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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stashbusting September Project #8: Owl Scare You

This was a relatively quick project...the longest thing was waiting for the Mod Podge to dry and I probably never wait as long as I'm supposed to. The minute it's touchable, I'm back messing with it. This started out as something else which I still plan to do so I'm not saying what. But then Karen, the wonderfully sparkly and generous Graphics Fairy ( I think she really does have wings) put this up, and that was that!

I'd already started with this:
Canvas Art Board, Scrapbook Paper
and Mod Podged the paper to the canvas board. It was too "clean" so I stippled some black stamping ink around the edges and then wiped some cream acrylic paint on and off.

Still needed something so I plopped on some gold paint ( I just use my wadded up paper towel from having rinsed my Mod Podge brush).  And it still needed something else, so I went to the Bin o Scraps and added a paper scrap. Then I imported / resized the pic from The Graphics Fairy and printed on to Avery clear label paper. On a BSB ( Before Stash Busting) trip to Michaels ( I'll be back...I promise...wait for me!) I'd picked up a vinyl embellishment on clearance and it screamed at me "pick me..pick me" so I did. I trimmed around the graphic and I was ready to put it all together:

Ready to put it all together but never finished without some bling! So Mr. Owl needed some gold rhinetones for his eyes, and his perch needed some clear ones ( they just don't show up well in the pic) and I had some Magenta Peel offs I added to the corners. Oh and a "BOO" leftover from another project. Thank you Graphics Fairy! 
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day: Wall Art

I didn't put this up earlier because I didn't want you know who to see it before he got it. But now that he's got it ( and likes it) here's what I made Mr. C. for Father's Day:
I'd been wanting to try out Sabby in Suburbia's photo transfer tutorial, and when my husband found a photo of a favorite childhood memory, his favorite bike, I thought it would make the perfect subject to use.  I've had this cabinet door I found on an excursion to a magical place called  Earthwise Architectural Salvage in Seattle, which I knew I wanted to use for a piece of wall art. Originally I thought I was going to do something w/ chalkboard paint on it but I decided the wood was too pretty as is. 

I converted the photo to black and white in my photo editing program and printed on regular printer paper. Then using Sabby's tutorial, I covered a plain canvas board with Mod Podge ( I didn't even paint was already primed and gesso'd) , stuck the photo to it printed side down ( remember to print any text mirror image!) and let it dry for 24 hours. Then wet the back of the paper and rubbed it off. I then added a scrap of scrapooking paper:

I then spelled out his name and the word bike with some pewter letters I had on hand and superglued them to the canvas. I really like how aged this looks. 

I didn't leave the cabinet door completely alone...that's not what we do is it?!  I cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit the center panel and Mod Podge'd it on:

The sun  decided to make a rare appearance and mess up my picture, but you get the idea. And yay...another use for my still ginormous roll of carpet tape, which I used to adhere the canvas to the cabinet door.

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Here's his card, using images from The Graphics Fairy along with a transparent frame from Colorbok's Nocturne collection.
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Tray Transformation

On the same trip where I picked up the other tray for $.99, I picked this one up for slightly more....gasp $2.99. Oh the extravagance!
I liked the shape and it was in decent enough condition. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it but since when is that an inhibitor? Mr. Chocolate and I had recently been to a lovely street fair in the town of Snohomish, WA and he spotted a goodie bag of watch parts. Mr. Chocolate is a watch collector and loves all things watch and clock related. So I bought this bag of goodies:

and the vendor threw in a bag of containers for $25. Haven't done much w/ Steampunk but thought it would be perfect for playing with that. Then, the other day, as I was visiting The Graphics Fairy ( whom I call the Queen) and saw a lovely antique pocket watch image, I got an idea. So first I painted the tray black...didn't worry about the middle too much because I knew I was going to add some paper.

Decoupaged two complementary styles of scrapbook paper ( one is the same paper I used in the other tray and one of my fav patterns) and then went over the painted parts with thinned white tacky glue to give it a weathered look. When dry, I dry brushed it with gold paint and lightly brushed the center of the tray with it too. Then to my bag of watch goodies and took complementary pieces of "watch guts" and glued them to opposite corners of the tray.

Last but not least, I printed the antique pocket watch image onto clear label paper ( I'm in love w/ Avery 8665) and the used my Printshop program to create the word "Time" in Latin . Even though it's clear, I trimmed closely, pulled off the backing and stuck it to the center of the tray. Done and done:
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