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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Halloween: Don't Forget To Decorate Yourself...Skull Earrings and Bracelet


Not that I'm going many places these days, and I know a lot of people are barely wearing clothes, but I do go out once or twice a week to run errands, and despite the fact that it's still triple digits here in the desert, and I'm still wearing shorts and tanks, that doesn't mean I can't get into the season right? Right! 

So I made myself some seasonal earrings and a matching bracelet. 

Michaels continues to expand their jewelry making supplies and there's not a trip that I make without a few things sneaking their way into my cart. 

  • Skull Charms ( I found mine on clearance at Michaels but they have some other similar beads)
  • Silver Connector Links 
  • White Marble Beads 
  • Filigree Bead Caps
  • Rhinestone Dangle Charms
  • Small Silver Spacer Beads
  • Jump Rings
  • Misc Charms
  • Jewelry Making Pliers

All of my supplies except for the little star charms, small silver spacer beads, and the swirly flat bead shown at the top of the earring are from Michaels Bead Landing / Charmalong lines).  

I found these on clearance when I wasn't even looking for them. They were up by the register, on clearance, so naturally I bought two sets! 

Step 1: 

If you're a novice jewelry maker, there are tons of great tutorials on You Tube. Here are some on "How to Open and Close Jump Rings") 

Open a jump ring, then use it to attach the skull bead and silver connector link. Sorry this is blurry! One handed photography while trying to hold up pliers with your non-dominant hand is tricky! 

I used the same process to attach the little star charm to the other end. 

Step 2: 

If like it seems 95% of people, you have pierced ears, you'll use the same process to attach an earwire. I'm in the ( I made up this stat) 5% of people who doesn't have pierced ears. Can't. Apparently I'm missing the connective tissue that prevents them from ripping's me and your grandmas and people deathly afraid of needles. 

For us "clippies" the good news is Michaels has us covered. 

Problem Solved!

I use Loctite Gel Glue to adhere these to whatever misc flat backed findings I have. And then you're done! 

I do a lot of my bracelets on stretch cord which is how I did this one. 

  • Stretch Magic Jewelry Cord ( Michaels)
  • White Marble Beads
  • Filigree Bead Caps 
  • Skull Charm
  • Dangle Charm 

I always cut off more stretchy cord than I need because I've found it makes it easier to knot and I learned the hard way of trying to be very specific in my measuring only to find out I couldn't quite tie the knot. 

Clamp one end ( you can use an official bead clamp which they sell in the jewelry supplies or I've used clothespins, binder clips, or clamps I found in the hardware section of the Dollar Tree). 

Starting w/ a bead cap string as follows: bead cap, white bead, bead cap, spacer. Lather, rinse repeat until your bracelet fits your wrist. For reference, I have what are considered small wrists and I used 10 of the marble beads. Once you're satisfied w/ the sizing, close your bracelet with a knot. Dab a dot of Loctite Glue and then knot again dot of glue, knot again and trim the ends. 

Open another jump ring and attach your skull charm and rhinestone bead dangle and you're done!

And since it's 2020, my accessories wouldn't be complete with out a mask right? 

I already had this fabric in my stash so it was a no brainer! I've been using a pattern from Sweet Red Poppy to make my masks. 

I hope you've found some inspiration! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Angel Wing Necklace : Handmade Holidays

Like all of us makers, I made a lot of holiday gifts so I'll be sharing some that I wasn't able to share at the time. 

This one was for our favorite server at our regular Friday night go to restaurant. From the first time she came to our table we had an instant bond.  We are creatures of habit and the second time she came to our table she already knew our order! She's so good  to us, often treating us to dessert and just always such a sweet person. So I wanted to make her a little something and this Angel Wing charm seemed perfect. 

With the holidays being so busy I didn't take the time to take pictures of the step-by-step. One of my blogging resolutions for 2017! But the process and materials are simple: 

  • Black chain ( Blue Moon Beads)
  • Silver Bead Caps ( Bead Landing)
  • Opaque White Crystal Beads ( Stash)
  • Black Crystal Spacer (Stash) 
  • Head Pins ( Stash)
  • Angel Wing Charm ( Shipwreck Beads)
  • Jump Rings (Stash)
  • Silver and Black Large Rings ( Bead Landing)
  • Toggle Clasp ( Stash) 
Measure lengths of black chain. I did 4 sections, 6 inches long, two strands each. Wrap white beads and bead caps on head pins and attach to each end of the double strands of chain.

Attach Angel Wing charm , spacer beads, and wrapped white bead to large jump ring as shown to make the pendant part. Attach chain and pendant to black and silver rings as shown. 

Of course what's a gift without a card so I made this one to go with it since her disposition is always Merry and Bright...not just at holiday time. 

Oops. I see my Merry & Bright was a little crooked. The card was super easy. Combination of papers from Recollections Black and Gold Christmas paper pack I fell in love with and a coordinating scrap from my stash!

Happy New Year all. Happy Making! 

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Graduation Gift: Silver Softball Themed Necklace and Bracelet

Silver Softball Necklace and Bracelet

Sharing a graduation gift I made for the daughter of one of my besties. We have been friends forever (7th grade) and now her baby has now graduated from college!

My “niece” is a lifelong softball player and earned a scholarship to play softball in college. I knew I wanted to incorporate softball into her necklace but now that she’s a college graduate, also wanted something grown up that she could wear. I found this enameled softball charm that was neutral in color and designed things around it.

I used a combination of silver chains and a rhinestone chain I picked up at Michaels and deconstructed.

Softball Graduation Necklace

I didn’t take a lot of pictures while I was making it but basically just laid out the chain the way I wanted it, added a couple of the rhinestone links along the way, and then used one as the base for a pendant, attaching the softball charm, another silver charm, and a silver pearl attached using a head pin.
Silver Bead Bracelet

The bracelet (this pic came out a bit blurry) is a mix of silver crystal beads, silver pieces, and another link from the rhinestone chain.

Graduation was yesterday and I am really honored that she chose to wear these for her graduation. Wishing you all the best Ro!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Gardening Lover's Necklace

Bead Landing Boot Charm

I’m catching up with a couple of girlfriends later this week and always like to bring them a little something. One is an avid gardener so I knew when I saw this little green garden boot charm on sale at Michaels I had to get it for her. There was also a beaded chain in the same section so I picked that up too.  Both are by Bead Landing from their “Derby Chic” collection.

Blue Moon Seed Beads, Bell Pendant Silver Bail
I had some complementary colored seed beeds in my Blue Moon Beads design team supplies, along with a very cool silver bail and bell charm.
Gray Seed Beads, Bell Pendant, Bail
I attached the boot and the charm to the bail along with some silver charms I had in my stash.
Garden Boot Charm Necklace
I took the beaded chain apart at the middle , ran a small length of plain chain through the bail and then attached the beaded chain to either side.
Garden Boot Necklace
Using the seed beads, I strung two sections and attached oval jump rings to each end. Attached these to more plain chain .
Derby Chic Boot Necklace

Wellington Boot Necklace

I don't think she'll be wearing it while she gardens but I hope it captures her passion. 

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Double Strand Hammered Metal Connector Necklace

Blue Grey Metals

So apparently I really have lost my mind because I had this ready to post in DECEMBER and thought I had. That’s the sound of my palm hitting my head.

I made this necklace ( shown here doubled) with Blue Moon Beads and Bead Landing chain. The lightbulb went off yesterday when I was wearing it and someone asked me if I made it. That made me start thinking about when I made it and I realized I never posted it!

Blue Grey Metal

Whenever I’m making jewelry, I gather up what I think I’m going to use so here are the things I started with. The blue grey beads came in a pack of 23 coordinating pieces as shown on the card.

Blue Grey Metal

I cut different lengths of chain and made varying sections of beads and then randomly put them together with jump rings and hammered silver connectors:

Hammered Connectors

I made it really long so I could either wear it that way or double it. It’s hard to get a good photograph of it the long way but I’ve mostly worn it doubled anyway.

A mind is a terrible thing to lose!

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Fashion Trend: DIY Shamballa Bracelets

DIY Shamballa

I’ve been on a jewelry making bender lately. Don’t worry paper, I still love you so much, and Fall and Winter is when I tend to get my glitter on, but right now it’s a bead thing.

Have you Shamballa’d? Shamballa bracelets have their origin in Tibetan Buddhism but they have become a very popular fashion accessory. Here's what one looks like:

shamballa bracelet
Like every other fashion trend, they range from the high end in the thousands of dollars, to where people like you and I come in…knocking them off at a fraction of the price.

The core of the Shamballa bracelet is a macrame square knot. I just love the look of them. And so did Mr. Chocolate who had the nerve to tell me he thought it looked too hard for me to make.

Of course that meant it was ON. I was planning to try to make one already,  but there’s nothing like a little competitive incentive am I right?

Shamballa Bracelets

The one on the left I used moonstone and a charcoal crystal bead in the middle and waxed cotton cord by Bead Landing from Michaels; the one on the right I used these kind of foiled / dusted silver beads and a thicker twisted Bead Landing cord.

The square knots you see in the middle are actually a type of sliding clasp and the ends with beads slide within the knots to tighten / loosen the bracelet so you can get it on and off.

There are tons of videos out there so I will not try to teach the knotting technique. I used a three part series from Beadaholique. You can find them all on You Tube and the first one is here: Shamballa Bracelet Pt 1. There are several other videos on You Tube so you can easily find one that works with your learning style.

The most important thing is to make sure the beads you choose have holes big enough for the cording you choose.  You can use hemp, leather, waxed cotton cord, whatever you want.

The other tip I’ll share is to glue your knots before you cut the ends of your cord. For this I like the original drippy kind of super glue. For other projects I prefer the gel kind for more control ( and less likelihood of gluing my fingers together) but you want this to seep into the knots. 

The supplies you’ll need are:
  • Beads of choice
  • Cord of choice
  • Super glue
  • A little patience to get the knot technique
So here is the inspiration for what Mr. Chocolate wanted:

$550 David Yurman . Uh No. He also didn’t want the double strand.

Here’s what he got:

Shamballa Knock Off

He even went with me to Michaels and picked out the beads ( that’s a whole nother blog post!). Lava rock and silver.
Shamballa Lava Rock

He also didn’t want the long dangly ends ( picky customer!). It might not be David Yurman but it also wasn’t $550! The most expensive item was the 250 feet of cording for which of course I used a 40% off coupon. Total cost was less than $20 with cord and beads left over for other projects.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ribbon and Jump Rings Necklace Part Deux: Cream and Amber

Ribbon Rings Amber

I had so much fun with the Ribbon and Jump Rings necklace I shared last week that when I found myself at Michaels again this weekend ( they really need to give me my own parking space) I went looking for another one of the ribbon necklaces I used.

No more black ( eeek! boo! it’s my signature color!) but they had the same one in cream so I decided to branch out! Hello , my name is Carol and I’m a neutral-holic.

Cousin Trinkettes

I also picked up a package of these Trinkettes beads by Cousin (fear not colorful people they come in loads of colors) and while I was scrounging around in the clearance bin again, came across these gorgeous amber-crystal-cabochony thingies. $1.99. SCORE.

Ribbon Rings Closeup

Similar to the black necklace I made, I strung large jump rings onto the ribbon necklace, over all of the layers.

Rings on Ribbon

Total number of jump rings: 11 It made sense to  me to have 5 on each side and one in the middle. No reason other than that's what felt right. You could use more. You could use less.

Then I put some of the Trinkettes beads on some of the large jump rings and the amber cabochony thingies on other jump rings and used smaller jump rings to attach everything together. I’m very technical! Seriously. This is super super easy and there are several different types of ribbon necklaces avail even if you don’t find this exact one by Bead Landing because I bought them all.

Ribbon Rings Closeup

Cabochony thingy, Trinkettes beads, cabochony thingy Trinkettes etc.

Look Mom, I didn’t even use the black beads ( YET!). And yes I did drive to another Michaels looking for another black ribbon necklace. No luck. There’s another Michaels I’m checking out this weekend. Sssssshhhhhh.

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