Monday, October 18, 2010

KT Tunstall Interrupts Our Regularly Scheduled Artsy Blogging

But in a totally good way ! I don't do many review type things on my blog but once in a while I will have the opportunity to because of my affiliation with One2One Network. One such, was a chance to receive and review KT Tunstall's new CD: "Tiger Suit". If you aren't familiar with her by name, you may recognize some of her Grammy nominated hits such as: Black Horse and the Cherry Tree, Suddenly I See,Other Side of the World or Hold On.  The first single from Tiger Suit: "Fade Like A Shadow" is already a top 20 hit!

If you like a blend of bluesy pop, good lyrics, danceable ( which if you have a teenager, you are NOT allowed to be caught doing with  their friends around) and a great voice, this is definitely a CD to check out. I listened to it during my long drive to "Junk Salvation" on Saturday and it put me in a great mood for some funky junkin' :) More on that to come but back to KT. To put it in terms I think we all relate to, I would describe her as musical "Anthropologie".  Contemporary, stylish, fun, funky. 

 We now return you to the regular programming of "what was she thinking" artsy-fartsy stuff.


Rose said...

not familiar with this singer. may have to check this out. rose

Nicki said...

Where is she a top 20 at? I checked the mediabase charts and didn't see her listed, but maybe I'm looking at the wrong chart.

Nicki said...
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