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Saturday, June 12, 2010

"Dollar-kea" Mirror II...Now With Mod Podge

I made this mirror last week without really knowing where it was going. I finally decided what I wanted to do with it which is to put it in our bathroom but it's going to replace a botanical print that's part of a pair so I needed to make it a friend. Since I decided it was going in the bathroom, I thought I should seal the paper with Mod Podge so I went back and sealed the first one too.

Started with the basic Malma frame and this time, a plain frame from the $1 Tree:

Used some more of my ginormous roll of industrial capet tape to tape up the Ikea mirror and painted the $1 Tree frame and the edges of the Ikea mirror black.  Chose different but complementary scrapbook paper and some more silver handmade paper scraps and adhered to the Ikea mirror:
You can't see it too well but will be able to in the finished product... before I painted the $1 frame, I super glued ( for small things I am in love with Locktite's super glue gel) two keys that are actually scrapbooking stickers to the frame. It was plain and I wanted some dimension. They're "Jolee's" dimensional stickers...I got mine @ JoAnn's during one of their 40% off sticker sales:

If you're wondering why I bought a plain frame if I was just going to put stuff on it, I wondered that too, but hey, it's what I do :)
So for this one I sealed the base mirror with Mod Podge before I glued the frame on, and while that was drying, got out my silver Rub n Buff and aged my key frame. End result:

Total cost $5 ( adding in a buck and change for 1/2 package of 40% off key stickers since I used the other half for another project)

Here are the two together:

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Ikea Meets Dollar Tree And They Make A Mirror

Craft, art, DIY supplies are like the old Lays potato chips can't have just one...of anything. And when you go places like Ikea or The Dollar Tree and you see basic things you know you can make things from, you buy them in multiples because you know if you don't, you'll make one of something and you'll be so happy with it that you'll want to make another and you don't want to have to drive to the inconvenient Ikea to get stuff. Right? OK well that's my story and I'm sticking to it and I had some stuff in my stash that I decided to play with.

Ikea regularly stocks these 10x10 plain wood mirrors. They're $2.99. I covered the wood with some carpet tape I'd bought in a ridiculously large roll. It's called Polyken 108 and you don't need it for this project. I just have been trying to use this ridiculously large roll that I  had to have when I was at a stamp show. TWO ( or maybe even three) years ago. could use any strong double sided tape or Mod Podge your paper onto the frame, but here's my taped up frame:
You can see the ridiculously large 2 (or 3) year old roll of tape in the pic. Then I cut some scrapbook paper for the "long sides".  Yes...I know it's a square and therefore 4 even sides but you'll see what I mean because oh well here:
See? There are long sides and then short sides in the middle which I cut some scraps of handmade silver paper to fit. Hard to see in the picture but the silver pieces are two different kinds of paper which I thought added something and they were from my scrap stash and that's what I had :)

So now let's go to the Dollar Tree where I'd picked up this frame for a $1, you know, being the Dollar Tree:

I painted it black and then glued it to the mirror. I then went over it with silver Rub-n-Buff and here's the end result:

Total cost : $3.99. Still have ginormous roll of carpet tape.

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