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Monday, January 5, 2015

Foiled Turquoise Glass and Silver: Earrings and Pendant

BMB Turq and Silver Earrings

My favorite repeat “customer”, College Boy, placed another order with me for some jewelry. This time for a birthday present for one of his besties.  Based on the colors he told me she likes, I chose this turquoise and silver color combo from my Design Team stash of Blue Moon Beads.
  • 7 inch glass bead strand (8MM foiled turquoise beads)
  • 12 inch metal spacer strand ( silver beads)
  • 14 inch metal connector strand
  • Silver chain, clasp
  • Jump rings
BMB Turq and Silver

For the earrings, I strung the glass beads onto head pins, and made wire wrapped loops to close. For each of the earring bead clusters, I made one longer piece using the silver spacer beads in addition to the glass beads. You’ll end up with 5 pieces per earring. One silver / glass combo piece and four other glass bead only pieces. I attached these to two large chain links using jump rings.

BMB Turq and Silver Earrings
Using another jump ring, attach your ear wire.
For the pendant, I used a portion of the metal connector strand along with another glass and silver bead combo on a head pin. SImilar to the earrings, I doubled large links and attached the pendant with jump rings and added some leftover metal chain:

BMB Turq and Silver Pendant

I made two more double wrapped loop pieces using the turquoise beads which I used to join two different types of chain to complete the necklace.

BMB Turq and Silver Earrings

While these supplies were provided to me as part of my participation in the Blue Moon Bead design team, project ideas are my own. Blue Moon beads can be found at JoAnn stores nationwide along with other craft retailers.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Turquoise and Toffee Multi Strand Necklace and Bracelet

Toffee and Turqoise Necklace and Bracelet

I wear a LOT of black. I laughed when during one of the “Dark Knight” movies, Morgan Freeman’s character turned to Bruce Wayne and said “ Yes Mr. Wayne, it comes in black”. College Boy looked at me like “uh huh”. Consequently, I also wear a lot of black and silver jewelry. I guess that also means I'm Batman.

I decided to challenge myself both creatively and stylistically and reached into my stash of Blue Moon Beads from my Design Team supplies and my eye fell on some turquoise beads along with a bead mix of turquoise and toffee. Inspiration!

Blue Moon Beads Toffee and Turqoise 1

I used a ribbon necklace and antique silver chain as my base and then strung different beads on stringing wire, closing each end with crimp beads.

Blue Moon Beads Toffee and Turquoise 2

I just eyeballed where I wanted the strung bead sections and attached them to the chain using jump rings. No real plan involved.

Toffee and Turquoise Necklace

When that was done, I was staring at a big pile of turqoise seed beads and have been wanting to make a multi-strand bracelet so I did.

Toffee and Turquoise Bracelet 1

I cut five pieces of stringing wire the same length and put a crimp bead on one end of each strand.

Toffee and Turqoise Seed Bead Bracelet

Then I gathered all of the crimped ends and ran a piece of beading wire through each loop, twisting the ends of the wire together to hold them.  Strung a mix of seed beads and other beads onto each strand, closed with another crimp bead , gathered the ends with a piece of wire and then ran the wire through copper bead cones and made a wrapped loop.  I joined both “cone ends” with jump rings.

Multi Strand Seed Bead Bracelet

Your cone bead will cover those ugly ends.
Toffee and Turquoise Bracelet Closeup

Turquoise and Toffee

Now I'm craving some dark chocolate covered toffee!

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Blue Moon Beads Urban Warrior Chain and Pearl Necklace

Urban Warrior Pearls and Pendants

Blue Moon Beads has a line that was made just for me! It’s called “Urban Warrior” and while I’m a suburbanite and definitely not warrior like, the pieces this line includes are 100% me. Bold metals in antiqued gold, silver, and copper. Chunky chains and funky elements. Very Industrial Chic. Just stole my heart. I’m sharing my latest design team project made using this line.

Blue Moon Antique Gold

These are some of the supplies I used. You can find the Urban Warrior line and other BMB supplies at JoAnn's.

I don’t have pierced ears but when I looked at the ear wires I decided I could easily straighten them out and use them as eye pins. So I did. As much in love as I am with the metal pieces, I used light bronze glass pearls to contrast the industrial look with a completely opposite effect.

Blue Moon Urban Warrior Closeup

I used my straightened ear wires turned eye pins to string the pearls, and attached gold and metal pendant pieces  to heavy gold chain with silver jump rings.

Urban Warrior Metal Teardrop

I attached the chain to a multi strand waxed cotton thread necklace with large connector rings.

Blue Moon Beads Connectors

PS This week's BFF Open House link party is still going strong here

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