Thursday, June 1, 2023

BFF Open Hous


Happy June all! I'm not sad to see May go but the saga continues. Mr. Chocolate was finally able to stand and walk on his injured foot and of course, overdid it because some days "Why are MEN?!" And I've had back issues for years including a previously herniated disc so guess who's going for imaging tomorrow. I refuse to let June go the way of May! REFUSE! So, another week of not doing much which has to change. 

In the meantime, let's see what you healthy creative people have been up to!

This $5 Target Mini-Wheelbarrow with Succulents from Steph Creates is a perfect Spring to Summer transition piece. 

I love seeing Painted Rocks in gift shops and galleries and does anyone remember a few years ago when people were leaving these to be found by random others? Simple Joys has some wonderful ways to do these. 

With July Fourth next month, get a jump on a piece of Patriotic Decor using Vintage Rulers! From the always Creatively Beth.

Finally, and as the saying goes "timing is everything" because we just saw these on a show and couldn't remember the name, check out these Brigadeiros, a Brazilian Truffle, from Kiku Corner. YUM!

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Ann said...

Good luck with your back. I injured mine in January during a yoga class! PT was a big help.

Stephanie said...

I hope this month treats you well. Thank you for featuring my wheelbarrow.

Two Chicks and a Mom said...

Great features! Hope all goes well in June for you!

Niky | The House on Silverado said...

Oh dear, I hope you both start feeling better soon! Best wishes...

Slabs said...

So happy to hear that you at least have an appointment and trust that you will now get the answers you need to go forward.
May June be a good one for you and thanks for hosting.

mjmaterazo said...

Thanks for the party Carol. Wishing and hoping for the best June ever for you guys! Stay well. XO- MaryJo