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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Handmade Gifts: Leather Earring Ensemble

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is getting some rest now that the chaos is over! Sharing a project  I couldn't share before Christmas since it was a gift for my Mom.  She is what my son calls a "stylish Grandma" and loves to be fully accessorized and coordinated. 

I was busy in my workshop so didn't take a lot of pictures along the way. You never know where you will find supplies. I'd gone w/ my husband to a place he wanted to go, and lo and behold they had bags of leather scraps they were giving away for FREE! He mentioned to the guy working there "she's a crafter" to which the kind man said "oh then take two" so I have two bags of amazing leather scraps. 

I trimmed two pieces into leaf shapes for the earrings,  gold leafed 1/2 of each, punched a small hole at the top and added a strand of beads .

I used the beads from the same package ( a bead mix I picked up at Shipwreck Beads) (one of my favorite bead places in the world) to make the coordinating bracelet and pendant.  The bracelet is strung on Stretchy Cord. 

My habit of  "stash collecting" (aka picking things up with no particular project in mind) paid off because I had this antique gold pendant base in my jewelry making supplies and added more beads from the same collection to it along with pieces of coordinating chain. 

Happy to say that she loved all the pieces! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Dangers of Being a Jewelry Maker: You Make A Necklace Because It's a Day That Ends in Y

Or, because you're going to a craft show. Or, because you are on a Design Team and you get amazing supplies to play with. Or, all of the above!

There's a twice a year show in Seattle called Urban Craft Uprising. It's filled with lots of indie artists and craftspeople and I'd never been. So Mr. Chocolate and I went to check it out last weekend, and naturally I couldn't go to something like that without making something fun and new to wear right? I looked at my Blue Moon Beads design team supplies and pulled out some urban metal pieces and coordinating beads

The focal piece was this antique gold connector strand. I used most of it in one piece but disconnected two of the links. I also used cream tear drop beads and pyrite stone beads along with some antique silver chain. 

I strung the pyrite and teardrop beads onto a length of beading wire, attached to my metal focal piece with jump rings, and also added two other connector pieces. One hammered metal ovals and the other metal dangly thingies.  

I also added these metal filigree beads since they went well with the theme. Attached the multi strand middle to lengths of antiqued silver chain to complete and vi-ola. 

The event was held at the Seattle Center. This is where our iconic landmark is: The Space Needle

Of course I go to a craft show and what do I buy? Chocolate. Really delicious toffee that is locally made by Hedgehog Toffee

The story behind them will melt your heart as much as their yummy chocolate melted in my mouth! We bought that medium sized bag on the left. ALL gone. YUM. It's a real treat to support a local company that gives back to our community. 

This was my first time at UCU and there were great PNW artisans there. I can't wait to go back for their holiday show! 

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Key To My Heart Wall Art

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Key To My Heart Valentine's

I love it when a plan you didn’t have comes together! But first...if you're looking for the BFF Open House link party, it's still going on right here . Great ideas to check out and link up your own.

So. I had this big antique metal key in my stash and wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it and then I was going through my stamp stash and ba-da-bing.

Key To My Heart Tag

The stamp has the sentiment that brought everything together but more on that later.

I had this fantastic black and white glass heart in my Blue Moon Beads design team materials. LOVED it from moment I saw it but wanted to save it for just the right thing.

Blue Moon Beads Antique Gold

I pulled it out along with some antique gold chain, findings, and this metal tassel pendant. All by Blue Moon.

Blue Moon Metal Tassle

I attached pieces of a toggle clasp from the findings package to two lengths of chain and glued them to the back of my key.

Blue Mean Antique Gold Chain

Metal Key Blue Moon Chain

While that was setting, I worked on my focal point. Using the glass heart, metal pendant, another key from my stash, some ribbons and an antique book ring ( 7 Gypsies) I just kind of played around until I liked the result. This involved more findings from the same package.

Blue Moon Glass Heart

Key To My Heart Focal

I tied my focal to the book ring and then the book ring to the chain and finished up with some strips of leftover drop cloth. And now we’re back to the tag using the stamp that started it all.

Key To My Heart Tag

Small manila tag, dusted and swiped with Distress Ink ( antique linen) with a scrap of leftover paper and a piece of washi tape. I  debated about saving this to give Mr. C. for Valentine’s Day but decided I wanted to look at it now. It’s hanging in our bedroom where we both can see it. From the moment I got this key he’s claimed it as his. Well who knew he was right? ‘Cause he does hold the key to my heart.

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