Saturday, May 5, 2012

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Celebrate With Chocolate

So first up , it’s not Mexican Independence Day which it’s commonly mistaken for. That’s September 16. Cinco de Mayo marks the unlikely defeat of the French by the Mexican Army at the Battle of Puebla. I am and forever shall be a history nerd.

Since we wouldn’t have chocolate ( shudder) without the ancient Aztecs of Mexico, how can we not include chocolate in Cinco de Mayo celebrations? I mean really! So here are a few recipes from around the web that might give you some ideas for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations . Haven’t decided which one of these to try yet! Maybe all of them! has these

Cinco de Chili Chocolate Cupcakes with Chili Cream Cheese Frosting

Cinco de Chili Chocolate Cupcakes with Chili Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

But they also have these:

Chocolate Mexican Wedding Cookies

Chocolate Mexican Wedding Cookies Recipe

Then over at Candy,  I found this recipe for :

Mexican Chocolate Fudge


that looks pretty tempting. This includes a pinch of cinnamon and cayenne pepper.
Continuing my journey, I came across S’Mores Nachos at Kitchen

S'mores Nachos

Which makes me feel good because I was noodling the idea of a chocolate quesadilla using cinnamon sugar dusted flour tortillas and dark chocolate cream cheese which I haven’t tested yet!
How about Strawberry Chocolate Nachos?

At least someone else is kooky enough to think of putting  tortillas and chocolate together!
Then there’s this Mexican chocolate cake

Or a fun beverage ( contains alcohol ) :


As you can see, there is no shortage of chocolatey ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Enjoy !


Erin said...

Yum! WHat amazing desserts!

Netty said...

You are such a temptress..........x

Holly Lefevre said...

Wholly cow! I need to celebrate Cinco De Mayo this weekend so that I can try these desserts!...and that drink!