Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Treasure Hunting. Vintage Pocket Watch Case

Vintage Pocket Watch Case

You know your family loves you when they give you Michaels gift cards for Mother’s day. Thanks guys!

You know they totally get you, when they take you to an outdoor flea / farmer’s market and wait patiently while you look at all the stuff and can’t make up your mind which of several vintage pocket watch cases to purchase.

It didn’t hurt that there were vintage comics for College Boy to look at and vintage car books for Mr. C. to look at.
Pocket Watch Case

I love imagining the history behind this (who carried it? was it a gift from a special love or handed down from father to son?) and thinking about what I’m going to do with it. Will I do one big focal piece or a mini collage inside? I’m pretty sure I’ll fill it with resin.

Pocket Watch Case Back

I haven’t decided if I’ll use this watch themed paper or something completely unrelated to watches. Or, whether I’ll use it in a bigger piece or as a piece of jewelry. I wear big chunky stuff so I can see some chain and crystals involved.

No matter, we had a great time ( the guys actually  got more stuff than I did!) and it was the perfect way to spend Mother’s Day with the two most special guys I know and love.