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Friday, December 3, 2010


OK I'm a little out of control and Mr. Chocolate is afraid I'm going to hang a banner on him. But  since I was compelled to buy both packages of those Jolee's snowflake stickers I used for my Vintage-y Music-y ornaments, I couldn't just let them sit there right? 'Course not. So what surface wasn't yet adorned with a banner? A mirror in our bedroom! And since it came from the great Barn o Pottery, I decided to do a PB-esque banner.

To the craft cave! Oh did I mention I've been to Starbucks? Cut out the letters to spell PEACE on my Cricut using a metallic pewter cardstock. Cut out ovals using the same cart ( Plantin Schoolbook) from a vintage cream cardstock. Cut out slightly bigger ovals from white. Ran the white ovals through:

my 5" XYRON. This is a very versatile size XYRON if you're looking for something to put on your Christmas list. Glued the letters to the cream ovals using this which is part of the superfantabulous Elmer's/XACTO giveaway I won from Craft ENVy. It's a double sided glue pen with one side for wet bonding and the other for dry bonding! Oooh la la.
This allows better control of adhesive to things like letters because it works just like a pen. Some people go all squibbly over shoes or clothes. I go all squibbly over things like this. OK shoes and clothes too but I'm just sayin'.

Pulled the backing off the bigger ovals and stuck the smaller, lettered ovals on, then added one of the snowflake stickers to each letter:. You'll have a sticky edge left. I poured silver glitter on that, then attached to a cream ribbon using glue dots:
These stickers are REALLY detailed!
And here it is strung across our  mirror:
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Glittery Garland

I was on such a garland / banner kick for Thanksgiving that it shouldn't be a surprise that it's carried over to Christmas. I knew I wanted to change up my mantle this Christmas and had an idea to do an alpine / woodland theme with greens, browns, and whites. I also knew glitter would be involved so it would sparkle in the firelight. I was at Michaels and saw Martha's tinsel glitter but wasn't sure how much I would need and had something else I already wanted to use my 50% off coupon for and it was $9.99! Sorry Martha. Plan B. Found this stuff with the "kids" crafts for $2.99:

It's super lightweight and reminds me of shredded mylar. I cut out the letters to spell "BELIEVE" using my Cricut. I chose a mossy green cardstock for the letters and mounted them on panels I'd run through my XYRON adhesive machine. This let the letters stick as well as provided a sticky surface for the glitter.  Then I adhered the glitter panels to a panel of COLORBOK snowflake paper, brown metallic paper, and finally cream:
Of course I had to add some "bling" so put some clear and green rhinestones in the centers of the snowflakes
To finish things off, I covered clothespins with some coordinating green scraps I had leftover from a previous project and punched snowflakes from more scrap cardstock with a green rhinestone center:
The mantle's not done yet but here's the banner:

Now I need to figure out an alternative to Pottery Barn's $12 snow that I really want for my hurricane vase.
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