Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Warning: Mushy Post! Happy Birthday College Boy

21 years ago today, the most creative project I've ever made came into the world. There was no Mod Podge or glitter or hot glue involved. There wasn't even any chocolate. Our baby, who's no longer a baby, was born.

It still doesn't seem possible that it's 21 years later and that he's officially an adult! He's been an old soul since the day he was born, always older than his chronological age in some ways and completely age appropriate in others.

We tried not to read too much into the fact that by all accounts I had an easy labor. My BFF never lets me forget that I delivered wearing earrings and even a little lipstick.

What did that mean for the days ahead? Turns out that pattern continued. Sure there were all the normal childhood boundary tests and moments of counting to 10 before saying something (us, not him). Even middle school, which I think is the hardest age as kids really test their boundaries in that limbo stage between being little kids and burgeoning maturity wasn't too bad. HS, we've since come to learn, was far more stressful than he ever let on (and from what we knew it was stressful enough), a testament to his very cool calm demeanor. We are still not sure where that comes from!

In college he's come completely into his own. From the nervous guy we left in front of his dorm ( and the parents who were a wreck in the car driving away) to the confident young man who still chooses to come home on breaks and hang out with his parents.

Whatever the future holds, we know he will meet any challenge head on with a smile, quiet confidence, and a focus on what's important. We've now entered the stage of parenting where the student is often the teacher.

Every parent feels like they couldn't be more proud of their child and we are no exception. It's been an amazing 21 years and we can't wait to see what lies ahead.

Happy Birthday College Boy!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

BFF Open House Link Party #140

The Answer Is Chocolate

2014 shows no signs of going any more slowly than 2013. College Boy left today to go back to school for Spring semester. Didn't even totally lose it at the airport (me, not him!) . Progress. 

You all are no less busy in 2014 either so here are a few features from last week's party and of course can't wait to see what you've got in store this week! 

One of the movies we saw when College Boy was home was "Anchorman 2" so it was perfect timing when Rachel from Holy Craft linked up this Ron Burgundy shirt. 

OK fess up creative bloggers. How many stores like Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, Ikea, West Elm do you walk thru with a monologue in your head "I can make that".  I know I do and Andrea from Decorating Cents does because she made this awesome West Elm inspired frame for next to nothing. Love it. 

I can't grow flowers to save my life so paper flowers are my friend. Plus they last longer. Debbie from One Little Project At A Time has a great tissue paper tutorial. 

The picture above speaks for itself doesn't it? Actually, it screams OMG MUST HAVE NOW to me. Classic toffee from Charlie at ( and I love the name of this blog) Pickled Okra

On to this week's party!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

50 Shades of Birthdays : 50th Birthday Cards

50 Shades of Birthdays

Or, 150 years of birthdays but that seems excessive. I mentioned in an earlier post that I had several January birthdays so I’d be posting lots of cards. Three of those happen to be 50th birthdays so here are three different cards made for three different but individually special people.

50th Birthday Black White Gold

Card #1 uses Anna Griffin black and white paper and a music score embossed panel (Darice). I cut two sets of the numbers “50” from the patterned paper and layered them using foam dots to give some depth. Kept things simple with gold glitter tape ( American Crafts) , gold washi tape, and a black organza ribbon.  The fleur-de-lis metal piece is one of a pack I picked up at Michaels in the $1 bin.

50th Birthday Black White Gold Closeup

Card #2:

50th Birthday Gold Glitter

This is another Anna Griffin paper. I used it in combination with a gold glitter cardstock and cut the panels using Spellbinders dies. Layered with foam dots and the focal number is American Crafts glitter Thickers stickers. Embellished with coordinating rhinestones and Stickles.
50th Birthday Gold Glitter Closeup
Card #3 also keeps the gold theme but is more casual in keeping with the recipient:
50th Birthday Time

I used papers from a vintage pack by Recollections along with Thickers, metal stickers, and washi tape.

For each of these cards, I kept it simple using only one or two strong graphic papers for each.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Wood Beads and Silver: Man Friendly Jewelry

Wood Beads and Silver

Man crafting remains my nemesis. Fortunately I have a husband and son who do wear some jewelry. College boy even has a Professor who liked an earlier bracelet I made and hinted how much he’d like one. Done!

These are so easy it’s criminal to even post this as a project.

You need:
  • Wood beads ( I used a Darice ValuPack)
  • Silver spacer beads (Blue Moon)
  • Focal bead ( I used an onyx bead)
  • Stretchy cord
  • Super glue
Light Wood and Silver Bracelet

Here’s how things work in my house. I made one each of the light and medium wood bracelets, let College Boy choose which color he wanted and which to give away so I would know which color I’d be making for Mr. Chocolate. I make something for College Boy, I hear “I want one” . That’s how we roll.

Here’s the really really hard tutorial:
String in a pattern you like; knot, dab glue DONE.

Medium Wood and Silver Bracelet

I just decided to use one color of the wood bead for each bracelet but they come in a mixed pack of light , medium and dark.

Wood Bead and Silver Bracelets

Thursday, January 9, 2014

BFF Open House Link Party #139

The Answer Is Chocolate

Happy Friday Eve all and welcome to this week's party. Hope everyone's settling into the New Year OK and those of you who've been hit by the Polar Vortex are thawing out. Here are a few features from the past two holiday parties and looking forward to seeing what you've been up to! 

Have a special family piece that you might want to play with  ( like this vintage milk glass cake plate ) but don't want to permanently alter it? Mich in LA has a great idea to dress it up with beads. You could swap out the colors for every occasion. 

Tis the season to be organizing right? Cami from Titi Crafting has a great way to be organized and use up that washi tape you can't stop buying. Oh c'mon, I know I'm not the only one!

New Year. Same passion for chocolate. Check out these Chocolate Pecan Toffee Bars from This Silly Girls Life. YUM!  The problem was, I couldn't decide between them and these: 

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites from Organizer By Day. So I featured them both! 

Now for this week's party: 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Anna Griffin and Coco Chanel: Black and White Birthday Card

Anna Griffin Black and White

My first project of the New Year and no surprise, it’s a card. In fact you’ll see a few coming because I have a bunch of January birthdays to celebrate.

First up is a card for a girlfriend who is “crazy for Coco” as in Chanel. Like the style icon ( and yours truly) she is a huge fan of classic black and white (although I added a tiny swatch of pink in here).
Anna Griffin Black and White Papers

While out and about this weekend, I found these gorgeous Anna Griffin papers at a little boutique that surprisingly had a scrapbooking section. On sale even! The paper is reversible with a bolder print on one side and the lighter print on the other.

Black and White Birthday

The card is 5x7 white cardstock, layered with panels of the Anna Griffin papers and a pink patterned scrap from my stash. The black and white polka dot ribbon is American crafts.

Coco Chanel Quote

I computer generated the quote using mixed fonts, printed on white card stock, trimmed, and matted on black paper. Added a little black and white washi tape and rhinestones. 

This card is also a pop up. I’ve never made a pop up card before and what took me so long I don’t know! I cut a crown from the black and white paper using my Cricut Expression and Wall D├ęcor and More Cartridge and just kept the inside simple:

Anna Griffin Black and White Crown

And voila, a card fit for a queen !

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Friday, January 3, 2014

BFF Open House Link Party # 138: Happy New Year

The Answer Is Chocolate

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you all rang in the New Year with family and friends and wish you all good things in the year ahead! Sorry to be a little late with the party.  I did not start the New Year healthy but that means there's only improvement ahead right? 

We'll get back to features next week so straight to the party. I can't wait to see what inspiration and ideas you all have in store for 2014.