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Monday, September 8, 2014

Halloween Gothic and Glam: Skulls and Bows Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet

Skull and Bows

With Halloween approaching  and the return of one of my guilty pleasure TV series  “Sons of Anarchy” , I was inspired to make some fun gothic jewelry. My real life couldn't be further from what happens on the show but I do have some things in common with the female characters style: B L I N G.  I love it when worlds collide.

Included in  my Blue Moon Bead design team supplies (all supplies are Blue Moon Beads ; design is my own)  were strands of black and clear crystal beads with rhinestone skulls.  Also included were silver filigree bow beads.

BMB Skulls and Beads

My photography skills don’t do the details justice but these are the perfect combination of gothic and girly , bold and bling.

Bow and Skull Earrings

For the earrings I strung a glass bead, skull bead and bow bead on a head pin and attached to pendant pieces. These are non-pierced earrings so I glued clip findings to the back of the pendants.

Bow and Skull Bracelet

For the bracelet, I used stretchy cord,  two of the clear rhinestone skull beads , one of the bow beads and alternating black and clear crystal beads.

Skull and Bows Necklace

For the necklace ( choker length) I used two different chains, more of the pendants made the same way as the earrings and then clear and black beads on head pins attached directly to the links with jump rings.

Blue Moon Beads can be found at your local JoAnns.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Copper and Blue Tassel Necklace and Teardrop Earrings

Blue Moon Copper and Blue

I’ve been on a blue kick lately. Sharing this birthday present I made using copper chain and shades of blue beads. All supplies are from Blue Moon Beads for which I am a design team member. Design is my own.

Copper and Blue Necklace

The necklace is a single woven chain in hues of copper with a little silver so I used silver jump rings and silver rimmed blue beads throughout along with copper and light blue tinted pearl embellished charms.

Blue and Copper Pendant

The pendant is a combination of the copper and pear charms, the blue beads, and extra chain.

Blue Moon Blue and Copper Earrings

For the earrings, I used the same light blue beads from the necklace along with teardrop glass beads in variegated shades of blue.

BMB Copper and Blue

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Celtic Inspired Multi-Strand Necklace

Celtic Multi Strand Necklace 1

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up , I thought make something I could wear to celebrate but that would also fit in my wardrobe overall. I’ve always love Celtic jewelry  so the combination of a filigree multi-strand clasp, antique gold and silver chains and moss and cream flat backed beads is my attempt at capturing the feel. All supplies in this project are from Blue Moon Beads. You will need:
  • Multi strand clasps
  • Gold and Silver chain
  • Flat back pearlescent acrylic beads
  • Jump rings
Blue Moon Flat Back Pearl

I joined the flat backed beads back to back with jump rings. I wanted a bolder bead and this way if they flip around there’s no bad side. I added short lengths of chain in between alternating cream and green beads with jump rings. Cut lengths of chain equal to the beaded pieces . Join all to two of the clasps.
Celtic Chain Necklace

I added a couple more of my back to back bead sets to the ends of the clasps and then equal lengths of chain to complete the necklace.

Celtic Multi Strand Necklace

Celtic Inspired Necklace

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Resin Bead Statement Necklace and Bracelet

I'm excited to continue as a member of the Blue Moon Beads design team in 2014. Even before I became part of the DT last year, I loved their products because the are affordable, easy to work with, and you can't beat the variety. 

I fell in love with these flat back resin beads. They look like sparkling crystals but are very light weight. I used a combination of the resin beads, stone beads and silver chain to make the necklace and bracelet and got focused on what I was doing and neglected to take step by step photos. 

Basically string a stone bead a resin bead and another stone bead on wire and made wrapped loops on either end. After making a series of these, I joined them together with jump rings, and then joined the focal piece to chain on either end. 

I used lengths of different chain to complete the necklace, adding chain on the top and bottom of the resin focal piece. 

I used leftover beads and chain to make a coordinating bracelet. Wire wrapped the big beads , linked with jump rings and then strung stone beads on head pins and attached those to the joining links. 

I'm excited to see that bold jewelry is still the trend and that Blue Moon is right on top of it. Blue Moon Beads are available at JoAnns and other craft stores. 

Disclosure: As a member of the Blue Moon Beads design team, I was provided with supplies used in this project. All designs and opinions are my own. 

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kiwi Turquoise and Silver Chain Necklace

Blue Moon Beads Kiwi and Teal Necklace

I recently received some design team supplies from Blue Moon Beads. Disclosure: I am a member of the Blue Moon Beads design team and receive supplies to use but no compensation. All designs and opinions are my own

Included in my supplies was a connector piece with metal beads that I fell in love with and immediately wanted to play with. I had a birthday present to come up with and the colors were perfect.
Blue Moon Beads Kiwi and Teal

Using the metal connector strand as the focal, I chose some coordinating beads from my supplies. I really liked the kiwi and turquoise combination against the silver.

I left the connector strand as one piece and then used beading wire to make double sided wire wraps from the kiwi, turquoise and stone colored beads.

Blue Moon Beads and Chain

Using oval jump rings , I connected these pieces to lengths of antique silver chain until I had a length equal to my connector strand. I added an additional strand of the silver chain and connected the three strands together with  jump rings which I connected to two heart shaped lobster claw clasps:
Blue Moon Beads Silver Kiwi Teal

Blue Moon Beads Blues and Greens

I had some leftover beads and realized they went well with some other beads I had in my stash, so I made a matching bracelet and earrings to go with the necklace.

Blue Moon Beads Silver Kiwi Teal

The bracelet is on stretchy cord and I used the kiwi, turquoise, and stone beads along with a large green focal bead. For the earrings, I used the stone and turquoise beads along with silver bead caps. All supplies by Blue Moon Beads. Most supplies should be available at JoAnn Stores.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Silver and White Multi-Strand Necklaces

Blue Moon Silver and White

Global Nomad

I sent these back to school with College boy as gifts from me to two of his friends who like my stuff and have asked me about an Etsy shop ( someday!).

For both of these I used supplies from my Blue Moon Beads design team stash, along with some other beads I had on hand. Long before I was on the BMB design team, I was a huge fan and regularly picked up their products on my forays into the craft stores.

Blue Moon Beads Chain

I laid out the basics I would use. Silver and pearl chain, crystal cup chain, findings,

Blue Moon Butterflies and Insects

Global Nomad Pendant

I used the oval shaped jump rings from the Butterflies and Insects pack since they went with the elongated shape of this pendant piece. The pendant piece is from a BDT ( before design team) purchase. Using more oval jump rings, I attached wire wrapped beads to the pendant piece ( opalite and crystal)

Blue Moon Opalite Pendant

Blue Moon Opalite Pendant

I combined a couple types of chain and then added the pendant using more jump rings.

Blue Moon Silver and White

For the second necklace, I used a pre-strung BMB silver and pearl chain, antique silver chain and a pearlescent glass necklace, all joined together with a jump ring and again using the Butterflies and Insects jump rings, connected a pendant I made from opalite, crystal and a Blue Moon Beads cup chain pendant.

Blue Moon Silver and White

I figured this silver and white color combo was one that could be worn with anything.

Blue Moon Silver and White

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Industrial Meets Pearls Part Deux : Urban Warrior Earrings

Blue Moon Urban Warrior Clip Earrings

This is an unplanned part two to the necklace I shared on Friday using materials from Blue Moon Beads Urban Warrior line. But first a little share. As much as I love making jewelry, I hate self promotion. I know…”you have a blog where tons (hopefully) of strangers can see your work and you say you don’t like self promotion?”

I didn’t say I was without contradictions. Anyhoo….I’ve gotten better when receiving complements on pieces I’ve made and comfortably saying “Thank you, I made it”. Anyone else struggle w/ that? Fess up! I wore the necklace on Saturday and got several compliments and pulled up my big girl panties and said “Thank you, I made it”.

I already have some earrings that I can wear with it but I had some of the pieces left over and then spotted some large charms in my supplies that would make perfect earring pieces. I don’t have pierced ears and wear clips which are hard to find so I'm always looking at things for their possible use as earrings.

Urban Warrior Earrings

I grabbed some clip earring backs, the charms and my leftover pieces and went to work. First I straightened some more pierced ear wires to use as eyepins and added pearls to them.

Straightened Earwires

They don’t have to be perfectly straight…just enough to thread a bead. Then I glued my earring backs to the charms. I generally use Loctite’s Gel Super Glue. Low odor good strength for small pieces.

Clip Earring Backs

The one on the right isn’t glued on yet…just laying there so you can get the idea. Important to make sure you line up the bottom of the backing with the hole in the bottom of your charm. I’m not speaking from experience of having super glued these on upside down before or anything.


I attached the leftover dangly things to my pearl “eyepins” with a jump ring and added a couple of leftover connector pieces. Used another jump ring to attach these to my earring base.

Urban Warrior Blue Moon Beads Clip Earrings

I love that this hammered metal looks heavy but is very light.

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