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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ringing Out 2013 With Thanks and A Look Back

I'm still not sure how the heck it got to be New Year's Eve 2013 already. Blink and a year goes by it seems. As with all years in our lives there are somethings I will be more than glad to say goodbye to in 2013 but thankfully much more I'll look back on with fond memories.

First a thanks to all who continue to hang around my little corner of the blogosphere. When I started blogging almost four years ago, I had no idea what I was doing ( not sure that still isn't the case) or where it would lead. I've seen some of the blogs that started out when I did come and go; others take off into huge blogs; others remain, like me the tortoise and not the hare: slow(er) and steady. I think I'm just fine with that pace.

I've had some amazing opportunities to work with incredible brands and sponsors. Definitely want to continue that into the New Year. I've shared laughs and some tears with readers and definitely want to continue the laughs in the New Year but life being what it is, there will be some tears and those are easier to bear when shared. I've been honored beyond measure to have some of my work featured at blogs like homework, Someday Crafts, and curated sites like LooksiSquare.

It was fun to take a look back at some of the posts that resonated with my readers in 2013 and sharing some of them here. Again, thank you for being part of the chocolate fueled fun here at The Answer Is Chocolate. I hope you find a reason to continue in 2014! Happy New Year chocoholic friends.

Top Posts of 2013: 

I love playing with coffee filters and in January made this "medium time" coffee filter wreath which resonated with readers:

Still one of my favorite projects ever, this one was popular with readers too: Eggshells Under Glass

The most viewed project of 2013 was this silkscreened box and votive ( thank you Plaid and Blueprint Social):

Some jewelry projects were popular too like this copper and silver birds nest necklace and bracelet: 

and another post that gave me an opportunity to work with Plaid, Martha Stewart, and The Blueprint Social:

Halloween crafting is one of my absolute favorites and you also liked these projects: 


Glitter Finish Stars and Pumpkin using Martha's new decoupage finishes.

You also liked these painted appetizer plates made as a Hanukkah gift for a friend ( she liked them too!)  and most recently, these little bleached bottlebrush trees were a hit. 

Wishing you all a very Happy and safe New Year's Eve. Looking forward to more fun in 2014!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Catching Fire Inspired Halloween Costume

Catching Fire Halloween

We are going out this Halloween for the first time since…ever I think. At least since before College Boy came along. 

Add to that  my excitement about the next “Hunger Games” movie “Catching Fire” coming out next month and I had an idea for my costume.  Unfortunately, the thing that gave me the idea proved the most elusive. Cover Girl cosmetics created a whole line called “The Capitol Collection” that I have been unable to find in stores. Nonetheless, I had this in my head ( and sorry CG, found some other makeup).

Normally, I’m all about black and white, or neutrals including neutral metallics. But it’s Halloween right? So I am going for color. I’m doing my own variation of the look on the right. My only dilemma was that in the Hunger Games trilogy The Capitol are the bad guys. But despite being called The Capitol Collection the actual looks honor each of the districts from the story who are the underdogs. Yes, I am a grown woman and I read this series! Don't judge.

Inspired by the colors of District 4 ( right picture) I went into my craft stash to see what I could come up with. In my Blue Moon Bead design team supplies I laid eyes on these:

Blue Moon Halloween

Fun blue beads, turquoise and greens and gold leaf charms. Without a specific pattern in mind I just kind of played around and strung them on a choker, hen added some brightly colored variegated ribbon.

Catching Fire Choker

I made a matching bracelet using memory wire and more of the beads, leaves, and ribbon and of course had to make a matching pair of earrings!

Catching Fire Bracelet Earrings

I also went into my closet and grabbed a shirt that had seen better days and sprayed it with blue and gold metallic glitter paint.

Catching Fire Halloween

Planning to wear with a black skirt and boots. If the makeup idea works out you may see pictures. If not, this never happened!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Winged Hearts Hammered Metal Necklace Giveaway

Blue Moon Beads Silver Pink and Gold

Being a member of the Blue Moon Beads design team , I am always excited when I receive supplies to play with. The timing was perfect on my most recent goodies which included some pink stone beads. I knew immediately that I wanted to make something in recognition of “Pinktober” being Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I don’t know anyone whose life hasn’t been touched in some way by this disease. Whether as a survivor, family member of a survivor, friend, colleague, neighbor, I really cannot think of anyone I know who hasn’t known someone. This month marks four years since we lost one of our closest friends to this disease and we miss her every day.

Blue Moon Hammered Metals

I did what I always do with a jewelry project. Laid out a bunch of things I might use and just kind of went from there. I knew for sure that in addition to the pink stone beads and silver chain, I wanted to use the gold and silver hammered metal connectors. All supplies used in this project are from Blue Moon Beads and were provided to me as part of the design team.  Project idea is mine.

Blue Moon Winged Pendant

They went perfectly with a gold and silvered “Winged Heart” pendant from my Blue Moon stash.

Blue Moon Metal Chain

I laid out sections of the chain and metal connectors and then wire wrapped some of the pink beads using gold bead caps and silver spacer beads.

Blue Moon Pink

Connected those to the lengths of chain using silver jump rings, and added some to the pendant as shown above, along with a rectangular rhinestone pendant and some lengths of chain.

Blue Moon Metal and Stone

The clasp is really two oversize lobster claw heart clasps. I wanted to tie the idea of hearts and wings together to match the pendant. We think of our friend soaring above us, and we carry her in our hearts.

Winged Heart Necklace

Our sweet friend was one of the most giving people we’ve ever known. So I thought it would be appropriate to give away this necklace in her memory. It just seems right. Here’s how to enter:

Giveaway will run through next Wednesday and the winner announced at next week's BFF Open House. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Dangers of Being a Jewelry Maker: You Make A Necklace Because It's a Day That Ends in Y

Or, because you're going to a craft show. Or, because you are on a Design Team and you get amazing supplies to play with. Or, all of the above!

There's a twice a year show in Seattle called Urban Craft Uprising. It's filled with lots of indie artists and craftspeople and I'd never been. So Mr. Chocolate and I went to check it out last weekend, and naturally I couldn't go to something like that without making something fun and new to wear right? I looked at my Blue Moon Beads design team supplies and pulled out some urban metal pieces and coordinating beads

The focal piece was this antique gold connector strand. I used most of it in one piece but disconnected two of the links. I also used cream tear drop beads and pyrite stone beads along with some antique silver chain. 

I strung the pyrite and teardrop beads onto a length of beading wire, attached to my metal focal piece with jump rings, and also added two other connector pieces. One hammered metal ovals and the other metal dangly thingies.  

I also added these metal filigree beads since they went well with the theme. Attached the multi strand middle to lengths of antiqued silver chain to complete and vi-ola. 

The event was held at the Seattle Center. This is where our iconic landmark is: The Space Needle

Of course I go to a craft show and what do I buy? Chocolate. Really delicious toffee that is locally made by Hedgehog Toffee

The story behind them will melt your heart as much as their yummy chocolate melted in my mouth! We bought that medium sized bag on the left. ALL gone. YUM. It's a real treat to support a local company that gives back to our community. 

This was my first time at UCU and there were great PNW artisans there. I can't wait to go back for their holiday show! 

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kiwi Turquoise and Silver Chain Necklace

Blue Moon Beads Kiwi and Teal Necklace

I recently received some design team supplies from Blue Moon Beads. Disclosure: I am a member of the Blue Moon Beads design team and receive supplies to use but no compensation. All designs and opinions are my own

Included in my supplies was a connector piece with metal beads that I fell in love with and immediately wanted to play with. I had a birthday present to come up with and the colors were perfect.
Blue Moon Beads Kiwi and Teal

Using the metal connector strand as the focal, I chose some coordinating beads from my supplies. I really liked the kiwi and turquoise combination against the silver.

I left the connector strand as one piece and then used beading wire to make double sided wire wraps from the kiwi, turquoise and stone colored beads.

Blue Moon Beads and Chain

Using oval jump rings , I connected these pieces to lengths of antique silver chain until I had a length equal to my connector strand. I added an additional strand of the silver chain and connected the three strands together with  jump rings which I connected to two heart shaped lobster claw clasps:
Blue Moon Beads Silver Kiwi Teal

Blue Moon Beads Blues and Greens

I had some leftover beads and realized they went well with some other beads I had in my stash, so I made a matching bracelet and earrings to go with the necklace.

Blue Moon Beads Silver Kiwi Teal

The bracelet is on stretchy cord and I used the kiwi, turquoise, and stone beads along with a large green focal bead. For the earrings, I used the stone and turquoise beads along with silver bead caps. All supplies by Blue Moon Beads. Most supplies should be available at JoAnn Stores.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Turquoise and Toffee Multi Strand Necklace and Bracelet

Toffee and Turqoise Necklace and Bracelet

I wear a LOT of black. I laughed when during one of the “Dark Knight” movies, Morgan Freeman’s character turned to Bruce Wayne and said “ Yes Mr. Wayne, it comes in black”. College Boy looked at me like “uh huh”. Consequently, I also wear a lot of black and silver jewelry. I guess that also means I'm Batman.

I decided to challenge myself both creatively and stylistically and reached into my stash of Blue Moon Beads from my Design Team supplies and my eye fell on some turquoise beads along with a bead mix of turquoise and toffee. Inspiration!

Blue Moon Beads Toffee and Turqoise 1

I used a ribbon necklace and antique silver chain as my base and then strung different beads on stringing wire, closing each end with crimp beads.

Blue Moon Beads Toffee and Turquoise 2

I just eyeballed where I wanted the strung bead sections and attached them to the chain using jump rings. No real plan involved.

Toffee and Turquoise Necklace

When that was done, I was staring at a big pile of turqoise seed beads and have been wanting to make a multi-strand bracelet so I did.

Toffee and Turquoise Bracelet 1

I cut five pieces of stringing wire the same length and put a crimp bead on one end of each strand.

Toffee and Turqoise Seed Bead Bracelet

Then I gathered all of the crimped ends and ran a piece of beading wire through each loop, twisting the ends of the wire together to hold them.  Strung a mix of seed beads and other beads onto each strand, closed with another crimp bead , gathered the ends with a piece of wire and then ran the wire through copper bead cones and made a wrapped loop.  I joined both “cone ends” with jump rings.

Multi Strand Seed Bead Bracelet

Your cone bead will cover those ugly ends.
Toffee and Turquoise Bracelet Closeup

Turquoise and Toffee

Now I'm craving some dark chocolate covered toffee!

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