Thursday, June 8, 2023

BFF Open House


Woo Hoo! Happy Friday Eve. Mr. Chocolate continues to walk unassisted and has learned his lesson about overdoing it (I think) and my Primary has at least been able to give me a diagnosis on my back (compressed discs and an uncommon calcium deposit condition which will need monitoring). Physical Therapy will be part of my Summer, but at least it's a plan! Thanks for putting up with all my health updates. 

I even made something this week! Just a birthday card, but it felt great to create! Cardmaking Without a Machine.

Thinking about everyone who's dealing with the smoke etc. from the wildfires in Canada. Having lived under threats of them in both the Pacific Northwest and now Southwest, with daily air quality alerts, it's daunting. Be safe, stay hydrated, mask up!

Lovely ideas shared at last week's party so here are a few inspiring ideas.

Absolutely stunning makeover of Thrifted Finds from The House on Silverado! You really have to see the "before" to appreciate the "after". 

For another fabulous thrifted makeover, check out this Repurposed Mail Holder from The Apple Street Cottage

Steph Creates is back with another adorable Dollar Tree find and transformation! Thinking these would be cute around the holidays with Christmas trees too! 

Finally, with Father's Day approaching, if you're planning a menu you want to check out the selection that Bluesky At Home shared. If you can't find one from these choices, not sure it exists! 

Thanks to all who linked up and let's take a look at what everyone's been up to this week!

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Stephanie said...

Carol, that is wonderful news that he continues to walk unassisted. I am also wishing you the best during your physical therapy journey this summer. ❤️ Thank you for featuring my metal truck. I appreciate it so much. Always happy to share my craft creations with all of you. Thank you for hosting.

Ann said...

I'm glad to hear your husband is doing better. As for the compressed discs, I can relate. I have a few of them myself. Thank you so much for featuring my upcycled mail sorter and for hosting!

Birdz of a Feather said...

I hope you both continue to improve healthwise!

I live in Canada and the daily smoke alerts have been challenging. I feel for everyone in the immediate vicinity, those trying to get it under control and those that have lost property. We're having windows installed next week, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the situation improves for the installers that have to work outside! (Also hoping that the contents of the house don't smell like a BBQ after the install).

Slabs said...

Awesome to hear you have a plan for your back - wishing you all the best.
THanks for hosting