Thursday, March 28, 2013

Got Dry Skin? Then You Want To Read This. Oh and Giveaway!

Yep. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Carmex. The opinions are my own. 

You might be wondering what the heck a crafty chocoholic  blogger is doing writing about a company that’s known for its lip and skin care products. Well I have lips and skin.

In this case, it’s about Carmex Healing Cream and Hydrating Lotion. I have had dry skin my whole life and have tried just about every product there is. These are definitely among my faves.

Being up to my elbows in glues, paints, glitter ( not to mention chocolate on my fingers)  needless to say, I wash my hands A LOT. But working with paper A LOT, I also want something that doesn’t leave my hands feeling greasy and is bad for my paper projects. Have you ever put on lotion and then felt like you have to wait hours for it to dry?  I hate that.

The Carmex Healing / Hydrating lotion is great! It is filled with Vitamin E and concentrated aloe and absorbs quickly. It’s also man friendly. How do I know? Because Mr. Chocolate steals mine! He got all excited when he saw who the box was from and I was all “back off buddy or write your own blog and become a Carmex blog squad blogger”.


In addition to the Hydrating Lotion, they make a Healing Cream which is wonderful if you’ve got some really dry skin. (Me!) The Healing Cream is thicker and more concentrated and a little goes a long way. With Spring upon us, sandal weather can’t be far behind so time to get those heels looking good. Great for knees, elbows, those areas that like to be a little stubborn.

So why am I telling you all of this?

Sure Carmex sent me some goodies but guess what? They want to send one of my readers some too! And no Mr. Chocolate, even though you follow me and I love you and everything, you don’t automatically get picked. Nice try and no you still can’t have mine.

Simply follow the Rafflecopter instructions and a winner will be picked and notified by 4/4.

Good luck!

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Suburban prep said...

Do not care for marshmallows so no Peeps.

Bekah Loves Blog said...

Wow...back in the day I found this lotion and I LOVED carmex lip balm, so I was thrilled to try the lotion but it didn't work for me at all - my skin stayed dry. This was before I was more cautious about the products I used. Glad it worked for you at least.

Unknown said...

I love Carmex lip stuff! Have used it since I was in high school and that was over 30 years ago! Haven't seen these lotions but would love to try them. My skin is a mess! Oh and Peeps? YUCKY~
CDAC DT Member
A Look Through My Eyes

Sandy said...

I've been using Carmex on my lips
for years and now want to try
the lotion.. thanks!

Allison said...

Not a peeps fan.

Anonymous said...

I love Carmex! I have never tried thier lotion, but if it is half as good as the lip balm, I'm in! Peeps....not a fan!

Angi Mullis

Unknown said...

I love their lip balm. Peeps - not a fan.

Michelle L. said...

Do not love the peeps. And I, also, have lips and skin - have never tried Carmex but now I will, thanks for the giveaway opp, Carol!

Anonymous said...

Oh I am definitely putting this on my shopping list! My hands suffer from constant paint, turpentine and all sorts of atrocities! Will keep a tube handy in my studio and in my purse!
Thanks so much for recommending!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your review about Carmex skin care products! We are thrilled that you are enjoying them, and that they are living up to the Carmex standard! Keep slathering away!
The Carmex Team