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Monday, June 3, 2024

Embossed Metal Southwest Decor


I mentioned when I share my Metal Flower Bottle Toppers that I had some other metal embossing projects to share. Like all of the things I get into, I fell into this while attending a Scrapbooking convention and discovering Ten Seconds Studio which specialized in this. I haven't done it in several years and have rediscovered my love of it! 


  • Aluminum Embossing Metal 
  • Embossing Metal Tools
  • Embossing Mat
  • Wood Pieces
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Utility Knife / Scissors 

The two sets of embossing tools I have are shown. You can also use the kinds of stylus' that have round balls on either end, or wood sticks like cuticle sticks, or even dried up ball point pens. Whatever's hard enough to make an impression but not pierce the metal. 

I knew I was going to mount the metal piece on wood so I used a piece to create the outline on the metal. You need something like the rubber mat shown to place under the metal so when you press tools into the metal it absorbs the shape. You can use craft foam or a magazine. 

I found a cactus image I liked, sized, and printed it to use as a guide. Lay your image down and trace around the outline using an embossing tool or a pen. I used a ball point. 

Depending on the areas you want raised vs indented, trace your image on the front or back of the metal. I did mine from the back so you can see the image reversed on the metal. I chose another tool from my kit to do the cactus lines, then other tools to make designs. You can also use embossing folders with metal. 

To attach the metal to the wood mount, I applied a few strips of double sided tape, then laid it down on the back of the metal and folded the sides and top around the back. 

I wasn't even sure what I was going to do with this until I finished. I decided to use my thrifted tiered tray, along with more metal flowers I cut out and white rocks. I had so much fun reconnecting with this craft, I made another sign. This time just freehanded the lettering.

We found this cactus candleholder at a thrift shop and I painted it white and silver. 

I also did a piece with the state of Arizona design. This one I muted a bit by wiping some black paint over it. Alcohol inks also work well on embossed metal projects.

I'm really glad to have reconnected with an old friend! 

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Girl Who Played With Fire

No, not that one, although I did read the books. I don't have a dragon tattoo either. But I do play with fire. The kind from a pencil torch. You're either interested now or you think I've completely lost it. Or both.  Easier to show you maybe?

Butane Pencil and Micro Torches
 Sure I could make creme brulee but I'd rather fire up copper. Why? Because it's cool and changes colors! See:
Embossed and fire heated copper acorn plaque
This may be old news to many of you but one thing I'm learning in blog land is that something's always new to someone.
Several years ago I was at a stamp show and a woman named Elaine Woodhouse was there and she had a micro torch! My inner pyromaniac came out and I stood there transfixed as she not only did incredible metal embossing...on aluminum and brass which is cool enough on its own, but the copper is what got me. When you heat it it is just magical. You don't have to have a can use a candle or if you have a gas stove etc. but a torch helps. When I went to the same show a couple of years later, she'd graduated to the larger pencil torch so of course I had to as well! If you want to see some how-tos on metal embossing click on her name. She's amazing. You may also have seen Ten Seconds Studio metal embossing projects. I saw them at another show ( notice a pattern here?) and went gaga for their tools. So I've done aluminum, brass, and copper and right now I'll show you a copper project.

Start with your image which can be a stamp (use Staz-On ink) or a clipart image, or a stencil, or if you have actual talent....freehand. I used clipart for this:

This is a sheet of copper I had in my stash. JoAnn's sells some by Walnut Hollow that's about the same weight. Or AMACO makes embossing metal too. Lay your image over your metal which you should place on a stack of newspapers or a special rubber mat that's sold w/ embossing metal supplies. You want your impression to "sink".
Trace your image, and then flip your piece over and go along your outlines to make it pop. You can puff out from the underside. I'm sure there's a You Tube video that makes more sense. I used this pattern wheel thingy to make random designs for no particular reason other than it gives it depth.

I only have two hands so I didn't take pictures while I was torching the copper but do that next. You don't want to hold it too long in one spot and the pencil torch goes REALLY FAST. You also don't want to have just put on a lot of perfume or hairspray. Or have a nervous husband screaming "please don't burn the house down" which is why I do this when he's not home. You will get different results every time you do this which for me is part of the fun!
Once again, one image doesn't want to flip the way I want it to
Sometimes I leave the metal alone at this point. Sometimes not. This time not. I wanted a less shiny finish so I went over it with black acrylic paint and wiped it off. You can use these as embellishments for other projecs or whatever you want. I made a plaque by covering a wood piece w/ scrapbook paper and Mod Podge, attaching some decorative copper thingies and rhinestones, finished the edges w/ copper tape and adhered my metal piece to the plaque using super strong double sided carpet tape. This time of year is when I get my torch out because the copper turns all the colors of  Fall.

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