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Monday, June 3, 2024

Embossed Metal Southwest Decor


I mentioned when I share my Metal Flower Bottle Toppers that I had some other metal embossing projects to share. Like all of the things I get into, I fell into this while attending a Scrapbooking convention and discovering Ten Seconds Studio which specialized in this. I haven't done it in several years and have rediscovered my love of it! 


  • Aluminum Embossing Metal 
  • Embossing Metal Tools
  • Embossing Mat
  • Wood Pieces
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Utility Knife / Scissors 

The two sets of embossing tools I have are shown. You can also use the kinds of stylus' that have round balls on either end, or wood sticks like cuticle sticks, or even dried up ball point pens. Whatever's hard enough to make an impression but not pierce the metal. 

I knew I was going to mount the metal piece on wood so I used a piece to create the outline on the metal. You need something like the rubber mat shown to place under the metal so when you press tools into the metal it absorbs the shape. You can use craft foam or a magazine. 

I found a cactus image I liked, sized, and printed it to use as a guide. Lay your image down and trace around the outline using an embossing tool or a pen. I used a ball point. 

Depending on the areas you want raised vs indented, trace your image on the front or back of the metal. I did mine from the back so you can see the image reversed on the metal. I chose another tool from my kit to do the cactus lines, then other tools to make designs. You can also use embossing folders with metal. 

To attach the metal to the wood mount, I applied a few strips of double sided tape, then laid it down on the back of the metal and folded the sides and top around the back. 

I wasn't even sure what I was going to do with this until I finished. I decided to use my thrifted tiered tray, along with more metal flowers I cut out and white rocks. I had so much fun reconnecting with this craft, I made another sign. This time just freehanded the lettering.

We found this cactus candleholder at a thrift shop and I painted it white and silver. 

I also did a piece with the state of Arizona design. This one I muted a bit by wiping some black paint over it. Alcohol inks also work well on embossed metal projects.

I'm really glad to have reconnected with an old friend! 

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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Embossed Metal Flower Bottle Tops


I finally had a chance to play! It's been a minute with a lot going on the past month and a half or so. I popped in Dollar Tree last week and found these cute bottles. Sea glass looking with the twine and the bee. Had to get! For whatever reason, they remind me of Saguaros which are blooming like crazy right now so that was my inspiration for these. 


  • Sea Glass Bottles (Dollar Tree)
  • Embossable Metal (Amazon)
  • Die Cutting Machine (Analog...used my Cricut Cuttlebug)
  • Floral Die (Tim Holtz)
  • Glue Dots 

This is the Tim Holtz cutting die I used. I've had it forever and still get tons of use from it. On the left is the roll of aluminum embossable metal I've had in my stash. 

My can't justify getting a newer one Cricut Cuttlebug because it's a workhorse. Lots of brands make similar and as much as I enjoy my crafting tech, sometimes analog is the way to go! 

These bottles are so cute!

I cut the embossing metal to size to fit the die, then ran it through the Cuttlebug. Originally, I planned for this to cut the metal as you would paper but this proved a bit too thick. It embossed the metal nicely so I just finished by cutting around each flower layer with scissors.

Then I attached each of the layers using Glue Dots.

To finish, I put two more Glue Dots directly onto the top of the bottle and then attached the flowers. If I decide to use the bottles / flowers differently, they come off easily.

I remembered how much fun metal embossing is so I'm off to work on another project I'll share when it's done! 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Navy and Silver Candles with Metal Flowers

There's something about candles as a housewarming present  Maybe it's because I live in the PNW and we're approaching power outage season? I think of it more as new homeowners always having light in their home. 

For these, I tried something new which was making the flowers that are the focal out of metal. This was easily done using pewter that's used in metal embossing. 

Let's get started. 

  • Plain altar candles ( Dollar Tree)
  • Decorative  / Scrapbook paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter Washi Tape
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Embossable Metal ( I used Art Emboss by can find at craft / art stores, Amazon etc. ) 
  • Die Cutter ( I used my Cuttlebug)
  • Dies ( I used the Tattered Florals die by Tim Holtz)

I started with a base layer of white paper that I'd trimmed with the glitter washi tape. Measure and apply to your candle using Mod Podge. My go to formula is the Matte. 

I realized I didn't have any paper that worked with the color scheme I was using which is the new homeowner's palette of navy, white and grey.  So I did what creative people do. I made some. Well I painted some. 

I have a roll of paper painter's masking tape like this that I use for projects like this because it's very think but holds the paint well. I covered a couple of pieces in navy acrylic paint and then stenciled the leaves with metallic silver. Originally, I thought I was going to silver leaf the leaves (no pun intended) and then decided to paint. 

Once the papers were stenciled and dry, I tore the edges and then used the Mod Podge to apply to the candles. 

While waiting for the papers to dry, I cut the flowers. I used a crinkled white paper along with the pewter. Layered these and let the glue dry ( I live for Loctite gel control super glue) and then glued them to the candles. I curled the edges of the flowers using the handle of a paintbrush. 

I'm terrible at photographing metal and glitter but this is a closeup. I didn't emboss the metal flowers but I did freehand cut and emboss the leaves: 

To finish, I wrapped the tops with some metallic crochet thread beads and charms. 

I used a scrap of the stenciled paper for the card and used a quote from Maya Angelou as the focal: 

I re-purposed a paper bag by adding some scrapbook papers and more leaves I cut with my die.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Metal Embossing: Fired Copper Plaque

Embossed Metal Plaque

Sharing a a gift / d├ęcor idea using one of my favorite techniques that looks a lot harder than it is:heat fired  embossed copper.

For this project you will need:
  • Embossable copper (you can find at art supply stores, Michaels, JoAnn etc.)
  • Die or image to trace
  • Heat source ( pencil torch, micro torch, something w/ a flame)
  • Wood plaques
  • Paper scraps
  • Mod Podge
  • Washi Tape
  • Stamps, colored pencils, ink
  • Embellishments
Painters Masking Paper

First step is to prepare the plaques. I have a roll of this masking paper in my stash that I use in a number of projects. It’s thin, accepts Mod Podge and/or paints easily and most of all is cheap. Look for it in the paint aisle of your HW store. Measure to fit your plaque, cut to size and then crinkle to give it texture before applying.

Paper Covered Plaque

You now have a canvas you can play with. I used some paper scraps, inks and washi tape to make my background.

Diecut Copper Sheets

I used a Memory Box die to cut the oak leaves. Run through a die cutter ( I used a Cuttlebug). TIP: If you don’t have a die cutter, print out an image that you want, lay it on top of the metal sheet ( put a magazine or rubber mat under the metal) trace on top of the image with a stylus and then cut with scissors.

Embossed Copper

Once you have your shape you can use a stylus to draw lines, details etc into it. I just did this freehand.

Heated Copper Leaves

Using your pencil torch ( you can find these at the hardware store) apply flame to your copper pieces. USE LONG TWEEZERS NOT YOUR FINGERS TO HOLD METAL! Here’s a video that shows the basic process.

If you have a gas stove you can also hold the metal over a lit burner.  The thinner the sheets, the faster the process so watch closely until you get the effect you want. If you don't want to play with fire, you can skip this part and/or use a different metal.

Since I like to age things, I dry brushed my finished metal pieces with black craft paint and then wiped off just to dull them a little. Once done, glue to your prepared plaque with a strong adhesive ( I used Liquid Fusion) and embellish.  I used scrap velvet ribbon tied in a simple bow and some pinecones I found on a walk.

Oak Leaf Acorn Plaque and Tag

Now that you’ve made a lovely gift, the presentation should match don’t you think? I used a stamp with acorns and oak leaves on the envelope for the card and the gift tag and stippled inks on the envelope.  I also used some of the masking paper and scap paper from the plaque for the tag.

Here are some other metal embossing projects you might like:

Embossed Metal Snowflake Tile

Embossed Metal Christmas Ornaments

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Embossed Metal Snowflake Tile

Embossed Metal Snowflake Tile

I mentioned in an earlier post that College Boy is going to a Professor’s home for Thanksgiving. I wanted to send something for him to take as a little token of our appreciation for hosting him.

The card I made was all about Thanksgiving so I decided that I’d make something Wintery since we’re nearing the end of Fall.  I started with a plain MDF plaque I’d picked up along the way and the plan was to Mod Podge a Winter Branch die cut and embellish from there. Except, once I podged it on, I hated it!

Project Fail

I don’t know about you, but if I am not feeling something I just have to start over. I peeled off the paper intending to recover with a different paper but once I pulled it off and a rough edged layer was left behind, I got another idea.

JudiKins Mica Gloss

I grabbed some metallic Mica Gloss inks (JudiKins) and started sponging them onto the remaining paper layer.
Mica Glossed Tile
This was much more “me”. I grabbed a handmade paper scrap from my stash, tore the edges,  and Mod Podged that on. Now I was really feeling this project. After the inks dried, I sealed with a layer of Mod Podge and sprinkled with fine iridescent glitter.

Went to my embossing folders and pulled out a snowflake design ( Sizzix) and ran a piece of Art Emboss metal through my Cuttlebug.

Sizzix Snowflake Folder

Embossed Metal Snowflake

Trimmed that to a size that would fit with my tile, added decorative brads to each corner, and glued to my tile as shown. Punched some snowflakes from the metal scraps, and dotted the centers with adhesive pearls, and finished with a free hand sort of pom pom of ribbon yarn.

Embossed Metal Snowflake Close Up

Punched Metal Snowflake

Embossed Metal Snowflake Tile

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