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Monday, October 7, 2013

Batty-Licious Halloween Earrings

Bat Charm Earrings

Just a reminder that today is the last day to enter to win my giveaway from Oriental Trading Company. Go here to enter.

I posted last week about some of the items I received from the. Included were some soldered Halloween themed charms. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Post by Oriental Trading Company. Project Idea and opinions are my own. 

Oriental Trading Company 1

They have an image on one side and text on the other. I thought they’d make fun earrings to wear throughout October. The earrings are  big and bold but not as heavy as they look.

I grabbed some findings and beads from my stash and played around, stringing a fire polished black crystal bead, some metal spacer beads, and the soldered charms on beading wire. Attached to a square pendant piece and adhered a clip earring back with jewelry glue.

Batty Earrings

People may think I’m batty, but I’m loving my batty-licious earrings!

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Elephant Amulet Multi-Strand Necklace

Elephant Amulet 1

As member of the Blue Moon Bead design team, I  got to play with a new collection of Amulet pieces currently available at Michaels stores. These amulets are large pendants, representing a variety of cultures.  For this project, I chose a silver and black elephant.

Elephant Amulet

These are bold pieces. I had recently picked up some steal deal pieces on one of my Michaels trips and they were a perfect match for my amulet.

Blue Moon Beads Amulet

The black multi-strand chain  and the earring pieces were on sale for $.99 each!  We’ll get to the earrings in a minute. The first thing I did was change out the clasp on the necklace. I love lobster. I don’t love lobster clasps so I took off the one that was on the chain and replaced it with a silver toggle clasp (also by Blue Moon Beads). Since I was going to use my silver and black amulet, I didn’t care that it didn’t match the chain.

Blue Moon Crown Clasp

There was some extra chain from the original clasp which I then used to attach my amulet. I attached jump rings to either end, slid the amulet on, and then used more silver jump rings to attach this portion to the multi- strand portion of the necklace.

Blue Moon Elephant Amulet

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t have pierced ears and have to make a lot of my own clip earrings. I often find pierced earrings on sale that I buy intending to take them apart and re-arrange them. That was the case with these:

Pierced Earring Conversion to Clip

I took off the ear wire and the flower charm, made the bottom the top, glued on clip earring backs, and attached the black drop pieces I picked up for $.99!

Converted Clip Earrings

They matched my black and silver amulet necklace perfectly. In case you can’t tell, I’m a big earring kinda girl!
Blue Moon Elephant Amulet 1

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Industrial Meets Pearls Part Deux : Urban Warrior Earrings

Blue Moon Urban Warrior Clip Earrings

This is an unplanned part two to the necklace I shared on Friday using materials from Blue Moon Beads Urban Warrior line. But first a little share. As much as I love making jewelry, I hate self promotion. I know…”you have a blog where tons (hopefully) of strangers can see your work and you say you don’t like self promotion?”

I didn’t say I was without contradictions. Anyhoo….I’ve gotten better when receiving complements on pieces I’ve made and comfortably saying “Thank you, I made it”. Anyone else struggle w/ that? Fess up! I wore the necklace on Saturday and got several compliments and pulled up my big girl panties and said “Thank you, I made it”.

I already have some earrings that I can wear with it but I had some of the pieces left over and then spotted some large charms in my supplies that would make perfect earring pieces. I don’t have pierced ears and wear clips which are hard to find so I'm always looking at things for their possible use as earrings.

Urban Warrior Earrings

I grabbed some clip earring backs, the charms and my leftover pieces and went to work. First I straightened some more pierced ear wires to use as eyepins and added pearls to them.

Straightened Earwires

They don’t have to be perfectly straight…just enough to thread a bead. Then I glued my earring backs to the charms. I generally use Loctite’s Gel Super Glue. Low odor good strength for small pieces.

Clip Earring Backs

The one on the right isn’t glued on yet…just laying there so you can get the idea. Important to make sure you line up the bottom of the backing with the hole in the bottom of your charm. I’m not speaking from experience of having super glued these on upside down before or anything.


I attached the leftover dangly things to my pearl “eyepins” with a jump ring and added a couple of leftover connector pieces. Used another jump ring to attach these to my earring base.

Urban Warrior Blue Moon Beads Clip Earrings

I love that this hammered metal looks heavy but is very light.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Bling Therefore I Am

I've mentioned before that I love jewelry...big, chunky, funky jewelry. I love my "good" pieces but I also love playing with other stuff. I've also mentioned that I can't have my ears pierced ( physically can' other reason...just doesn't work) so it's a challenge to find clips I like because someone decided clips are dainty. So what's a girl to do? Why reinvent something of course!

While on vacation, I found the COOLEST store that I did not need to go into but you know I did. It's an accessory store that is all organized by color and they have got pretty much every color and every accessory you can imagine. It's called "Charming Charlie" . If you have access to one, LUCKEEEE! If you don't, well misery loves company so come sit by me.

They had some clips but I'm one of those "I want what I want" kinda people so I bought a pair of pierced earrings that gave me a vision. No, I had not been drinking. They were perfect becase the Mumster had given me a bunch o earrings that she inherited from her dear sweet cousin who passed away earlier this year. Mom's not blingy like me but our cousin was! Still, they weren't totally my style so like any mad crafter, I combined them! Wanna see?
Left: Charming Charlie....Right Cousin's Earrings
I took everything apart:
Dis-assembled, and the big ones flipped upside down
Clip Earring Backs To The Rescue! Glued on w/ Beadalon's Bead Fix

And then put them back together (with blingy parts leftover for future use yeah! )

I love that these earrings will always hold both the memory of a visit with my Mom, and a keepsake from one of our most entertaining cousins.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

"Fourth" Bling

Since I decided for the first time to decorate for the Fourth, I thought hmmm.....maybe I should decorate myself too. My wardrobe staples are black, white, grey, neutrals...boring I know but then everything goes! But I did buy one of "Old Navy's" patriotic tees ( they had BLACK woo hoo!) so to get in the spirit, I made some earrings and a bracelet to wear with. I started making jewelry because I have to wear clip earrings (long story...nothing against pierced ears but apparently there's "stuff" in your ear lobes that supports pierced ears and I don't have it) . And...I like "bold" earrings. Put those two together and they're hard to find because someone has decided that anyone who wears clip earrings wears very dainty small ones. I'd like to have a word with you.  I started out buying two pairs of earrings and combining them and then decided if I was going to do that, I might as well go all in. So now that I've put you to sleep with how I began making jewelry...

Findings are just stuff from Michaels, silver faceted beads I bought in a ginormous bag, and blue and red Czech crystal. The red enamel stars I picked up from Ben Franklin Crafts.

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