Monday, January 28, 2013

Double Strand Hammered Metal Connector Necklace

Blue Grey Metals

So apparently I really have lost my mind because I had this ready to post in DECEMBER and thought I had. That’s the sound of my palm hitting my head.

I made this necklace ( shown here doubled) with Blue Moon Beads and Bead Landing chain. The lightbulb went off yesterday when I was wearing it and someone asked me if I made it. That made me start thinking about when I made it and I realized I never posted it!

Blue Grey Metal

Whenever I’m making jewelry, I gather up what I think I’m going to use so here are the things I started with. The blue grey beads came in a pack of 23 coordinating pieces as shown on the card.

Blue Grey Metal

I cut different lengths of chain and made varying sections of beads and then randomly put them together with jump rings and hammered silver connectors:

Hammered Connectors

I made it really long so I could either wear it that way or double it. It’s hard to get a good photograph of it the long way but I’ve mostly worn it doubled anyway.

A mind is a terrible thing to lose!

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Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

That's so pretty Carol! I love the gray beads combined with the silver!!

Unknown said...

Don't worry honey, we all have those days. I have "scheduled" so many posts, only to come back and think "What the crap?!" LOL

Beautiful necklace, you've clearly found your talent.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Beautiful! I love those rhinestone beads and spacers. I think I've lost my mind too because I can't remember where I put some of those beads I just bought.

Clair said...

We obviously create in the same way - with a big pile of 'stuff I might use' in front of us! Love the multi-chain - looking good!

Pitter and Glink said...

This is super pretty! Love it!

lindalou said...

Way cool. I've never attempted making jewelry. Probably afraid of the start up costs.

Paula said...

Hi Carol!! Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog and adding me on G+! I'm now your newest follower, and I'll be back on Friday for your party :)


Unknown said...

I would so wear a piece like this! It's gorgeous!

Judy said...

As Lindalou commented above, I'm a little skittish about the start up costs. It is quite beautiful. said...

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