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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quick Monogram Tile

It should be evident by now that I’m a paper addict. While I may gravitate without thinking towards certain brands, I’m not exclusive. For me it’s more about do I like the pattern. Michaels had these paper packs 50% off ( I promise they are not paying me although they could if they wanted…hubs would like that!) :
Reg $4.49 so $2.24 after the 50% off, and with 24 pages, that’s less than $.10 per piece. I wanted to make a quick gift so I poked in my stash and pulled out a tile I picked up in a sale bin somewhere made of I don’t know what…MDF maybe…got out my Mod Podge and some embellishments and cut a letter from gray vinyl using the Wall D├ęcor and More cartridge on my Expression.
Mod Podged the paper on the tile and roughed up the edges with an emery board. Applied the monogram and embellished with some self adhesive rhinestones.
This is the “tile”.
I wanted something else so I decided to try a rolled paper flower …something I never have any luck with but this time I was determined. It still unraveled a little in the middle and I didn’t like the hole it left but I was otherwise happy with it. So I “plugged the hole” with some iridescent Stickles! Just filled it up and now it has a sparkly center.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Monogram Pillow & Friday Follows

I'm on pillow/flower kick. OK, I'm on a "I make stuff" kick, and the point of having a blog is to , well, blog about the stuff right? I had some "I know I'll use it someday" fabric in my stash and it went well with the colors of the other pillows I recently made and I still had some scraps left from the dress I cut up. So I created a monogram using a desktop publishing program ( Printshop Deluxe) and decided to add the year we were married. Printed that on transfer paper ( don't forget to reverse the image!) and ironed it to a linen dress scrap:
 I wanted a casual shabby look so I top stitched it to a flour sack towel panel and then to the pillow top. I didn't care about the linen or flour sack panel edges being finished because I wanted a ragged look. Sewed the rest of the pillow cover together and stuffed it w/ a 14x14 pillow form.

Being flower crazy, I made four black organza flowers with centers made from scraps of the fabric I used to make the pillow.  Here's the finished product:
It's hard to see in the picture but I pulled threads on both the linen and flour sack panels to fray them.

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