more more.

Except I couldn't. Something had to give. That's just reality. I neglected my health, mental and physical. Fortunately it didn't take any kind of catastrophic wake up call but signs were there. Pain, injury, anxiety, frustration, fatigue.

And just as I would counsel anyone else ( we never take our own advice do we) you can't do it well. Long story short, whether through the inability to work on stuff because of  pain or injury, or the anxiety of feeling overwhelmed (which leads to more anxiety that you're committing the cardinal sin for people who are wired like me...DISAPPOINTING anyone!) you reach inertia and then you're no good to anyone, least of all yourself.

So if you're still with me , I say all this to say that I think it's time for me to re-set the clock and go back to why I started this blog in the first place. I wanted a place to share things that I liked to make. Pure and simple. I've been thrilled to have been featured at different blogs and websites. I've been honored to have participated in design teams. I've been excited to share sponsored posts. I don't regret any of that.

I'm not abandoning the blog and I really do enjoy having a weekly link up where people get to share their creations. I'm just formalizing what's happened already. I'm going to step back and let things be organic again.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

BFF Open House #208

The Answer Is Chocolate

Happy Friday Eve and Mother's Day Weekend everyone. Hope all the moms and grandmoms out there are spoiled rotten this weekend. Shout out to The Mumster. We'll be celebrating Mother's Day next week in the best way possible: College Boy's graduation. Can't wait! 

Here are some ideas from last week's party that you can still whip up for Mother's Day!

This looks good enough to eat right? DON'T! But even if you don't like or drink coffee, this is a delicious and indulgent treat perfect for pampering yourself or to give in a pretty jar as a gift. Whipped Mocha Scrub from Woods of Bell Trees.  

If you need some last minute creative Mother's Day gift packaging, you might check out this idea from Much More Creative

If you have a Mom to Be or a new Mom in your life, here is a wonderful and practical gift idea from Logan Can. One of my cousins sent me something similar when College Boy was born and it was the absolute BEST gift I received. 

This week's chocolate feature is an adult beverage I've been wanting to try . How about a Chocolate Martini from The View From In Here

Now on to this week's party! 


Thursday, April 30, 2015

BFF Open House Link Party #207

The Answer Is Chocolate

Happy Friday Eve everyone. Can you believe tomorrow is May already? I cannot. I will get the best Mother's Day present possible...watching my "baby" graduate from college later in the month. Nothing can top  that. I am also going to have to come up with something new to call him besides College Boy. More on that later. 

Let's see some features from last week's party. 

This is a gorgeous card any mom would be thrilled to receive. Perfect for weddings or birthdays or multiple occasions. Visit Craft With Cartwright for the details.

Here's another card. Love the clean construction and I especially love the story that goes with how this card came to be. Visit Paper Seedlings to find out. 

With Graduation season upon us check out this modern and chic alternative to a traditional class ring. Visit Jewelry Making Journal for the how to .

And this week's chocolate feature should come with a warning label. 

Fudgy Caramel Brownies from The Gracious Wife. You're welcome! 

Now let's see what you've been up to this week!