Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sherwin Williams Paint Chip Picker Has Created A Monster

It’s not exactly like I need another online thing to play with but in fairness, I didn’t go looking for this. I actually found it in this month’s Food Network magazine.

So what does a paint palette picker ( say that 3 times fast) have to do with a sandals?  Technically nothing. But this little tool from Sherwin Williams is  so cool for anyone who does any kind of designing.

You enter the URL of any online  picture in the box on their “Let’s Chip It” site, and up pops a color palette. It’s intended to help you pick a paint palette but there are all kinds of possibilities. You can also add a tool to your toolbar and they have a video that explains both options.   BTW, they don’t even know I’m posting this and I have no connection w/ them. I just thought it was  fun.

Here’s it’s probable intended use…picking a d├ęcor palette to go with some fabric you may have fallen in love with:

But let’s say you fell in love with a pair of those orange sandals and wanted to build an outfit around them? Purely hypothetically speaking of course not at all suggesting that I have fallen in love with a pair of those orange sandals or anything.

Or, let’s say a certain paper addict is attacked by some scrapbook paper:

and is looking for which coordinating cardstock to buy to go with it….or...or...or....

You can save your chips ( you have to log in w/ your Facebook ID ) or you can just keep entering URLs to get ideas.  Happy Saturday!


Rhissanna said...

Argh! Another Time Vampire!!!
Thank you so much for finding this but you do realise I'll be stuck in my chair all day now, finding pictures and looking at paint samples? I'll just go put the kettle on...

Our Hopeful Home said...

I'm lovin those sandals, too!

lindalou said...

I think I love this. I'm off to go check it out.

I have a hard time walking by the paint department without just picking up the color stripes. They are just so pleasing.

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