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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Goodwill Finds: From Plain to Pretty Candleholders for Less Than The Cost of One


I continue to "upscale" my Halloween decor.  Since PhD Man left for college I've switched out a bit each year. This year I knew I wanted some more candleholders to give height and depth to my Halloween decor so, masked up and went to my local Goodwill to see what I could find because as Makers, we're not going to go pay big money for the look we want right? 


  • Thrifted Candleholders 
  • Acrylic Paints ( I used Craftsmart Dark Grey, Black  and Martha Stewart Metallic Titanium)
  • Antique Gold Rub n Buff

Here's what I found: three un related pieces that would work together

I have no idea what the one on the left is made of but it's heavy ! I cleaned  my finds to get any residue off and then got to work!

Step 1: 

After cleaning, removing stickers etc. paint with a base coat to make everything match. I used Craftsmart Acrylic paint from Michaels in Dark Grey:

I like how they almost look like cement but I wanted more shine. 

Step 2:

Once they were dry, I went back over them with Martha Stewart Metallic Titanium (also Michaels). But then they were too shiny! So I dabbed on a black glaze and wiped off to age them just the right amount. I'm like Goldilocks...too matte...too shiny...just right.

Step 3: 

I wanted to bring out the detail and the raised edges so I grabbed the Rub n Buff from my Faux Spooky Candle project and went over the raised areas, finishing the "buff" part with a soft cloth. 

I'm so happy with how the turned out and coordinate not only with each other but the rest of my decor! While I made these for Halloween decorating, I kept them versatile enough that I can use whenever. Total cost: $9 for all three pieces. 

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Monthly Post for Expressions Vinyl: Paris Inspired Bath Sign

I was so excited when the folks at Expressions Vinyl invited me to contribute to their blog. I'll be posting a project over there once a month! This is the first project I shared last week .

Paris Sign

 I love using old frames for projects and found this bead board looking frame at Goodwill. It was in great shape and I could have left it alone but what fun is that? I definitely had to "vintage it up" a bit.

Paris Bath Sign

I thought I had light yellow paint but since I didn’t, I lightened up some bright yellow by adding white paint. Painted my frame with a coat of that, then dry brushed over it with white paint. Instant re-purposed shabby chic frame!

Paris Bath Sign Frame

Now for  the fun part! Along with my Eiffel Tower, I downloaded this fabulous laurel leaf image from the Silhouette online store:

Sillhoutte Laurel

Sized in the Silhoutte design studio software and then cut it from metallic silver Expressions vinyl. I love love love the metallic vinyl from Expressions. Did I mention love?

Vinyl Laurel (2)

Except when trying to photograph it on a sunny day. This pic doesn't do the metallic goodness justice.  But you get the idea. I even saved the center of the laurel wreath to use on something else. Waste not, want not.

I decided I’d do our monogram, so I cut out the letter “C” and then the letters to spell “Le Bain” ( The Bath) , Paris, a flourish,  and the Eiffel tower using Expressions black vinyl.

Vinyl Paris Bath Sign

Paris Bath Sign Vinyl

I applied all of the vinyl to the glass. What’s that behind the glass?  A piece of fabric drop cloth from the HW store!
Paris Bath Sign Dropcloth

Since I was going for a shabby look, I wasn’t concerned about ironing the fabric. OK like that was going to happen anyway. HA!

Paris Bath Sign Vinyl

Lesson learned…I should have placed the monogram over the laurel in the design software before cutting either out. I think this would have positioned things better but I’m still mastering my Silhouette Cameo and that's one of the best things about the design software. Just didn't think of it soon enough.  Guess I'll just have to make more vinyl projects :) 

Now when I’m in the bathroom, I can pretend the bathroom is in an artist’s loft in Paris. Of course I also have a big box of French chocolates in that scenario.  A girl can dream.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Easiest Advent Calendar Ever!

I’m terrible at Advent calendars, so I figured what could be easier than circling the date ? I can actually remember that ( I think!) . And what’s easier than using a dry erase marker? A trip to Goodwill, a major score, a printable and :
Christmas Countdown Printable (2)
Since I usually go to GW with the intent of finding something to paint or alter, I am still feeling weird about not doing anything to this frame. But why would you when you find POTTERY BARN frames at GW for $.99!

Of course you buy more than one.
PB Frame
That and a printable and you can’t really get any lazier than that.

Sharing the printable here in case there are any other Advent Calendar challenged people out there!
Click to bring to full size; right click to Save As and then re-size as needed.
Christmas Countdown

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mumster’s Mosaic Box

The BFF Open House link party is still up and running if you want to link up and don’t forget to comment if you want to be eligible for the giveaway.

Mosaic Box Side
The Mumster (aka my Mom if you’re a newer visitor)  like other members of my family, is an enabler in the best kind of way. Hubs brings me broken and discarded items to see what I can do with them and even though Mom lives several states away, she saves things to bring me when she comes to visit. She had a ceramic piece that broke. Normal people throw these things out. I never pretended to come from normal people! Naturally she said “ You can do something with this right?” I can just imagine that conversation with TSA.

“Ma’am, do you always fly with broken ceramic pieces and if so why?”
Well my daughter’s a crafter and she likes to make things out of broken and discarded pieces and she has a blog called The Answer Is Chocolate that you should go visit

Perfect ingredient for a mosaic project. Oops. I haven’t really ever done a mosaic project! OK no time like the present. I found a couple of these at club GW:
Mosaic Box
Plain wood caddy.  I bought two. They only had two. They were a whole $1.99 but it was 50% off blue sticker day! I painted this one with a lilac acrylic. I also Mod Podged on some coordinating paper. Just did. Don’t ask me why.  Then I got out the pieces along with some glass mosaic tiles I had on hand in the event that I ever got this particular craft urge. I was a Girl Scout. Always be prepared!
For someone who hadn’t done mosaics, I even had a tile nipper for just in case. Mr. Chocolate bought it for me last year at the fair. The guy totally thought he was buying it for himself. HA!
Broke the broken pieces into more pieces and nipped some of the glass tiles and glued to one side of the box:
Mosaic Box Pre Grout
I found some pre-mixed grout at Michaels, more expensive I’m sure than the stuff you can mix yourself, but that’s what 40% coupons are for. Frosted my box ( because it’s like cake frosting) and let it set up then wiped off per instructions. I put a really thick coat on because the pieces were thick and some were rounded and I wanted to get things as even as possible. You will also be wiping a lot longer!
Grouted Box
After I got the grout off I wasn’t happy so typical of me, I started adding stuff. I did a dry brush of white to age it up. I cut some white vinyl with my Cricut to give it some detail. I ripped up some muslin strips that I tied on one side of the handle and added some charms. And then I added some paper flowers I’d bought on my visit to the LA Garment district in April. OK there. Less is not more. MORE is more!
Mosaic Box Detail
Mosaic Box Closeup
Mosaic Box (3)
I think Mom can use it to hold napkins or silverware or stationery or pens or…..Now I just have to ship it to her. Surprise Mumster!
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