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Monday, August 1, 2022

Home Decor: Lamp and Mirror Makeover


So I promise not everything I'm making and/or making over is black! In fact I have a couple of colorful projects to share coming up. But, today I'm sharing an easy update to an existing lamp and mirror. 

  • Items to make over
  • Craft Smart Multi Surface Premium Satin Paint, Black
  • Martha Stewart High Gloss Multi Surface Paint 
  • Craft Smart Metallic Paint Silver

I started with this brass Stiffel lamp we've had forever. I originally thought I was going to spray paint it but the weather's been iffy lately and I'm not exactly patient so I decided to test whether Craft Smart's multi-surface paint would do the trick. Boy did it! It went on very smoothly from the fist coat and I only needed to do two coats to get great coverage. 

LOVE this paint! The original shade was a parchment color and I wanted a different shape. We found this one at Target. I was very nervous I'd muck up a nice lamp but now, I love it even more! 

The mirror also went with our prior style and color scheme so it too got a makeover. 

I cut a circle of contact paper to cover the glass then painted it with a matte black paint, dry brushed with silver and then again with the Martha Stewart Gloss paint which added a bit of depth that's hard to see in the picture. 

I wanted to capture the essence of the original which wasn't a solid finish.  

I have plans to spray paint the table since we're moving away from the brass but need monsoon season to calm down since it's definitely an outside job! 

I'm very happy how they work with the Thrifted Candlesticks I've used on this same table, and am looking for some tall branches and vase fillers for my big vase (Pottery Barn) but didn't want to wait until it's all done to share!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Jewelry Makeover: Clearance Earrings Into An Easy Necklace

Teardrop Metal Necklace 3

I’ve shared before that since I don’t have pierced ears I often buy pierced earrings and convert them to clips. This time, I found some on sale that I couldn’t see myself wearing as clips, but the parts intrigued me and the price ($4.99) was too good to pass up.

This is the before pic. Aren’t they ginormous? Each earring was made from 16 metal teardrop pieces.

Drop Earrings Before Pic

The teardrop metal pieces were attached with jump rings so I disassembled each earring and ended up with a pile of parts:

Earring Parts

I had some dark pewter metal chain in my stash, measured out 18 inches and then attached a clasp.

Gunmetal Chain

Teardrop Metal Necklace Clasp

Then I attached three of the metal pieces ( saved the jump rings I’d removed) to a 7 links of the chain.

Teardrop Metal Necklace

I ended up using 21 of the 32 tear drops so I have some left over to play with. In deconstructing the earrings, I also ended up with another pile o parts that sparked some more ideas. Stay tuned!


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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thrift Store Store Tray Makeover

I picked this up on one of my thrift store outings for $.99. I almost left it as is because it had a weathered look to it already, but like most of us...I JUST had to play with it. Maybe it was a sign that I should have left it alone because nothing was going right but I kept playing with it ( and didn't take pictures of the things that were going wrong while they were going wrong).  The end result after painting it green, a crackle fail, dry brushing it white and then glazing it w/a pewter glaze and decoupaging a piece of scrapbook paper to the bottom:

It was always intended for the kitchen to hold some this and thats , so I finished it off with a couple of forks I picked up for $.20 ea at the thrift store, and flat backed glass marbles for feet. I pounded the forks flat so things wouldn't catch on them. My husband was afraid to know what I was doing in my office/art room when he heard the banging lol. Definitely a "don't come in here" moment.

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