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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Easiest Jewelry Project Ever: Industrial Chic Watch Gear Ring

Watch Part Ring

OK this was one of those projects that was so easy to make I’m embarrassed. On the other hand, it wasn’t something I thought of until I saw similar pieces in a museum gift shop. So total knock off, but easy knock off and at a fraction of the price!

I have this bag o watch parts in my stash . I picked up the parts and an equal amount of watch part containers at a street fair and have used pieces in several projects.

Watch Parts

For this project you need the “guts” or gear of a watch, a ring form, and glue.

Liquid Fusion

I like this Liquid Fusion clear urethane glue because it has no odor and is very strong. The ring form by Plaid, I picked up at Jo Ann’s on sale.

Here are the really complicated instructions. Glue watch part to ring form. OK I left out one step. Pull off the winder thingy first.

Watch Part Ring

I’m sure you can find spare watch parts on Etsy or flea markets.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Time In A Bottle

I'm no Michelangelo, who saw things in a block of marble, but when my husband finished off a bottle of his favorite adult beverage, I saw this idea in the bottle. No, I hadn't been helping him finish it off when I started seeing things!
I've been intrigued by bottles and this one was both old looking and had a great shape and made a fun backdrop. Keeping with the "time" thing ( which is perfect since Mr. Chocolate loves watches and clocks so "time" is a theme in our house). 
I started out with the bottle, Mod Podged some sheet music and painter's masking tape around it:

You know how you get into a project and then you forget to take pictures? Yep. I went looking in my stash o stickers and found a sheet of time themed ones by Kelly Panacci, one of which I used for the focal and then fought with, I mean super glued, the copper K&CO frame to it. A couple of weeks ago, I bought a jar full of chandelier crystals at an antique shop ( used some of them on my bird cage) and made a "stopper" from one. Wrapped the top of the bottle w/ twine and a muslin scrap ( this is usually the kind of thing Mr. Chocolate asks "What made you do that?" and I answer "No clue, next question").

A couple of months ago I picked up a magical bag of watch parts so I pulled one out and glued it to one of the containers I picked up at the same time, and then glued that to the front of the bottle. I took another piece from the bag, put it in a bottle cap, filled it with "Diamond Glaze"  and once dry, glued that to the bottle. Last but not least, I inked a vellum tag with black and linen ink, used some more of the "time" stickers, and glued some small keys to the tag, attached a bead and tied it to the bottle
Now the funny part. I picked up the most recent copy of "Somerset Studio" and lo and behold, what do they have featured? A "Time In A Bottle" project. So clearly I'm not the only one with visions of time and bottles :)

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