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Monday, January 12, 2015

Spring Wood Fun With Michaels: Gray and White Photo Prop Board

Michaels Spring Wood 2015 Photo Prop Board

Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Plaid Crafts, Michaels and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.

I have been meaning to make something to help me with taking pictures of jewelry projects and when I recently had the opportunity to work with Michaels, Plaid, and The Blueprint social, this idea came together. Michaels has a wide assortment of unpainted Spring wood pieces that are a perfect blank canvas.

For this project I used:
  • Large scallop edge frame ( 11x14 opening)
  • Plaid Folk Art paints in Steel Gray and Titanium White
  • Plaid Folk Art stencil “Ditsy Floral”
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint Spouncers
  • Recollections Gray and White Floral scrapbook paper
  • Washi tape sheets
  • Mod Podge ( Matte)
  • Foam Core
  • Fabric
  • Cotton Batting
  • Trim
The washi tape sheets, fabric, batting and trim I had on hand. All other supplies are available at Michaels.

Michaels Spring Wood 2015

Step 1:
Paint surface with two coats of Steel Gray paint. The picture below shows one coat and I debated about whether to add the second because I liked the almost stained effect of one.

Michaels Spring Wood 2015 Folk Art Steel Gray

Step 2:
After applying the second coat, I used the floral stencil to add some detail on opposite corners of the frame with the white paint using the spouncers :

Michaels Spring Wood 2015 Folk Art Stencil

Step 3:
Using the spouncers, I randomly added dots of white around the frame and tore pieces of the scrapbook paper and applied as shown with Mod Podge.  I added torn pieces of the watshi sheets and then sealed the whole thing with another coat of Mod Podge.

Additional Steps:
To fill the center of the frame I cut foam core to size, covered with cotton batting and canvas drop cloth. I probably should have ironed the drop cloth but I’m sure the wrinkles will smooth out :)

Michaels Spring Wood 2015 Photo Board 1

I adhered this to the frame from the underside, attaching with strong carpet tape. To finish, I hot glued upholstery trim around the covered foam core.

Michaels Spring Wood 2015 Stencil and Paper Corner

Michaels Spring Wood 2015 Collage

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Mod Podge Rocks Stencil Podged Box

My readers know that I love Mod Podge. I've joked before that if it stands still long enough I'll probably Mod Podge it.  I didn't think I could love MP more and then along came self adhesive stencils you can use with Mod Podge  and glitter! 

For this project you will need: 

Surface to decorate
Mod Podge ( I used my go to Matte)

The stencils come in 6 designs and are available at Michaels: 

Mod Podge Rocks Stencils #chevron #ModPodge #Stencil

I used a little wood box in my stash for this project and  covered two sides and the top with black and white polka dot paper and left the other two sides bare wood. To stencil, peel the stencil from the backer and adhere to your surface. The adhesive on the stencil lasts for 20 uses. 

The easiest way to use Mod Podge with the stencils is to use a sponge spouncer. Dip lightly and then spounce your Mod Podge on.  For glitter projects,  the instructions say to peel the stencil away at this point but I decided to just plop my glitter on first. I thought I might get cleaner images this way and was happy with the result. 

When the stencil was peeled off, perfectly symmetrical glitter diamond shapes were left behind! The stencil (glitter and all) cleaned up nicely with soap and water so I could finish the other side of my box. 

While I used a flat surface, I love that the stencils are flexible and can bend to rounded surfaces like jars, bottles, vases etc. Possibilities are endless! 

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Altered Box Crafting At The Mumster's

Altered Cigar Boxes May 1

I can always count on a visit to The Mumster involving some crafting which is A-OK by me. I check with her before coming to see what she has in mind before I go. She’s enjoyed my altered cigar boxes and wanted to have a couple to give as gifts to some special friends. She planned ahead and scored the boxes at Total Wine.


Since she knew the themes, I cut out a bunch of vinyl on my Silhouette Cameo before leaving home.

Rolling Stones Box

For these boxes you will need:
  • Cigar Boxes to cover
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Mod Podge ( My go to is Matte)
  • Craft Paint
  • Embellishments
Measure your papers to fit your box. You can either cover the whole box with one paper or mix and match. The Mumster recently went to Vegas to see The Rolling Stones and wanted one of the boxes as a gift for the friend who invited her. For this box I used neutral papers , red vinyl accents and the focal was a red rhinestone lip sticker I picked up at Michaels in their 2 for $3 section.

Altered Cigar Boxes May

The other box is for friends of hers who threw her a surprise Birthday dinner and who love to take pictures so this one was photo themed.

Photo Altered Box

I found this great camera themed paper and brought with me camera themed washi tape ( Recollections, Michaels) , vinyl photo phrases, and of course, rhinestones!

Rolling Stones Box 1

For the Rolling Stones box I used black and cream harlequin paper, and music notes paper.

So now Mom has 2 Christmas presents out of the way; I got my craft fix; and we’re back to the Wine store for more boxes!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Skully Coffin Boxes

Skully Coffin Boxes

I’m having fun with a neutral Halloween palette again this year and black and white fits right in. You’ve probably seen these little coffin wood boxes at Michaels or other craft stores. Michaels had some for $.99 and some for $2.99 that make noise when you open them. Yes, I bought both kinds.


My camera battery was charging when I was making these so I didn’t get a lot of pics along the way but it’s pretty easy to follow along even w/out step by step pics.

Decide on your color scheme ( you could go bright and whimsical with this too). I painted my plain boxes black, let dry, then painted a layer of white school glue ( plain old white glue) over the black paint. Let almost dry and then went over that with white paint. Oooohhhh crackle crackle.

White Glue Crackle

Ann at Make The Best of Things has a great tutorial here.

I traced around my boxes on the back side of the scrapbook paper I chose ( Recollections Spider Web) and cut out tops and bottoms for my boxes. Mod Podged those on using MP Matte Formula ( my go to).

While everything was drying, I grabbed a Bag O Skulls. Literally:

Bag Of Skulls

I picked these up last year at either Dollar Tree or Michaels or Target or somewhere I was scrounging around after season. I debated whether to leave them the color they were or paint. Went with paint.

Used Martha Stewart Craft paint….that stuff sticks to anything including cheap plastic skulls.  Went over that with Martha Stewart glitter paint in sterling.
Skully Head
These are fashionable skeleton heads. Must have glitter! Glued them to my boxes and embellished.
Skully Coffin Boxes

Pulled out RIP letters from my stash of alphabet embellishments. These were clear acrylic which didn’t show up well so I painted the back with a white paint pen.

Coffin Spider Box

In addition to the must have glitter, must have rhinestones. The black on black doesn’t show well here but I like it in the middle of the spider webs and it picks up the light.

Skull Coffin Boxes B&W

Total cost: $3 (if that)

If you want to see another great coffin box idea, check out this one from Sarah at Alderberry Hill: A Glitzy Halloween Coffin

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Monday, September 24, 2012

SteampunKEY Pumpkin. More Fun With Tissue Paper and Mod Podge

SteampunKEY Pumpkin

I fully admit to loving cheesy puns. I had so much fun with my script Tissue Paper and Mod Podge pumpkin that I knew I wanted to make another one. Having bought this cool key themed tissue paper at the same time, the SteampunKEY pumpkin was conceived.

Tim Holtz Gears Pumpkin

Follow the same steps outlined in my earlier tutorial. I left the stem bare on the first one but since I knew I wanted to add keys etc. I wrapped this stem with copper wire and black and white baker’s twine.  I looked in my stash and had some Tim Holtz gears and some little keys. My family members actually mail me the stuff they have no idea what to do with which is how I got the keys. Thanks Mumster (my mom for anyone who's new to my craziness)!

Tissue Paper Key Pumpkin

Here’s a closeup of the little copper gear I used:

Gears and Keys Pumpkin

And now my script paper covered pumpkin has a friend!

Tissue Paper Pumpkins

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