Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Chalkboard and Vinyl Bar Sign

Chalkboard and Washi Canvas

You might remember the upscaled Dollar Store barware project I posted earlier this month. This project is another piece for Mr. Chocolate's bar corner. He decided at Christmas that he’d turn a corner table in our dining room into a place to store his boutique bourbons. His favorite cocktail is a Manhattan so I decided I’d make him a cocktail themed sign based on that  for his “bar”.

I debated about keeping it for a Valentine’s present but here’s how that would go:
I’d make it, we’d be out somewhere, guarantee he’d see something and buy it , then what? How do I know? Almost 22 years of marriage. I know. And first thing he said when I showed it to him was “ I was thinking it needed a sign”.

So for this super easy project you will need :
  • A canvas ( this one is 10x10)
  • Paint in your choice of color
  • Chalkboard paper or you can paint a square or you could use chalkboard vinyl. I found self adhesive chalkboard paper in the kids crafts section at Michaels
  • Vinyl
  • Vinyl cutter or stencils and Xacto knife

Bar Sign Painted Canvas

I painted the edges of my canvas in my usual shabby style…I love imperfect.

Cut my chalkboard paper to 8x8 and even though it’s self adhesive. slapped some Mod Podge on the back to make it extra secure.

Primed Chalkboard

On the off chance I’m not  the last person in the crafterverse who’s made a chalkboard project, you should “prime” your chalkboard surface by covering it with chalk then wiping off.

Chalkboard and Washi Bar Sign 

I cut the words from white vinyl on my Silhouette and then applied them to my chalk paper. Finished with a couple of strips of washi tape that matched the color scheme.

Chalkboard and Washi Canvas

Yes, you can see I kind of goofed up the “U”…..reminding myself I love imperfect.


Our Hopeful Home said...

This is fabulous! I'll bet hubby loves it. You and me both, love that imperfection! I also know the drill, how he'd go out and buy it before I could make it. You were right to give it to him early! Love your new header, too, by the way!

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