Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ten Minute Black and Gold Necklace

It's not as if I needed another necklace but what's that got to do with anything? I decided at the last minute before we were going to see a movie yesterday that I wanted a new necklace to wear.  I did this so fast, I barely took any pics. I remembered this black and gold chain that was in my Blue Moon Beads design team stash and decided to make it the focal of my necklace. 

Grabbed some gold chain, antique silver chain,  and a multi-strand waxed linen necklace, all by BMB. I took the clasp ends off of the waxed linen necklace, measured the three chains the same length, and attached them to one end of the waxed linen necklace. Attached one half of a  hammered gold toggle clasp to the other end of the waxed linen necklace and then the chains to the bar end of the clasp and done. 

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Michelle L. said...

Chic, baby, tres chic!