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Monday, July 28, 2014

DIY Upscale Men's Leather Bracelets

Men's Leather Bracelets

I’ve mentioned before how happy I am to have guys in my life who don't complain about trips to bead stores and even ask me to make jewelry for them! OK maybe not those times when  they pick out stuff more expensive than I was thinking but overall…yep…still happy!

Mr. Chocolate and I were having a daycation one weekend and we were near a store I’ve long wanted to go to in Seattle : Fusion Beads. DANGER!! This place is amazing, especially if you are looking for something extra special.

I’ve seen some really nice leather and metal bracelets in stores but ca-ching. Out of my price range. Fortunately, Fusion Beads carries some gorgeous leathers and best of all the big bold findings that go with the leather. We had fun picking out the components for each and I'm really happy with the  results.

Men's Peace Bracelet

Mr. C and I decided we liked this aged brown Regaliz 10MM flat leather for both him and College Boy. Priced at $.37 per inch, the total per bracelet for the leather was $2.96.

Leather Slider Bracelet

The closures are magnetic and you simply glue each end to the end of the leather after adding whatever slider beads you want.  The beads range in price from $1 up and the clasps were about $6. Total cost to make each bracelet was about $12. A far FAR cry from this one below by David Yurman  (whose designs I love but... ) @ $595.
Modern Cable ID Bracelet

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Wood Beads and Silver: Man Friendly Jewelry

Wood Beads and Silver

Man crafting remains my nemesis. Fortunately I have a husband and son who do wear some jewelry. College boy even has a Professor who liked an earlier bracelet I made and hinted how much he’d like one. Done!

These are so easy it’s criminal to even post this as a project.

You need:
  • Wood beads ( I used a Darice ValuPack)
  • Silver spacer beads (Blue Moon)
  • Focal bead ( I used an onyx bead)
  • Stretchy cord
  • Super glue
Light Wood and Silver Bracelet

Here’s how things work in my house. I made one each of the light and medium wood bracelets, let College Boy choose which color he wanted and which to give away so I would know which color I’d be making for Mr. Chocolate. I make something for College Boy, I hear “I want one” . That’s how we roll.

Here’s the really really hard tutorial:
String in a pattern you like; knot, dab glue DONE.

Medium Wood and Silver Bracelet

I just decided to use one color of the wood bead for each bracelet but they come in a mixed pack of light , medium and dark.

Wood Bead and Silver Bracelets

Monday, July 16, 2012

Man Crafting With College Boy. Make Your Own "Dark Knight Rises" Shirt.

Rise Shirt

I’ve shared before that College Boy ( aka my son, for those who may be newer to the cast of characters around here) is a self professed comic geek. He proudly lets his geek flag fly!

The upcoming release of the movie “The Dark Knight Rises” is nothing short of an epic event. Christmas and Birthday rolled into one. The conclusion of the Christopher Nolan trilogy! OMG!  And one cannot go to an event of this import without the appropriate attire.

So college boy decided to make himself a shirt and told Craft-o-Mom here (politely) to back off! OK I was allowed to be on standby because there was bleach involved but he totally did this on his own. I was also allowed to use my 20% off total purchase Michaels coupon to procure the shirt.

He traced and cut the freezer paper stencil and ironed to the shirt. I offered to use CoCo, my Silhouette Cameo. “No thanks”.

Rise Shirt 2

He mixed the 50% bleach 50% water mixture, and then sprayed all around the ironed on stencil. This is a project designed for random drops and splatters. 

Rise Shirt Bleach

He put a garbage bag inside the shirt to prevent seepage. He dabbed off the excess bleach and water mixture:

Rise Shirt Dab Bleach

He waited patiently (and read comics) while the bleach did its thing. And now he has an appropriately gritty, industrial looking, vintagey, cool shirt to wear to the movie!

Rise Shirt Complete

Perfect project for a college student budget:
  • Shirt: 2 for $5 @ Michaels ( less Mom’s 20% coupon!)
  • Bleach: On hand
  • Freezer paper: On Hand