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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Easy Christmas Countdown Banner

Coundown Banner

I haven’t hung this up yet since I haven’t decided where it’s going but thought I’d share this quick Christmas Countdown banner.

Once again, I fell in love with a paper stack. It’s an illness. I accept  I have it.

Joyful Christmas

This time it was “Joyful Christmas” by Recollections at Michaels. Lots of vintagey goodness with some sheets full of glitter accents. Yum.

Countdown Page

You can see how easy they made it to make this banner since there are a couple of countdown sheets in the stack. I just cut each one out and mounted onto a black panel.

Countdown Numbers

I had these brads in my stash from after Christmas shopping last year:

Recollections Brads

Connected the corners using the brads but decided that 1-25 all together would be way too long so I did 1-12, 12-24 and then 25 as a standalone.

Coundown Banner

Framed "25" with a silver glitter scrap and snowflake brads. Used black and white bakers twine to finish things off.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

C is for Celtic

It’s also the middle letter of the word LUCKY.

I wasn’t going to make a banner for St. Patrick’s Day. I really, really wasn’t. Until I did. I may have a slight problem with banners. Mr. Chocolate will tell you there’s nothing slight about it.

I love, love, love and did I mention love, Celtic knot work. I bought a book once to learn how to do it. FAIL! But who needs that when you have the whole internet and a bajillion free fonts at your fingertips? I found this font called Celtic Eels and downloaded it and used it to create the letters LUCKY in my graphics program. Being greedy, I also downloaded this “dings” font ( these are images that correspond to letters) called Deco Dings and kept typing letters until images I liked came up. Scientific huh?!

After I printed the letters on white cardstock, I trimmed them and mounted them to black and green papers and then added some embellishments from my pot of gold rhinestone stash.
Finished off with clothespins covered in paper scraps and more rhinestones.
If I did this right,  you can click here and get the .PDF file with the letters and “ding” images I used. If that doesn’t work, email me (email link in sidebar). If you download, appreciate a follow.

Lucky I’m in love with my best friend !
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

No Longer In Control

No, not of my mental faculties ( some would argue that point!). My “baby” turned 18 yesterday. Still in denial that this is possible. I certainly gave no consent for this to happen! But happen it did.

Those of you with younger kids, savor the days when you’re totally in control of the party plans and can actually plan a party! Those of you with adult children, I’m sure you’ll tell me that there will again be a time when you can plan. In the meantime….I’ve learned as the teen years have progressed that the friends take over the planning of the social events like birthdays. Not complaining, he has a fantastic group of friends.

Son actually didn’t want to do too much to celebrate this milestone birthday. He and all his friends are exhausted from doing college apps and getting through first semester finals which will be over next week. Teenagers (most) are also notoriously laid back and last minute about planning social things. But finally,late last week, I got a text from one of his closest friends that there were “plans” . She had arranged for a surprise dinner and coordinated all the details. What a sweetheart! I asked if there were after dinner plans and there weren’t so I offered to host a dessert gathering which was a win win, but it just left me yesterday to get things done while trying to keep this a surprise. So, I  whipped up  a birthday banner…that wasn’t something likely to cause suspicion.



Cut out the letters w/ my Cricut using balloon patterned paper and punched some stars out.

Big surprise that Son is a chocoholic like his parents. As soon as he left the house, baked a cake thanks to Bakerella. A chocolate cake with Reeses peanut butter cups in the cake and on top. YUM!




Bakerella’s cake had the sides covered w/ chopped peanut butter cups too but the top is enough let me tell you!


I also did a “build your own sundae” bar with ice cream, hot fudge, and assorted toppings. Since this all came together last minute, I used whatever I had on hand to decorate. I made a table runner out of brown kraft paper, and cut out HAPPY BIRTHDAY and the number 18 out of some more of the same paper I’d used for the banner.


You can put colored pencils and people can scribble birthday messages. I of course forgot to do that!



Sundae toppings: strawberries, almonds, mini chocolate chips, coconut , Reeses pieces, chopped peanut butter cups. Black and white votives to make it a little more “mature”.

The surprise went off without a hitch and we survived 10 teens loaded up on sugar. Still haven’t come to grips with having an 18 year old!

Friday, December 3, 2010


OK I'm a little out of control and Mr. Chocolate is afraid I'm going to hang a banner on him. But  since I was compelled to buy both packages of those Jolee's snowflake stickers I used for my Vintage-y Music-y ornaments, I couldn't just let them sit there right? 'Course not. So what surface wasn't yet adorned with a banner? A mirror in our bedroom! And since it came from the great Barn o Pottery, I decided to do a PB-esque banner.

To the craft cave! Oh did I mention I've been to Starbucks? Cut out the letters to spell PEACE on my Cricut using a metallic pewter cardstock. Cut out ovals using the same cart ( Plantin Schoolbook) from a vintage cream cardstock. Cut out slightly bigger ovals from white. Ran the white ovals through:

my 5" XYRON. This is a very versatile size XYRON if you're looking for something to put on your Christmas list. Glued the letters to the cream ovals using this which is part of the superfantabulous Elmer's/XACTO giveaway I won from Craft ENVy. It's a double sided glue pen with one side for wet bonding and the other for dry bonding! Oooh la la.
This allows better control of adhesive to things like letters because it works just like a pen. Some people go all squibbly over shoes or clothes. I go all squibbly over things like this. OK shoes and clothes too but I'm just sayin'.

Pulled the backing off the bigger ovals and stuck the smaller, lettered ovals on, then added one of the snowflake stickers to each letter:. You'll have a sticky edge left. I poured silver glitter on that, then attached to a cream ribbon using glue dots:
These stickers are REALLY detailed!
And here it is strung across our  mirror:
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Garland Kits

You're almost out of the woods of me mentioning this craft show I'm doing (If I sell 1 thing I'll be happy because I'm starting to panic!). I got this idea when I did a giveaway of my "Gratitude" banner and thought this might be something good for the show. And it really came together when I did the graphics for my "Framed Christmas Art" and liked the end result enough to play some more.

The colors aren't really showing up well in this pic but it's an olive-y green and burgundy combination. Here's a better look at one of the letters:
Each letter has a heart shaped ornament graphic which I embellished with gold adhesive rhinestones. Added dark garnet rhinestones to each letter which combines a sheet music graphic ( this one from within my graphics program but the others I'll show are from The Graphics Fairy) and mounted on green then black cardstock. Each "kit" includes tulle and embellished clothes pins. 
In addition to the "WISH" series, I did NOEL : 
Packaged in cello bags, black and natural cardstock

The letters that I used in my framed piece, and JOY: 
Can't see it so much, but the ruby cardstock used here is textured
I used a drop shadow effect on the letters for this one.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A "Banner" Crop of Gratitude with Tute

OK I've gone a little overboard on the banners. I think I'm done because I really need to be working on some more stuff for the craft show I'm doing later this month but I decided to do one more banner so here 'tis:
It's hard for me to get a good shot of the whole thing so here it is broken down into two parts:
Here's the tute:
Create letters of varying sizes ( you could use varying fonts too but I used the same one)
Print out on lightweight cardstock. I used cream. Cut out each letter and adhere to slightly larger black panel.
I used my Cricut (Accent Essentials cartridge) to cut out scalloped edge squares of patterned paper but you could use a large punch or decorative edge scissors to do to the same . Adhere to black cardstock:
Adhere your letters to your prepared panels using foam dots. I put every other letter at an angle because...I did ( you thought there was a plan?).

Grab some clothespins. I bought a ton when one of the Dollar Stores was going out of business. Use your patterned paper scraps to cover one side of your clothespins. Grab some embellishments. I used paper flowers, buttons, and adhesive rhinestones:
Plain clothespin, paper to fit, paper flower, button, completed pin ( OK minus rhinestone but you get the gist)
Once all of your clothespins are assembled, line them up and take a picture cause they're cute:
See, there are the rhinestones
Tulle has become my new favorite banner hanging thing. The rolls of it they sell with the wedding stuff not the kind on bolts in the fabric store. It's inexpensive, sturdy and and plus it's tulle. What's not to like?  Clip your letters to your tulle ( I roll it out as I go along so I know how much I need) and you're done! Here's a close up of one of the letters:
OK this is mostly because I am playing around w/ settings on my camera and figured out my color accent thingy
I don't know how to attach it but I did make a pdf of the letters so if you would like it, just email me.
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