Thursday, October 10, 2019

BFF Open House

Hi all! It's been a "cluster" of a week and I'll just leave it at that but no features this week. We'll just jump straight to party. Hope you're all having a great week!! 

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Thursday, October 3, 2019

BFF Open House

Happy Friday Eve and Happy October all! I'm still learning the "seasons" here in the desert and we are in what I'm calling "Fall Spring" since it's cooled down but still lovely. Popping in stores is how I'm really reminded what time of year it is. 

Let's see some features from last week's party ! I love it when a plan I didn't know I had comes together. The features this week are a Dollar Tree bonanza! 

Love this gorgeous pumpkin makeover of a Dollar Tree pumpkin by Kippi At Home. So elegant and can stay up all Fall. 

This time of year starts my busiest card making season and like Linda from Paper Seedlings , I am always on the lookout for interesting materials to use on my cards. I literally laughed out loud when I saw this because I bought the same self adhesive rhinestone sheet (ok sheets) she used on her card, also from Dollar Tree! 

PINK VELVET pumpkins! Perfect in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month ( ladies, "check the girls"). Perfect for a new twist on Fall. Perfect because they're no sew. Lisa from Fresh Vintage by Lisa S will show you how to use a Dollar Tree foam pumpkin to make! 

Now let's see what all you creative people have been up to this week!

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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Black and White Wickedy Witch Wreath

Happy October! Yikes. But here we are. I actually had time to make something this weekend and had so much fun with it. Super easy and inexpensive and I'm really happy with it!

  • Wire Wreath Form ( Dollar Tree)
  • Recycled Packaging ( See below for description)
  • Tulle (on hand)
  • Ribbon ( Michaels 40% off, 2 rolls)
  • Halloween Picks (Michaels 40-60% off)
  • Hot Glue / Glue Gun

Don't ask me how my brain works. My family has tried and failed. It just does what it does, which is how I came up with the idea to use this "packaging stuff" that's used to protect things in shipping to pad my wreath which my brain decided needed to be done. That's it. I had a wire wreath form on hand from Dollar Tree and thought just wrapping it in ribbon the frame might show through so wanted to pad it before wrapping it in ribbon. 

I cut it in strips and then wrapped and glued it to the frame w/ hot glue. WARNING: I used to have a fancy glue gun then it broke and I've been using a really cheap little "one temp" one. You might want to use "low temp" if you use this material because it can melt. I recovered and kept at it but you've been warned!

Wrap and glue, wrap and glue, wrap and glue watch "SVU". 

I ended up not wrapping the whole thing because a couple of burned fingertips makes you lazy and I also figured that where I was going to put "stuff" didn't need to be padded.  You can see the difference it made though and I do like the padded part which is the exposed part of the wreath. Wrap with ribbon et voila. 

Once my wreath was ribbon wrapped ( say that three times fast) I made a six-loop bow from black tulle, tied the ends around the wreath, and secured with a couple of dots of hot glue. Using the second roll of ribbon, I made an eight-loop bow and glued down to the wreath. 

Then, assuming your puppy hasn't run off with your witch leg pick, remove the stems from the hat and legs and glue down and you're done. 

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Thursday, September 26, 2019

BFF Open House

YIKES! And I'm not saying that because Halloween season is upon us. It's because I realized yesterday that Christmas is 3 months away. 90 days people! It's go time makers. Also, Hanukkah starts on the 22nd so if you've thought to yourself all year about those fabulous handmade gifts you're making for it or for Christmas, "it's time to make the donuts". 

Let's see some ideas from last week's party! 

I love projects that use up bits and pieces from our stashes. This Artsy Owl from Fluster Buster is perfect for that! Gather up your bits and scraps and make a fun art piece. 

With more awareness of food allergies and sensitivities these days, you can signal that you have allergy friendly treats for Trick or Treaters by having a teal pumpkin on display. Check out this idea from Olivia Ohern.

This is a great lighted sign idea from Chas's Crazy Creations. She found a $5 canvas and added the lights and it totally transforms things. 

If you are into football then this project is perfect for you! Look at this cute DIY Football Inspired Candlestick. So cute! From DIY Party Mom

Now, let's see what everyone's been up to this week! 

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

BFF Open House

Happy Friday Eve all! Back after a wonderful Anniversary-Birthday celebration last week at Disneyland. Big kids that we are we had a BLAST and it's so special this time of year with both Disneyland and California Adventure completely decorated for Halloween. Will put a post up w/ pics once I've had a chance to go through them all! 

Let's take a look at some great ideas shared at last week's party. 

After last week, I'm in full on Halloween mode and LOVE this mirror from Unique Creations by Anita. She really thought outside the box on this one and love the metallic paint on the hands, spiders, and frame. 

Continuing with Halloween, no season is complete without a trip to the Dollar Store and Olivia from Olivia Ohern Graphic Design came up with a very cool project using supplies from guess where? 

Black and white are my signature colors so this wreath from Kippi At Home  deinitely caught my eye. Is it bad when you already own some of that ribbon?!

Finally, "get in my belly" was my immediate reaction to these brownies from Oh Mrs. Tucker. I promise I'm not sitting here drooling all over my keyboard. Maybe. 

OK let's see what everyone's been up to this week! 

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

BFF Open House

Happy Friday eve all! I'm off playing with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy etc. and eating way too much so no features this week. Hope everyone's having a good one and let's see what everyone's been up to! 

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Thursday, September 5, 2019

BFF Open House

Happy September and Friday eve all! Yikes. S E P T E M B E R?! How'd that happen? I won't lie, I'm ready for Fall ( or as much Fall as we get here in the desert). I hope that everyone who's been in ( or still in ) the path of Dorian is safe. 

Let's get excited for Fall with some great project ideas from last week's party shall we? 

Some craft and home dec trends come and go but one thing that will remain timeless is book-page crafting, and this Book Page Pumpkin from The Organized Dream is no exception. I love things like this that can be up from now through Thanksgiving and are beautiful plain or spritzed w/ a little seasonal color. 

You don't have to have a Pumpkin Patch to have a Pumpkin Patch sign and you will never guess what these started out as. From Fresh Vintage by Lisa S

How cute is this Acorn Sign from Olivia Ohern, made from supplies from the Dollar Store! 

Finally, I couldn't resist this Coffee Chocolate and Peanut Butter Smoothie from Cooking with Ewa. YUM! 

Now let's see what everyone's been up to this week! 

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