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Monday, February 17, 2014

Mod Podge Rocks Stencil Podged Box

My readers know that I love Mod Podge. I've joked before that if it stands still long enough I'll probably Mod Podge it.  I didn't think I could love MP more and then along came self adhesive stencils you can use with Mod Podge  and glitter! 

For this project you will need: 

Surface to decorate
Mod Podge ( I used my go to Matte)

The stencils come in 6 designs and are available at Michaels: 

Mod Podge Rocks Stencils #chevron #ModPodge #Stencil

I used a little wood box in my stash for this project and  covered two sides and the top with black and white polka dot paper and left the other two sides bare wood. To stencil, peel the stencil from the backer and adhere to your surface. The adhesive on the stencil lasts for 20 uses. 

The easiest way to use Mod Podge with the stencils is to use a sponge spouncer. Dip lightly and then spounce your Mod Podge on.  For glitter projects,  the instructions say to peel the stencil away at this point but I decided to just plop my glitter on first. I thought I might get cleaner images this way and was happy with the result. 

When the stencil was peeled off, perfectly symmetrical glitter diamond shapes were left behind! The stencil (glitter and all) cleaned up nicely with soap and water so I could finish the other side of my box. 

While I used a flat surface, I love that the stencils are flexible and can bend to rounded surfaces like jars, bottles, vases etc. Possibilities are endless! 

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