Saturday, January 15, 2011

Monster Love

The first batch of Valentines I made for the St. Jude Card Drive was very girly and I wanted to make sure I had some “guy” cards. I figured boys love monsters ( mine did when he was younger) so why not show them some Monster Love?

I didn’t have any monster stamps so I found a graphic in my PrintShop program. He was cute but I wanted to “Valentine him up” so the poor guy got enhanced with some lovely red lips ( the better to smooch you with my dear) and even though we know his heart is in there, I added one that everyone could see.
I wanted some more dimension so I went over the heart with red Stickles, and over the eyes with black.
Also created the sentiment in PrintShop.
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Cindy Adkins said...

Oh Carol,
These are adorable!! And how wonderful of you to make cards for St. Jude'!!!

Anonymous said...

Those definitely look boy-friendly! :) My brothers got monster cards for their birthday and I think also Valentine's Day when they were younger so I know what you mean.

Christine said...

These are so perfect for boys! The monsters are cute--I mean scary (I mean cute)!

lindalou said...

Agreed, these are perfect for boys. I love this idea.

Lori said...


The Autocrat: Haley said...

You "loved" him up nicely!!

JC's Loft said...

Oh that is too cute! I think I'm going to round up some card making supplies and sit down with Jake tomorrow and make some : ) Thanks for sharing.


Netty said...

These are such great fun, love them. Annette x

Michelle L. said...

Bwahhaha! The lips are so funny and CUTE to the max. What a great graphic refashion. Is there anything you can't do? Love these!