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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ringing Out 2013 With Thanks and A Look Back

I'm still not sure how the heck it got to be New Year's Eve 2013 already. Blink and a year goes by it seems. As with all years in our lives there are somethings I will be more than glad to say goodbye to in 2013 but thankfully much more I'll look back on with fond memories.

First a thanks to all who continue to hang around my little corner of the blogosphere. When I started blogging almost four years ago, I had no idea what I was doing ( not sure that still isn't the case) or where it would lead. I've seen some of the blogs that started out when I did come and go; others take off into huge blogs; others remain, like me the tortoise and not the hare: slow(er) and steady. I think I'm just fine with that pace.

I've had some amazing opportunities to work with incredible brands and sponsors. Definitely want to continue that into the New Year. I've shared laughs and some tears with readers and definitely want to continue the laughs in the New Year but life being what it is, there will be some tears and those are easier to bear when shared. I've been honored beyond measure to have some of my work featured at blogs like homework, Someday Crafts, and curated sites like LooksiSquare.

It was fun to take a look back at some of the posts that resonated with my readers in 2013 and sharing some of them here. Again, thank you for being part of the chocolate fueled fun here at The Answer Is Chocolate. I hope you find a reason to continue in 2014! Happy New Year chocoholic friends.

Top Posts of 2013: 

I love playing with coffee filters and in January made this "medium time" coffee filter wreath which resonated with readers:

Still one of my favorite projects ever, this one was popular with readers too: Eggshells Under Glass

The most viewed project of 2013 was this silkscreened box and votive ( thank you Plaid and Blueprint Social):

Some jewelry projects were popular too like this copper and silver birds nest necklace and bracelet: 

and another post that gave me an opportunity to work with Plaid, Martha Stewart, and The Blueprint Social:

Halloween crafting is one of my absolute favorites and you also liked these projects: 


Glitter Finish Stars and Pumpkin using Martha's new decoupage finishes.

You also liked these painted appetizer plates made as a Hanukkah gift for a friend ( she liked them too!)  and most recently, these little bleached bottlebrush trees were a hit. 

Wishing you all a very Happy and safe New Year's Eve. Looking forward to more fun in 2014!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jewelry Making With Plaid and Martha Stewart. I'm In Love!

Martha Stewart Rhinestone  Necklace
This post is sponsored by Plaid , Martha Stewart Crafts, and The Blueprint Social. Projects and opinions are my own.

When I heard that Plaid was launching a Martha Stewart Jewelry line, I was excited. When I had the opportunity to get to play with products from this new line, there was no living with me. I camped out at the front door waiting for Mr. FedEx man. Martha and jewelry? This could only be phenomenal.  The only thing missing was chocolate.

Martha Stewart Jewelry Supplies

Let’s start with the amazing variety and choices in this new line. Whether you’re a new jewelry maker or an experienced one, there’s something for you. Findings, chains, beads, charms, rhinestones, bails, bezels, tools. Two of the most exciting new products are the jewelry glazes and enamel paints.

You can make your own very elegant enamel charms in a variety of colors.  There are also  epoxy clays and silicone molds to make even more components. I had to start somewhere (this was the hardest part!) so I decided to play with the jewelry glaze.

Martha Stewart Glazed Charms

I covered two of the silver charms with  Ivory jewelry glaze. To apply it, squeeze a little glaze onto the silicone mat then stipple it onto the charm. This little silicone mat is genius! Works with the jewelry glaze and the enamel paints and cleans up easily.

Martha Stewart Pearl Glaze

I wanted a vintage look so I wiped a bit of the Ivory glaze off with a clean dry rag but if you want a more contemporary opaque look, just don't wipe away the glaze. After about an hour’s drying time , I went over the Ivory with a coat of the Light Gold glaze.

While my glaze was drying, I played with a couple different sizes of the rhinestones and settings, using the Martha Stewart jewelry glue to secure the rhinestones.There are two different kinds of settings; pronged and glue in. I used the 3MM and 6MM hematite colored rhinestones and settings .  I've mentioned before that I'm really sensitive to strong fumes and smells. The jewelry glue didn't bother me at all.

Martha Stewart 3MM Rhinestones

Martha Stewart Gold Glaze

I used two types of silver chain that came in my supplies, connecting the rhinestone components with jump rings to sections of one of the chain and using the other chain in its entirety. I made a pendant out of one of the glazed charms and rhinestones and used the other glazed charm (with chain I had on hand) to make a matching bracelet.
Martha Stewart Glazed Pendant Project

Martha Stewart Jewelry Glazed Necklace

The rhinestones come in a variety of colors and sizes and coordinate with other beads in the line. 

Martha Stewart Jewelry Glaze Bracelet

There are endless possibilities with these products, limited only by your imagination. You can check out the full line of products (available exclusively at Michaels) and get some other ideas here: 

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And be on the lookout because other creative bloggers will be sharing their Martha Stewart Jewelry creations too.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mod Podgeables Mixed Metal Necklace

Mod Podgeables Necklace

It is no secret that I’m a bit of a Mod Podge maniac. You might recall I recently shared the amazingly generous shipment of Mod Podge products from Plaid featuring some of the newest additions to the Mod Podge product line. In case you don’t here’s a refresher:

Mod Podge Haul 

I love making jewelry and I love bold, chunky jewelry but sometimes it can turn out heavier than I planned. 

Problem solved with  the new acrylic podgeable shapes,  podgeable papers and tracing templates that coordinate with the shapes of the podgeables. 

The hardest part was choosing which papers to use!

Podgeables Collage 3

I went with an “industrial chic” design, using papers from the Classic and Romance stacks. The papers are wonderful because they’re double sided so it’s like having two papers in one!

Necklace Mod Podgeables

I used my new favorite Mod Podge formula, Antique Matte, to adhere the papers to the podgeables. The tracing templates make it easy to cut your shapes exactly to match, and depending on your selection of punches, you may have some that are the perfect shape and size.

Place Trace Cut

Apply your MP to your paper, adhere to your podgeable and let dry.

While these pieces were drying, I had fun with the new metallic Dimensional Magic. If you’re afraid of trying resins, try Dimensional Magic. The metallic DM has little flecks of glitter that float in it.

I  had some charms in my stash that I filled with silver DM and self adhesive rhinestones. The DM comes out opaque and dries clear so the glitter shows through.


Here are my charms as they were drying. 

Podgeables Collage

I had so much fun with this. With all of the formulas, there’s something for just about any kind of project you can think of.

I want to thank the folks at Plaid and The Blueprint Social for the opportunity to have so much fun doing what I enjoy with products I absolutely love. Sponsored post? Yes. Opinions? All mine!

Mixed Metal Podgeables Necklace

Plaid is celebrating the 45 anniversary of Mod Podge, and Michaels is carrying the new additions to the MP family. You can visit also Plaid on Facebook here and Twitter here.

And you can see more wonderful projects here

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Mod Podge A Palooza!

Mod Podge Collection

I’m so excited to have been selected to participate in a Mod Podge campaign sponsored by Plaid and The Blue Print Social. I’ll be posting my project later this month, but I’m bursting at the seams with excitement being able to share the goodies I get to play with. I was worse than a kid at Christmas or their Birthday waiting for the Fed Ex man to arrive.

I was even singing a “Come on Mr. Fed Ex Man” song that convinced my dog that I’d lost it more than she  usually thinks I have. And NO I will not be performing that for anyone but the dog.  Saturday was THE day!
There are so many fun things in this stash including some new products that should be popping up at Michaels if not there already.

Mod Podge Products

Can you say metallic (Glitter Silver and Gold)  Dimensional Magic? Ohhhhhhh my. And a new Antique Matte finish for vintage-ing stuff up? Yes thank you!  Podgeable papers? Swoon! 

I’m going to be a Podge-maniac! OK I'm going to be more Podge-maniacal than I already am. 


I actually screamed and squealed when I opened the box and my husband and son thought I’d fallen down or something. The dog however, just looked at me like “Not again”.  Hmmm wonder if I can Mod Podge her? Just kidding PETA people! She’s quite used to my outbursts and I love her as much as chocolate and Mod Podge. 

Stay tuned!!